Learn How to Merge QuickBooks Files in Easy Ways?

QuickBooks is termed to be one of the best software since it has enhanced features to offer to its users […]

QuickBooks is termed to be one of the best software since it has enhanced features to offer to its users and provides ease at work. QuickBooks has also presented a feature to mix the QuickBooks company files.

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It is possible to merge QuickBooks files that are of different companies and monitor the financial records. It makes it trouble-free for QuickBooks users to go through and evaluate monetary transactions. A QuickBooks user can combine QuickBooks files like profit and Loss transactions, balance sheets, and several other transaction files.

In today’s article, we will talk about three different routes that you can select if you wish to merge two QuickBooks files. After reading this article carefully, you will learn how to successfully merge QuickBooks files without facing any issues.

What is the QuickBooks Company File Merging?

There are many scenarios where an organization is required to mix different QuickBooks company files into one single file. This is when different QuickBooks files are merged for better use. This also helps to make lucrative business decisions quickly and easily.

What are the Prerequisites for Merging QuickBooks Files?

You need to adhere to the points mentioned below before merging two company files with the assistance of QuickBooks accounting software:

  • It is not possible to merge two accounts in case the spellings differ
  • You fail to merge the files in case they have different levels
  • The reports merged must be clear and reasonable. It should be easy to read
  • It is not possible to merge two accounts if they have a similar name and type and are in the same standard
  • If the accounts have different account numbers, it is not possible to merge them in QuickBooks
  • Make sure that your accounts are in multi-user during the merger

What are the kinds of data that are not allowed to merge?

Here is the list of the data that is restricted from merging in QuickBooks. You must take a note of it:

  • Payroll Checks: Payroll checks are usually combined as regular checks and thus do not display in payroll reports.
  • Memorized Transactions: QuickBooks Memorized Transactions cannot be transferred from the secondary files.
  • Bank Reconciliations: Bank Reconciliations are unsupported on QuickBooks.
  • Negative Inventory Data Files: Data files that contain negative inventory and assembly builds pose as being tough to merge.
  • Sales Tax Data Files: Data files that contain sales tax groups and items cannot be merged due to certain modifications to be taking place later.
  • Customer Notes and To-Do Lists: Customer Notes and To-Do Lists are unable to be merged.
  • Customer Fields: Customer Fields that are fetched from transactions cannot be merged.

What are the Steps to Merge QuickBooks Company Files?

We have included three solutions below to aid you with the process of merging QuickBooks files; each option is explained in detail. To prevent any mistakes, carefully read the following instructions and follow them:

Use QuickBooks Combine Report

QuickBooks has several built-in features to offer a seamless working expertise to its users. Combine reports is one such feature offered by QuickBooks accounting software and the first solution we recommend is the same.

It is possible to use this feature to mix several files in QuickBooks. Implement the steps given below to use the combined reports feature for the particular QuickBooks merge company files:

  • The first step starts with the main menu of QuickBooks. You will be required to navigate to the Reports section
  • Next, a menu will appear for you and you will need to select the Combine Report option from there
  • Now, you will be required to choose the option to Add Files. Next, search for the files that you wish to add
  • You are required to repeat the procedure for every company file that you wish to add and then combine
  • Now, it will request the date range and you will need to choose the same
  • Now you will need to choose the Report basis
  • You will not be required to select the option to Combine Reports in Excel
  • After it is complete, a new window will open in Excel with the information combined

Access any Third Party Application

Alternatively, you can utilize the Intuit third-party tool to combine QuickBooks files. The Intuit website has several readily available programs that are compatible with the QuickBooks software. Remember that the QuickBooks Mac program is incompatible with any third-party apps, therefore you will need to use alternative techniques to merge files.

For other versions, you can simply combine QuickBooks files by downloading an application from the Intuit website. You will have to find another option if you do not want to install a third-party application.

Manually Merging of Files

The next troubleshooting process is to export the reports manually and then QuickBooks files should be merged with the help of MS Excel on your particular system.

Here are the steps to perform:

  • The first step is to open the particular data file that you wish to merge
  • Now, you will need to make a detailed report of all the data files
  • Now, you will be required to export the report to the MS Excel worksheet which is opened on your system
  • Next, you need to shut the data file that has been opened by you
  • Now, you must open another data file
  • Post this, you will need to make a report of the particular file and then export the same to the new MS Excel worksheet, however, you need to ensure that they present in the same particular workbook
  • Now, you will need to open MS Excel on your computer and then open the particular workbook where the reports have been added
  • Now, you will need to merge the reports that you have exported in different worksheets and then separately merge them into a different worksheet
  • Finally, When it is complete, you need to Close the Excel application

Hopefully, you now understand how to merge the QuickBooks files. Any of the previously listed options are acceptable. You can get in touch with our support team if you need any technical guidance or help with your matter.

Furthermore, our talented team of QuickBooks experts has the technical know-how to deal with such issues. Just give us a call and we will resolve your QuickBooks technical issues in a moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Merge Backup Files in QuickBooks?

The procedure is the same as the merging of the company files in QuickBooks. All you need to do is choose the IIF files as your backup file and you can proceed.

Why It is Important to Merge Accounts in QuickBooks Online?

There are certain reasons why you need to consider merging your QuickBooks Online Accounts, which are as follows:

  • Data Consolidation is One Reason for Account Merging. Duplicate data can exist in each of your accounts if you have more than one. You’ll be able to obtain a single, accurate set of data by combining your accounts.
  • Time Savings are an Additional Benefit of Combining Your QuickBooks Online Accounts. It might take a lot of time to manage invoices, payments, and other transactions when you have several accounts. By lowering the quantity of data entry required, merging your accounts can help you save time.
  • Ultimately, You can cut Expenses by Combining Your QuickBooks Online Accounts. Consolidating numerous subscription payments into a single account can help you save money if you are paying for them separately.

How do I Merge Two Company Files in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to merge two QuickBooks Company files:

  • Sign in to the Company File as an Admin
  • From the File menu, select the option Utilities
  • Press on Import and use the option, Import IIF
  • Select the IIF File you want to import and select Open
  • Press the OK button

What Reports Can I Merge with QuickBooks Built-in Feature?

With QuickBook’s built-in feature, you would be able to merge the following types of reports:

  • Balance Sheet Standard
  • Balance Sheet Summary
  • Profit & Loss Standard
  • Profit & Loss by Class
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Trial Balance

Is the built-in File Merging Feature available on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

Yes. The merging company files feature is pre-loaded on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

What third-party Software is Recommended for Method 2 of Merging Company Files?

QuickBooks Pro or Premier are excellent choices for method 2 of merging company files since they come along with many other additional features.

How to Merge Invoices in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to merge invoices in QuickBooks:

  • In the +New menu, select the option Invoice
  • Choose the Client’s Name
  • Search for the estimates and press Add
  • From the screen, How much do you wish to invoice? Select the right option that works ideal for the transactions
  • Choose Copy to invoice
  • Finally, Press Save

How to Merge Different QuickBooks Company Files into One Company?

To merge QuickBooks files into one company file, implement the steps given below:

  • From the File menu, navigate to the Utilities section
  • Press Import and tap on Import IIF
  • Choose the files and press Open. Now click OK

Can you Merge Items in QuickBooks Desktop?

To merge entries, select Edit, then Merge. Note: You can also right-click the entry and select Merge. Select the name of the entry you want to keep, then select Merge.

How do I Merge Two Companies in QuickBooks Online?

Is it possible to merge two QuickBooks Online companies into one? This option is not currently available in QuickBooks Online. Each company is created as a separate file and cannot be merged, but you can manually input the data into the company you wish to keep.

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