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The Challenge

Invoices are important for QuickBooks Online. To track hours and make them more complete was a great challenge for us. With clients, providing value to them was a primary goal. As our business grew, it became an even greater challenge. How are we tracking all this work to bill the client and get paid for it? We wanted to track it so that they could see exactly how their money was being spent, so we decided to break it down into sub-projects.

We had to manually enter our time tracking data into new invoices which was taking a long time. QuickBooks Online made it fast and easy to automate this process. After trying out a number of competitor products, I finally found Dancing Numbers. The importer was so straightforward and easy to use that it saved me hours of back-and-forth work.

The Solution

Dancing Numbers automatically imports transactions created in QuickBooks Online into invoices. With just a few clicks, I can verify and send the invoice to the customer to receive payment quickly. Importing data into QuickBooks quickly is simple with Dancing Numbers. With this application, we were able to import data quickly and efficiently.

Company Impact

As we mentioned, before getting Dancing Numbers, everything had to be entered into QuickBooks manually. It was the last piece of the automation puzzle for us to solve. We had a great time tracking tools like Toggle, and we put together custom excel macros to parse time-tracking data and got the billing for my staff and together into a nice spreadsheet; but then it took over an hour to get all of the data automatically processed using Dancing Numbers.

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