How to Integrate HubSpot with Jira

HubSpot is one of the most well-liked and user-friendly CRM systems. Utilizing customer data, it supports teams in customer service, sales, marketing, and other areas. To get the information you want for automated reporting on sales activity, productivity, and salesperson effectiveness, you only need to look at the data. Now picture it working in tandem with Jira, one of the greatest project management programs utilized by many teams. Yes, it’s time to integrate HubSpot with Jira.

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By using the Jira and HubSpot interface, you may create Jira problems from HubSpot support tickets, locate attachments, or search for and attach an existing Jira issue to a new HubSpot support ticket. When the status of a Jira issue changes, HubSpot immediately updates. Furthermore, Jira problem comments may sync right to the ticket record. Your staff now switches between the two platforms less frequently and spends more time interacting with customers.

The goal of the HubSpot Jira connection is to accelerate the support team’s everyday tasks and ticket servicing. To view customer deals, contact information, etc., teams utilizing HubSpot and Jira independently have to switch between tabs. The words Jira and HubSpot must have crossed your mind frequently. Your support staff can resolve customer concerns more quickly with Jira and HubSpot integration.

Overview about HubSpot

HubSpot introduced tools to aid businesses in implementing their inbound marketing strategy in 2006. In a few years, HubSpot’s development Stack software will be used by over 30,000 businesses in over 90 countries to help them develop their sales pipelines and quicken the development of their income. However, a lot of marketing and sales executives still don’t understand what HubSpot is or how it might help their company.

Although HubSpot Marketing serves as the Growth Stack’s cornerstone, it also contains CRM and sales enablement solutions. Organizations can consolidate all of the marketing-related technologies they use under one roof with HubSpot Marketing, which shares the same data. It has all the tools a marketer requires to boost website traffic, turn website visitors into leads, and “close the loop” to provide a quantifiable return on investment. A list of HubSpot Marketing’s features is provided below.

With HubSpot, you can create, host, and edit a website without the aid of a designer or IT assistance. A website can be created if you can drag and drop using a mouse. Additionally, publishing material that is mobile-optimized and personalized for each visitor is made simple by the website builder. Following the launch of your new website, HubSpot delivers a report card for each page and offers suggestions to enhance the website’s success in search engines.

Your organic search results are driven by the keywords you find, organize, and track using HubSpot. Additionally, you may obtain keyword ideas and on-page SEO guidance and compare your ranks to those of your rivals. Software for marketing, sales, and customer service that supports the unwavering expansion of your company. Numerous advantages may be had through HubSpot.

Overview about Jira

Jira Software is a member of a family of goods made to help teams of all stripes organize their work. To monitor defects and issues, Jira was initially created. Jira, however, has now developed into an essential task management solution for all use cases, from requirements and test case operations to agile software development.

JIRA is a project management and problem-tracking application for software development. It is a common tool used by software development teams to schedule, monitor, and publish software projects. Teams may organize and prioritize their work with the aid of JIRA, which offers a centralized platform for tracking tasks, defects, and other forms of issues. The tool’s ability to interact with other software development tools and its range of programmable features and workflows enable teams to customize it to meet their unique requirements. JIRA also offers a variety of reporting and dashboard options that assist teams in managing their workload and coming to informed conclusions.

JIRA supports a variety of languages, such as English and French. This utility works across all platforms. Teams may organize and prioritize their work with the aid of JIRA, which offers a centralized platform for tracking tasks, defects, and other forms of issues. JIRA supports numerous techniques, including Scrum, Kanban, and custom workflows, and it is built for agile software development teams.

JIRA is popular among software development teams of all sizes and is renowned for its simplicity of use and adaptability. A free trial is available, and the product has several purchasing options, including cloud-based and on-premise versions. A group of variables called a JIRA scheme can be applied to one or more JIRA projects. And the scheme’s power lies in this. You just need to complete the setup you’ve been working on once. You may quickly and easily apply the developed scheme to the new project as soon as the next project with the optimal setup is formed.

Need of Jira for HubSpot Integration

Project Management

JIRA offers a centralized platform with support for several projects and procedures for managing software development projects.

Management of Task

Tasks, problems, and other forms of issues may be created, assigned, and tracked by teams.

Agile Planning

Agile approaches like Scrum and Kanban are supported by JIRA, which also offers tools for planning and monitoring sprints, backlogs, and releases.


JIRA has several reports and dashboards that enable teams to see their work in real time and make data-driven choices. JIRA has tools like comments, notifications, and alerts that help teams cooperate and communicate successfully.

Time Tracking

Administrators may utilize the time monitoring tools offered by JIRA to keep track of the time spent on tasks and projects, which is helpful for reporting and billing.

Custom Fields

JIRA administrators may build custom fields to provide extra data for problems and tasks, which contributes to a more comprehensive perspective of the job.


JIRA connects with a broad number of other programs and services, including collaboration platforms, databases, and development tools, which help to simplify processes and boost productivity.

Mobile App

The JIRA mobile app gives users access to their work from anywhere and gives them the option to amend tasks, add comments, and more.

Benefits of HubSpot Jira Integration

Businesses that utilize both systems might gain from the integration between HubSpot and Jira in several ways. Some of the main benefits of connecting HubSpot with Jira are as follows.

Streamlined Communication:

Integration promotes improved interaction and coordination between the development, marketing, and sales teams. It guarantees that crucial data and updates are seamlessly sent between the two platforms.

Effective Issue Tracking:

By immediately creating Jira problems from HubSpot, you can monitor and manage tasks, defects, and feature requests with ease. As a result, reporting and resolving problems is made easier.

Better Customer Support:

Customer concerns and feature requests may be more clearly seen by support staff. They can convert HubSpot support tickets into Jira problems, which enables development teams to better prioritize and respond to client issues.

Improved Sales and Marketing Alignment:

Sales and marketing teams can learn more about how product development and problem fixes are progressing. They may use this to assist prospects and consumers have reasonable expectations about product changes.

Automatic Processes:

You may build up automatic processes that cause events or changes in one platform to cause actions on the other. Creating Jira problems, for instance, if a lead in HubSpot reaches a specific level.

Data Consolidation:

Through integration, you may combine data from both systems to get a comprehensive picture of consumer interactions, marketing initiatives, and development activities. Data analysis and decision-making may benefit from this.

Reporting and Analytics:

You can create reports and analytics that combine data from HubSpot and Jira, allowing you to assess the influence of marketing initiatives on the creation of new products or monitor the time it takes for customer complaints to be resolved.

Effective Project Management:

By tying particular development activities to marketing and sales goals, firms adopting HubSpot for project management may improve project monitoring and resource allocation.

Flexibility and Customization:

Integration frequently includes the option to alter how data is sent between the two systems. This enables you to customize the integration to your company’s demands and operations.

Time and Money Savings:

By decreasing manual data input and enhancing communication, integration may shorten processing times and lower the possibility of mistakes. Cost savings and better productivity may result in the end of this.


As your company expands, the integration can grow together with you, guaranteeing that your sales, marketing, and development teams will continue to collaborate smoothly.

Working on HubSpot Jira Integration

Generally speaking, the HubSpot-Jira connection operates as follows:

Integration’s goal:

  • Customer relationship management, marketing, and sales are HubSpot’s three main uses.
  • Jira is a project management and problem-tracking solution that is frequently employed by IT and development teams.

Constructing the Integration:

  • Typically, third-party integration tools or bespoke programming are required to link HubSpot with Jira.
  • It may be simpler to set up the interface between HubSpot and Jira thanks to pre-built connectors offered by integration platforms like Integromat or Zapier.

Data Mapping

  • Typically, you’ll have to specify how data should go between HubSpot and Jira. Defining triggers and actions falls under this.
  • When a certain lead status changes in HubSpot, for instance, you might wish to automatically generate a Jira problem.

Robotics Scenarios:

  • Jira problem creation from HubSpot leads, updating HubSpot contact data based on Jira issue updates, and platform-to-platform notice sending are examples of common automation scenarios.
  • For instance, when a support ticket is opened in HubSpot, it may also open a similar problem in Jira that the development team will need to handle.

Synchronizing Data

  • Data synchronization between the two platforms should be maintained either in real-time or at predetermined intervals thanks to the integration.
  • Updates to Jira issue statuses in HubSpot or Jira contact information in this case may be necessary.


  • Depending on the integration solution you choose, you might have the option to modify the integration to meet your unique business requirements.
  • It may be necessary to map custom fields, define conditional triggers, or indicate which data has to be synced.

Security and Identification:

  • Make sure the integration is configured securely with the appropriate access restrictions and authentication to safeguard critical data.

Testing and Observation:

  • Test the integration thoroughly to make sure it performs as intended. Regularly check it to spot any problems or mistakes.

Support and Documentation:

  • To troubleshoot difficulties and seek assistance when required, familiarize yourself with the documentation and support tools offered by both HubSpot and Jira.

Maintenance and Updates:

  • To maintain compatibility and security, keep Jira and HubSpot’s respective software patches and upgrades current.

Steps to Integrate HubSpot with Jira

We will discuss what Jira is, why we integrate HubSpot with Jira, and how to deploy the integration.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the Marketplace icon, then click App Marketplace.
  • Use the Global Search box to look for Jira integration.
  • In the right corner, click the Install app button.
  • Accept the needed permissions by clicking the Accept button.

Once the interface is established, you may create new Jira issues from ticket records, obtain an existing Jira issue to attach to an existing ticket and utilize the workflow tool to automate and report on tickets.


HubSpot CRM enables unrestricted user and data control while ensuring efficient activity management between the marketing and sales teams. On the other hand, many development and engineering teams use Jira as their primary tool. As a result, we covered why integrating these two systems is necessary as well as how a HubSpot Jira connection may facilitate cooperation across various teams without requiring them to leave their current environment. Data no longer has to be manually copied and pasted from one platform to another by the teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Combine HubSpot with Jira?

Jira and your Atlassian products are integrated through HubSpot CRM Integration. This remote service has the following capabilities: Viewing user data in Jira that the user has access to, such as usernames, email addresses, and avatars.

What does Jira Integrate with?

Jira Software connects with the majority of the productivity tools your team now employs. As a result, your team can operate at its best with the tools you already know and love thanks to partnerships between Atlassian and world-class digital firms like Slack, Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and others.

Is Jira a CRM that You can use?

For the best possible sales results, every business requires an effective and well-structured customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Are HubSpot Integrations Free?

To start planned email sequences, track answers, and update contact information for your company, use the HubSpot email connection to link your email with HubSpot CRM. With increased capability in HubSpot premium versions, this feature is also accessible for free.

Is HubSpot a CRM Application?

HubSpot is a CRM platform with all the tools, connectors, and resources you require to link your marketing, sales, content management, and customer support departments.

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