QuickBooks Migration Tool: Complete Overview

In our daily life we use to change our systems quickly or in few years. There will be any reason […]

In our daily life we use to change our systems quickly or in few years. There will be any reason behind this. It could be Speed, space, configuration etc.

As you work on the QuickBooks in your daily routine due to which the files of the company and the data also increases. Due to which the system space will be full or its speed might be slow etc and in this type of case there is a need of migration or transfer of QuickBooks Data from one system to another. The migration can be done in any of one way that is manually or with the help of migration tool.

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In this article we will discuss about the migration Tool that what it the migration tool, what its features, how it works etc, we will learn about this in detail.

QuickBooks Migration Tool

The transferring of QuickBooks Data from one system to other system is a tough job and it requires time also. The data must be transfer safely it is also a big task for us. With the help of Migration Tool we can migrate data easily and save the plenty of time and manpower.

In other words, we can define Migration Tool as a tool which will process smoothly in transferring the data and the applications from one system to another system. In some cases, the data can be loose while transferring the data but in that case the tool is very helpful in protecting the data.

The new Migration Tool is accessible via your browser, This means you don’t need a copy of QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Mac) on your computer to migrate a QuickBooks Desktop Data file (.qbw, .qbb, .qbm).

Migration Process

Requirement of Migration Tool

Following are some basic requirements for running QuickBooks Migration tool on your system:

  • Make sure that both the systems are connected to network both have the internet access.
  • Your USB flash drive must have enough storage space so that there will be no issue in retrieving the data.
  • The USB Flash Drive for storing the data.

Setting up of QuickBooks Migration Tool

Before we start working with QuickBooks Migration Tool and start transferring of data, we have to download and install it in our system. So, following are some steps which we have to follow, so that we can set the migration tool easily and start working on it.

  • Login to the QuickBooks with the help of admin ID and password.
  • Now you have to allow the access so that you can easily copy the data in your system.
  • Now navigate to the migration tool and click on it.
  • Migration tool will ask you for the password. So, you have to enter the admin password in it.
  • Once you entre in the tool, click on start or run button.
  • The migration tool starts its process and working.
  • Once the migration tool starts its working, the lash drive starts copying and transferring some file.
  • After the completion of transferring the data the tool never format or erase your data, the data remains same as it is in past but in case you want to erase it then you can by hitting delete button.

Note: Always keep in mind that the tool which you downloaded must be the compatible version of your QuickBooks Desktop.

Migration Tool Transferring the Data

Below is the list of data which can be transfer or which cannot be transfer via Migration Tool:

Which Type of Data can be Transfer

Following are the data which can be transfer via QuickBooks migration Tool:

  • Three recent companies file on which you have done work in your old system.
  • Reports like memorized and the schedules with their local attachment.
  • The detail information of QuickBooks Desktop including the version of QuickBooks which we are using.
  • The QuickBooks Letters, forms and the custom templates.
  • Spelling Checker.
  • Finance Statement Designer.
  • Setting of the printer.
  • Advance reports.
  • Statement writers.
  • The business Planner.
  • Cash Flow Projector.
  • Loan Manager.

Which Type of Data cannot be Transfer

Following are the data which cannot be transfer via QuickBooks migration Tool:

  • The configuration of Multi User Mode.
  • The company files which are older than three, they can’t be transfer.
  • The synchronizing of payment and payroll.
  • Intuit data protect.
  • Backup Files.

Where can I Find the Migration Tool?

Following are the steps so that you can easily go to the migration tool:

  • First you have to sign in to the QuickBooks Online by using a QuickBooks Supported web browser.
  • In the URL area entre https://app.qbo.intuit.com/app/exportqbodatatoqbdt
  • Navigate to the export overview screen and hit the button so can start it.
  • Download migration tool by clicking on the download tool button in QuickBooks.
  • Once the installer is downloaded, launch it and run it.
  • Now wait and follow the steps till the time the installation process is successfully done.

Process of Migration using QuickBooks Desktop Migration Tool

Following are the steps for transferring the QuickBooks Data from old to new system with the help of migration Tool, so just follow it in order to transfer the data with ease without losing it:

Process to be followed on the Old Computer:

Once you launched your old system then you can follow the following steps:

  • Connect USB flash drive in your old computer.
  • Now you have to launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Navigate to the File menu and click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu of file select the Utilities option.
  • From utilities option window select the Move QuickBooks to another computer option.
Move QuickBooks to another computer
  • Now select I am ready and now create unique password.
  • Now you have to follow online instructions and select your USB flash drive.
  • Sit aside and wait till the time all the files are copied.

Process to be followed on the New Computer:

Once you are done with the copying of the files, so now you have to launch your new system:

  • First you have to plug in your flash drive in new system.
  • Be sure that the tool will not launch automatically.
  • Open the flash drive in your new system.
  • Double click on the Move_QuickBooks.bat file.
  • Now entre the password which you have created in the old system.
copying of the Files
  • Once you are done with the all above steps, so now you have to wait till the time Migration Tool Finishes its job.

Additional Tasks to Complete the QuickBooks Setup:

As we know that all the data can’t be copied with the help of migration tool so for that we have to perform additional steps, so that you can complete your task easily:

  • Log In to the payment and payroll services.
  • Log in to the Intuit data protect.
  • Configure your entire backup schedule.
  • Take the backup of the company files so that you can avoid unexpected issues or problems which can arise in future.

How Can You Manually Transfer the Data?

The transferring of data is the difficult process. But you can also transfer QuickBooks Data manually. Following are the steps so that you can transfer the QuickBooks Data from old computer to your new computer.

  • First you have to create the QuickBooks Backup on your old computer.
  • Now uninstall the QuickBooks from your Old Computer.
  • Move to your new computer and now install QuickBooks in your new computer.
  • Now you have to restore the QuickBooks Backup in your new computer which you have created in old computer.

What to do After Migration of QuickBooks Desktop?

Following are the steps which are to be followed once the migration of QuickBooks Data is done to the new computer:

  • First you have to sign in to your payroll and payment services.
  • Now sign in to the intuit data protect and set up the backup schedule.
  • Now you can easily transfer any of the addition company file from the old system to new system.
  • Be ensure that you will always take backup of your company file.

What is the Easy Way to Migrate Data to QuickBooks Online?

There are following four steps which are use to migrate data to QuickBooks Online:

  • First you have to select the Plan.
  • Now sign up for QuickBooks online Essential.
  • Upload your complete data on your system.
  • Now you have to complete the conversation form which is given by the intuit.
  • Now you have to upload the backup of your data.
  • Now you have to migrate the data.
  • Hit the review button.

We hope that the above article will help you to move your QuickBooks Data from one system to other with the help of QuickBooks Migrator tool. But sometimes due to internal file error, it can hamper your work. In order to avoid such type of situations and the security data getting damaged you need further assistance. In such case we suggest you can connect with Dancing Numbers experts via LIVE CHAT. Our experts will make sure that they provide their best service by keeping the data secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Use the Migration Tool in QuickBooks?

● Move QuickBooks to another computer by selecting it from the Utilities section under the File menu in QuickBooks.
● Then choose I’m Ready, and finally enter a one-time password.
● To choose the USB flash disc you’ll use, follow the steps. After that, wait for the files to copy.

What is the Easiest way to Migrate Data to QuickBooks Online?

● Make a plan. Register for QuickBooks Online Plus or Essentials.
● Data upload. Submit your data backup along with our conversion form.
● Migrate your data. Then Review.

What to Expect When Migrating from Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

We merely copy the data to QuickBooks Online; nothing changes. You will now enter new data into QuickBooks Online. The data in your QuickBooks Desktop company file will still be kept by you, but you can only view it if your QuickBooks Desktop subscription is still valid.

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