Fix QuickBooks Error 15240 (Update Didn’t Complete Successfully)

QuickBooks error code 15240 is one of the common errors often reported by QuickBooks users. It is an update error […]

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QuickBooks error code 15240 is one of the common errors often reported by QuickBooks users. It is an update error that can cause problems when a user is updating the payroll software or the QuickBooks desktop.

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Read on to know more about QuickBooks update error 15240 and ways to fix it.

About QuickBooks Update Error 15240

It is important to update the QuickBooks accounting software along with its key features. This is crucial to limit any kind of problem or disruption in QuickBooks. However, while upgrading the QuickBooks Payroll, a common problem that is often detected is called QuickBooks 15240 error.

Causes of Update Error 15240 in QuickBooks

Here are the prime causes for the error:

  • As a Windows Admin, you are logged in
  • You are not running the program as an Admin
  • You are utilizing the QuickBooks Multi-User Mode in a particular terminal service setting
  • The QuickBooks in use is old and outdated
  • The download link shared is wrong or not valid, however, the download is active
  • The QuickBooks update is corrupted or damaged
  • The registry files are corrupted or damaged

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15240

Here are the signs:

  • QuickBooks cannot install the current update
  • The User is unable to do payroll in QuickBooks
  • The payroll update is not working
  • The Windows is running slowly

Solution Steps to Fix Update Error 15240 in QuickBooks

Follow the below mention solution steps to fix QuickBooks Error 15240 (Update Didn’t Complete Successfully).

Solution 1: Run Your Particular QuickBooks as Admin Rights

Several times you require QuickBooks access by using the admin credentials. If you are not logged into the system as Admin, then it is quite likely to witness the error.

In such a scenario, users must go by the steps shared below:

Step 1: Go to the QuickBooks icon and click it

Step 2: You need to choose the option, Run as Administrator

Step 3: Now open the particular Properties and see the compatibility for all the users

Solution 2: Authenticating the Settings of the Internet Explorer

If you are running the particular QuickBooks as Admin do not work, then you can authenticate the settings of the internet explorer.

Step 1: You need to select the gear icon. Now choose the particular Internet Options and click it

Step 2: You need to go to the Advanced tab

Step 3: In the securities tab, you need to check Use SSL 3.0 and USE SSL 2.0

Step 4: Finally, choose the Apply option and click it. Then press the OK option

Solution 3: Inspecting the Third-Party Firewall

You can analyze the third-party Firewall Settings to fix this problem. It is quite possible that the firewall may disrupt the seamless communication of the software.

Step 1: Check the particular developer of the firewall for guidelines on the particular process to change the settings and allow the QuickBooks to download the updates and install it

Step 2: Make sure the below mentioned file have access to go via the firewall:

  • Qbw32.exe
  • Qbupdate.exe

Solution 4: Review the System Time and Date Settings

Step 1: For this step, you need to select the time display on the system and then choose the Change Date and Time Settings

Step 2: The right date along with the right time must be selected

Step 3: Select Apply and then click the OK option

Solution 5: Installing the Software again by utilizing the Clean Install Tool

This step can help you to clean all the junk that may have been collected over time with consistent use. You need to make sure to have an overall company file backup to prevent any type of data loss.

Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: First, You need to uninstall the QuickBooks desktop into the computer system

Step 2: Rename the particular installation folders. You can do so by downloading and then running the particular QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Step 3: Reinstall the particular QuickBooks software

Solution 6: Authenticating Whether the Security Software Settings are Set Properly or Not

Often the security software along with anti-malware software may hamper the functioning of the QuickBooks accounting software. This leads to an error. You will make to make sure to configure the software settings and then make the entire process seamless in QuickBooks.

Solution 7: Adding the Permissions of Windows to the QuickBooks Installation Folders

In this method, you can include the permission of the windows to the particular QuickBooks installation folders to solve the error by following the steps given below:

Step 1: The first step is to close your particular QuickBooks software

Step 2: Now go to C:\Program Files\

Step 3: Press right-click on the particular intuit folder and then select the Properties option

Step 4: Now, go to the Security tab. Now choose the advanced option

Step 5: Make sure that the user group is the owner of the folder. In case it is not the case, then take ownership of particular Intuit folder. Here are the right steps for it:

  • Choose the option Change beside the owner name on the particular Advanced Security Settings screen
  • Add users in the particular Object name to select field. Also, choose the Check names
  • Now, press the OK button
  • Now, mark replace owner on the objects and sub-containers
  • Now, press Apply and click OK
  • Choose the users on the given Permission screen and now press on the full control option
  • Choose Apply and OK and press it
  • If the error repeats itself, try to download the particular updates

Did you understand all about the QuickBooks Error 15240? You just need to follow the steps given above from the several solutions and you will be able to fix the QuickBooks Payroll error 15240.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is the Error Message for the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15240?

Here are the two error messages, which users encounter when the QuickBooks payroll error 15240 occurs:

QuickBooks Error 15240: HRESULT XXXXX the payroll update failed to complete successfully
QuickBooks Error 15240: HRESULT XXXXX the QuickBooks updates failed to complete successfully

In Which of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems can the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15240 Occur?

The QuickBooks Error 1520 occurs in specific Windows operating systems. Here is the list:

Windows ME
Windows 8
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 2000
Windows 10
Windows Vista

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