How to Import Bills into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

Are you looking for the automated process to batch import bills into your QuickBooks Online account? This article is what […]

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Are you looking for the automated process to batch import bills into your QuickBooks Online account? This article is what all about. The bills can be imported with multiple lines and have information in each line such as bill number, date, and supplier. You have to import the bills into QuickBooks Online to track your sales tax and other reports.

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Import bills Into QuickBooks online using Dancing Numbers Online software. this provides you with an automated process that helps you to save time and money that can be used anywhere else. The whole process is mentioned here and before that, you have to take care of the prerequisites that are required to run the software so that you can easily transfer your data without facing any kind of issues.

Things Required Before Starting the Bills Import Process

Connect QuickBooks Online to Dancing Numbers Online via QuickBooks AppStore. Just click on “Get App Now” to start using the Dancing Numbers Online application program. You can also start the 7 Days Free Trial if you are not subscribed for Dancing Numbers Online yet.

What is the Process to Import Bills into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

To process the Import procedure you have to connect the Dancing Numbers Online account to QuickBooks online. After that, you can start the process of importing data with an automated procedure by clicking on the Import button. The steps to process bills are as follows:

  • Upload: Upload the Bills file that has all the data stored in a manner. The file must be an excel spreadsheet or a text file. Click on the Upload button and then Browse the file and then open it to upload it. Now proceed to the next step to continue.
  • Mapping: When uploading is done correctly, map all the fields in a data file format so that you won’t lose any data or it won’t create any confusion or issues while or after importing.
  • Import: Now, review the mapped data and make changes accordingly if required. Then click on the Import button to start the automatic import process.

You have to let it be done and do your own things side by side. It let you know by notifying you when done. In the case of any error or issues, it shows on your screen so that you can fix them and proceed with the import process.

Import Bills Fields in Dancing Numbers Online

Field NameFormatDescription
Bill No21 CharactersMention the Bill Number for the transaction done. This number is used internally by QuickBooks for processing internally. After that, QuickBooks auto-generates the new value and you can change it in the import settings.
VendorCharactersMention the vendor’s name for the transaction done.
Bill DateDateThe bill date is mentioned by the user after happening the transaction.
Due DateDateProvide the due date for the payment to remember when the transaction is due.
Terms4000 CharactersMention reference that is related Reference to the terms for the Bill.
Mailing Address Line 1500 CharactersIt is the first line of the Mailing address for the invoice.
Mailing Address Line 2500 CharactersIt is the second line of the Mailing address for the invoice.
Mailing Address Line 3500 CharactersIt is the third line of the Mailing address for the invoice.
Mailing Address City255 CharactersMention the city’s name for your Mailing address.
Mailing Address Postal Code31 CharactersMention the zip code for your Mailing address.
Mailing Address Country255 CharactersMention the name of the country for your Mailing address.
Mailing Address State255 CharactersMention the name of the state for your Mailing address.
Memo4000 CharactersMention a note that is related to the bill transaction.
Category AccountCharactersReference to the Expense Account Name associated with the billing.
Category Description4000 CharactersFree form text description of the Expense.
Category Line AmountDecimalMention the category line amount in this field for the item.
Category Billable StatusBooleanIn the field if TRUE then it is Billable, If FALSE then it is Not Billable.
Category Markup PercentDecimalProvide the category markup value for the expense transaction.
Category CustomerCharactersReference to the Customer associated with the expense.
Category ClassCharactersMention the category class for the product.
Category TaxableBooleanIt if it is TRUE that means you are taxable.
Line Item or Product/ServiceCharactersIf you have any references then mention them here.
Line Item Description or Product/Service4000 CharactersDescription of the Item. It will be populated from the Item description entered in QuickBooks Online.
Line Item Quantity or Product/Service QuantityDecimalIn this field mention the quantity of product / service or item.
Line Item Rate or Product/Service RateDecimalWrite down the Line item or product / service rate.
Line Item Amount or Product/Service AmountDecimalProvide the Line item amount or the product / service amount according to the current price. The Total Amount of the Item. Not required if the Line Item Quantity & Line Item Rate is present.
Product/Service Expense AccountCharactersYou have to provide the expense account name or number that you have used in the product creation.
Line Item Billable Status or Product/Service Billable StatusBooleanIf it is TRUE then it is Billable; If it is FALSE then it is Not Billable.
Line Item Taxable or Product/Service TaxableBooleanIf you show it TRUE then apply the tax here.
Line Item Markup Percent or Product/Service Markup PercentDecimalMention the line item markup value or percentage for the product or item.
Line Item Customer or Billable Customer: Product/ServiceCharactersYou have to provide the customer name for the item or product / service.
Line Item Class or Product/Service ClassCharactersProvide the class name for the item or product / service.
LocationCharactersYou have to write the transaction’s location.
Currency CodeCharactersMention the transaction’s currency code here.
Exchange RateDecimalProvide the exchange rate of the currency you have for the home currency.

Bills files are essential to make correct reports and track your payments that are paid or due. You have to properly import bills into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online. If you are facing any issues then contact the Dancing Numbers Online helpdesk team via email or do a live chat with experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Are there any Important Fields to be included in the Excel or Text File before Importing Bills into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

Few fields that are required are mentioned here:

checked Bill Number
checked Bill Date
checked Supplier
checked Line Amount
checked Due Date
checked Line Tax Code
checked Account.

What can be Imported When You Import Bills into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

checked Multiple line items can be easily imported.
checked The sales tax codes are mapped so you don’t have to change them for importing bills.
checked It supports multicurrency.

What if I have New Accounts or Suppliers in my Bill Transactions List? Can I Import Bills into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online directly?

In this case, you are required to create or add the new account or supplier and then do process the import steps for transferring all the data properly.

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