How to Import Employee Expense Reimbursement to be paid?

Employee expense reimbursements requests are generally filled in the Excel spreadsheets by adding a summary option at the top of […]

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Employee expense reimbursements requests are generally filled in the Excel spreadsheets by adding a summary option at the top of the form. The importing of the employee expense reimbursement that needs to be paid is a general task required in QuickBooks. You can easily import such files with expense reimbursement details into QuickBooks online. All you need is relevant guidance to proceed with the process. This blog contains information on how to import Employee Expense Reimbursement to be paid.

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What is the Significance of Importing Employee Expense Reimbursement to be Paid?

Reimbursement expense is the fund paid to an employee as repayment for taxes, business expenses, or other costs. It includes travel expenses, food expenses, etc. when using the QuickBooks payroll to manage the salary or other funds of the employees. It generally needs to import the details of the employees, including expense reimbursement, to be paid into QuickBooks for quick access to the records.

Things need to Know Before importing Employee Expense Reimbursement to be paid:

  • The file required to be saved in excel compatible format such as CSV
  • Make sure the employee expense reimbursement files must be in a proper format
  • Check out the active file and existing codes in the spreadsheet
  • Take backup documentation of the expense reimbursement
  • Scan the backup file into a file with the beginning header with the employee’s code
  • Ensure that the backup document is identical to the imported document
  • The template should be handy

How to Import Employee Expense Reimbursement to be Paid?

Importing employee expense reimbursement files from a CSV file is an effective technique to quickly set up and manage employee data into QuickBooks Online. You can even import bulk updates of the employee reimbursement data. Here are the steps:

  • Open QuickBooks Online
  • Find the left-corner menu and choose Employee
  • Click on the drop-down that appears near the Add Employees option
  • Hit the Import Employees button
  • Choose Select File
  • Select the completed file of Employee Expense Reimbursement to be paid file
  • Click on Open
  • Choose Confirm Upload
  • Once the import process completes, the outcomes will be appeared on the screen describing the status of the updated employee details.

The Thing to Note:

When selected, automatically create missing locations. It will automatically detect the location or create the available locations according to the name listed in the locations columns and primary location set up in the system. If the settings are not chosen, there might popup import errors.

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What are the Fields Available in Employee Expense Reimbursement?

checked VENDER
checked DUEDATE
checked TXNDATE

Can I Import Employee Expense Reimbursement Files in bulk?

Yes, you can use the importer tool to import files in a batch and save your valuable time.

How I can Download a Template of the Employee Expense Reimbursement File in QuickBooks?

checked Click Employees
checked Choose the Payroll Settings button
checked Click on Data extract appears below business Management
checked Choose Employee Data and Empty Template under Data type
checked Give a click on the file format to choose the correct format
checked Hit Download button

How can I Delete a File with the Import Function in QuickBooks online?

If you need to use the import file to delete employee reimbursements to be paid from the employee records, in batch, use the clear (value) in the suitable fields on the import file.

How can I fix Incorrect Mapping while Importing Employee Reimbursement in QuickBooks online?

Ensure that you have selected the correct columns for the mapping process. Here are the things you need to do:

checked Delete columns you do not require from the CSV to delete confusion. The mandatory required fields by QuickBooks are:
checked Amount
checked Description
checked Date
checked Modify the column names in the CSV to perform matching of the titles in QuickBooks online

How to view the Imported Employee Reimbursements in QuickBooks online?

checked Click on the Report button
checked Find transaction detail by Account
checked Open the record to choose to customize at the top corner of the screen
checked Locate the General section, click on the drop-down named Report Period to select the range of the transaction
checked Click on the Rows/Column tab choose the Group By drop-down button
checked Hit Employee
checked Choose Filter section, click the Distribution Account named drop-down option to select Employee Reimbursement account
checked Click on the drop-down which says Employee then select the employee name
checked Click on the Run Report button

What are the compatible File Formats for Importing Employee Expense Reimbursement files to QuickBooks online?

checked CSV File
checked XLSX File

Why am I unable to Import the first row of the Spreadsheet with the Employee Expense Reimbursement File?

In QuickBooks online, the spreadsheet’s initial row is reserved for mapping. However, if you require the content of the first row of the file, integrate a header row to the spreadsheet before file import.

Can I Import a Spreadsheet of Employee Expense Reimbursement to be Paid File with 1020 rows?

You can import up to 1000 rows, so it is better to split the spreadsheets into small files and independently import them.

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