Hubspot Gmail Integration: Connect Gmail Account to Hubspot

Google provides a variety of tools, including Gmail, G Suite, Google Ads, and Google Cloud, all of which are useful for bringing organizations into the modern era. The good news is that you can integrate these products with HubSpot CRM and benefit from HubSpot’s fantastic user interface.

You may gain a deeper understanding of your clients and develop a growth strategy that is more successful by combining Google and HubSpot. Most companies use Gmail for a larger portion of their working day. Because of this, HubSpot Gmail Integration is crucial. You will spend more time with your customers and spend far less time on manual data entry if your email and CRM are better connected. Additionally, you’ll be able to simply log emails from Gmail into HubSpot CRM, track your prospects’ email opens and clicks in real time, and access your CRM from anywhere.

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You have the choice to directly record every email you send through Gmail in HubSpot. All of your Gmail communications with leads or clients will be accessible at a glance.

  • HubSpot needs authorization to connect with your inbox for you to send emails to contacts using the CRM, work with contacts using a team email account, or use the sales capabilities in your email inbox.
  • You can sync emails, manage interactions, and access contact information by putting HubSpot’s strong CRM tools inside your Gmail inbox. Just a more efficient method of organizing your sales emails and no more manual data entry.
  • One of HubSpot’s most valuable features is the ability to interact with many other applications. HubSpot is a strong inbound marketing and sales platform.
  • You end up creating a single location where you can handle all of your sales and marketing requirements using your preferred software, without having to make any adjustments to the systems you already employ.

As a result, all of your applications, data, and information may be in a single spot without needing to be manually entered. Additionally, it means that there are connectors that can help you if you wish to experiment with some solutions to improve your performance across various business processes.

Short Overview of Hubspot

Businesses may communicate with their Customers, Leads, and Evangelists using the Hubspot platform. It includes tools that companies can utilize for Sales, Marketing, and Services. In addition to hosting websites and landing pages, establishing email campaigns and blogs, and managing interactions with customers and leads, these technologies can help organizations. HubSpot can be used by businesses to track user behavior and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Businesses can use the Hubspot platform to communicate with their Customers, Leads, and Evangelists. There are tools in it that businesses can use for sales, marketing, and services. These technologies can benefit businesses in several ways, including hosting websites and landing pages, creating email campaigns and blogs, and controlling relationships with clients and prospects. Businesses may track user behavior and assess the success of their marketing campaigns using HubSpot.

To develop their websites, businesses can use HubSpot’s drag-and-drop features, saving money on the cost of employing a designer or IT support team to manage the design and functionality. Businesses can publish mobile-friendly content and customize it for each website visitor due to HubSpot’s website builder.

The tool HubSpot enables companies to select, track, and organize keywords to boost organic search results. Businesses may track clicks, impressions, and ROI (Return on Investment) from their digital marketing initiatives using HubSpot. With HubSpot, you can create and customize email marketing campaigns and monitor their effectiveness. Businesses can use the information supplied by HubSpot as a helpful resource to gather information for strategic decision-making.

Short Overview of Gmail

Google provides a free email service called Gmail. Other email services can be compared to it. You can send and receive emails, add contacts to a contact list, stop spam, and perform other common email operations with Gmail. Gmail is a fantastic online email service since it also has a tonne of other unique features.

Gmail is only one of the many services that Google offers to its registered customers, therefore in order to access Gmail, you must have a Google account. Your Gmail address can be chosen while creating a Google account, which is free to do.

Gmail offers a variety of helpful features to enhance your email experience. These functions include things like spam filtering, conversation view, built-in chat, and dialing phone, for example.

The Gmail interface is simple and clutter-free. Users of Gmail can find specific emails using a search box, and messages can be sorted using tabs that automatically group emails into categories.

In addition, Gmail gives users the option to make video calls and have real-time chats with other Gmail users. Gmail offers 15 GB of storage, which is a lot more than the majority of other free email providers.

Numerous capabilities in Gmail are uncommon in other email platforms:

  • Google offers a free email service called Gmail. Gmail is similar to other email services in many aspects, including the ability to send and receive emails, block spam, build an address book, and carry out other standard email functions. The fact that it also has several other distinctive features makes it one of the most widely used online email services.
  • Access to Gmail, one of several services provided by Google to registered users, requires the creation of a Google account. The process of creating a Google account is free and simple, and it includes selecting a new Gmail address. As a result, your Google account is automatically logged in whenever you sign in to Gmail. Other Google services like Calendar, Docs, and YouTube will be simple for you to access.

Need of Hubspot Gmail Integration

Once you link HubSpot to your Gmail account, HubSpot is granted access to read, edit, send, and compose emails inside your Gmail account. By detecting any of the emails you’ve selected to track, it can also alert you to crucial emails.

You can know if people are opening your emails when you send them out since HubSpot tracks email openings and clicks. Following are the top four requirements and capabilities that will be provided to you when you achieve the integration of HubSpot and Google.

Meetings Can Be Planned

When HubSpot is linked, you can arrange meetings with just one click, which is the first thing that is a bit different. Simply specify your availability by selecting the calendar icon in your menu.

To schedule a meeting, all someone needs to do is choose the proper day and time.

Send Out Email Campaigns

Running an email marketing campaign from a single dashboard is another fantastic advantage of connecting Gmail with HubSpot.

With the help of the HubSpot Gmail Integration tools, you can create email sequences so that you may set everything up in one day but send the emails over time.

They’ll send out automatically, taking the time-consuming task that would normally take you the next week or month and automating it.

Because of the built-in capabilities, you can send them follow-up emails for a while.

Improve Your Sales Prospecting

It is simple to manage all of your sales prospecting from one location due to the HubSpot and Gmail connectivity.

To save yourself from having to manually type out replies each time a prospect shows up, you can even create templates and snippets.

Track Every Communication in One Location

Finally, the ability to keep informed is the main benefit we love about the HubSpot and Gmail integration. It’s now simpler than ever to view incoming and outgoing mail because all messages are in one location.

After logging in, you can monitor emails and chats to observe how prospects are interacting with you or your team by monitoring which emails they click on, what files they download, and other actions.

Working on Hubspot Gmail Integration

There are two ways in which you can work with Hubspot Gmail Integration:-

First Method:

  • Link Your Domain: Click on settings from your HubSpot account, then select “CMS,” followed by “Domains & URLs.” To connect a domain, click. For the sort of domain you wish to connect, there should be four options available. Select the solution that fits the bill the best, then go on to the next phase.
  • Pick a Content-Type: Now use the checkboxes to select the sort of material you want to host. From a single domain, you may host many content categories.
  • Pick a root domain: You will see a text box where you need to type in your root domain. The root domain will be the domain for your brand.
  • Validate URLs: At this moment, four factors need to be taken into account. Subdomains are the first. These share a domain with your brand yet have separate but related web addresses. Just imagine “” or “” And last, there is your brand domain, which is identical to your root domain. Your domain address ends with a top-level domain, such as “.com,” in this case. The last step is to configure your default language.
  • Hosting: For hosting setup, use a DNS provider. Using GoDaddy, this could be done automatically. You’ll need to carry out this task manually if not.

Second Method:

  • Search: Visit the HubSpot App Marketplace and look for the app you wish to install. By selecting “Compatible with my plan” under “Compatible HubSpot Plans,” you may exclude the applications from your search that are incompatible with your plan.
  • Review: The best course of action is usually to quickly review the functions of the program for yourself. The app’s features and system requirements are listed further down if you scroll down.
  • Pay: You can select the price model you like just below “Requirements.” There are several applications with free and premium versions. You must choose what is best for your company’s needs.
  • Approve: You may have a look at various data and permissions that you might want to be aware of just below “Pricing.” Before continuing, double-check that everything is in order.
  • Connect: You may then go back up to the top and click “Connect app.” To read additional information about how to set up the particular app you’re using, click ‘View setup guide’.

Steps to Hubspot Gmail Integration

You may perform a HubSpot Gmail Integration by following these steps:

  1. Log in to HubSpot and select Settings from the menu bar to launch the HubSpot Gmail Integration.
  2. It will launch a fresh page. From the navigation bar on the left, select “General” from the list of options.
  3. The “Email” tab will appear in a new window.
  4. The “Connect personal email” button is on the page’s middle. Click it.
  5. A new window will open up displaying the many email services you can connect to. Go with “Google/Gmail” as your option.
  6. Discover what you can do following the HubSpot Gmail Integration stage by reading on. Now you have to click on the Connect your inbox button.
  7. Select “Continue” in the following window. Once there, you’ll be given the option to select a Google account to log in with or enter your Google credentials on a separate page. To sign in, enter the details for your Google account.
  8. To give HubSpot access to your Google account, go over all the necessary permissions and press the “Allow” button.

You’ll receive a notification that the HubSpot Gmail Integration has been completed.


You have gained a thorough grasp of HubSpot’s Gmail Integration as well as its key features in this post. Picking HubSpot’s Starter plan may be a good idea if you want access to a powerful CRM. HubSpot might be a better option, though, if you are in charge of a larger company’s marketing department that works with several sales channels.

You can streamline your communications and increase productivity by integrating HubSpot with Gmail. You can easily link HubSpot to Gmail by following the detailed instructions above, which will enhance your sales processes and customer interactions.

If you wish to embrace the power of integration and streamline your regular business operations but are having trouble doing so, get in touch with us. We had a team of experts who could assist you in finding a solution to your problem and doing a better job of helping you reach your objective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gmail integrated with HubSpot?

Are Emails sent over Gmail tracked by HubSpot?

Why won’t HubSpot operate in Gmail?

What exactly is the HubSpot Gmail extension?

Can HubSpot log emails on its own?

You can automatically log emails received from outside of HubSpot to the CRM using the HubSpot Sales email add-in or extension. If you’re not utilizing the sales extension or add-in, you can manually log emails by using the HubSpot BCC address or forwarding address.

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