How to Use QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

It may occasionally be necessary to change or erase the password from the QuickBooks company file. QuickBooks has strong security […]

It may occasionally be necessary to change or erase the password from the QuickBooks company file. QuickBooks has strong security measures to safeguard user data in light of the growing number of cyber security threats. The sole method accessible to users to change their QuickBooks password is using the QuickBooks Automated Password Recovery Tool. To guarantee a seamless QuickBooks password recovery process, you need to adhere to certain rules. In order to learn a simple way to erase your QuickBooks password, read the entire article if you’re worried about having to reset it.

Having a password becomes crucial when managing many accounts. Recalling each and every password is more crucial than that. The QuickBooks company files are in the same situation. The right password is required in order to access these files. Occasionally, a user could misplace or forget their correct password. These kinds of events have been happening for a while. The QuickBooks Password Reset Tool was created to address these kinds of situations.

The QuickBooks or QuickBooks Desktop Automated Password Reset Tool has shown to be really useful; if you follow the necessary steps of this article then you can utilize it correctly.

The Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks will be discussed in this post. Your lost or forgotten password to access your QuickBooks Company File may be reset by utilizing this reset tool. The Automatic Password Reset Tool is intended to be a Self Help resource for users. Read the post to learn how to download and use the QB password reset program, as well as its features and operation. To have all of your questions answered and to learn how to use the QB automatic password recovery tool, go through the article.

About QuickBooks Automated Password Recovery Tool

QuickBooks requires you to update your password every ninety days in an effort to safeguard your data. It may be difficult to remember the correct password for the company file because the majority of users have many internet accounts. To ensure the safety and security of your QuickBooks login credentials, Intuit® has created a Free QuickBooks Password Reset Tool that resets your login password. You can change your QuickBooks password by downloading the QuickBooks Automated Password Recovery Tool from the Intuit® website and following the instructions if you can’t remember the password for your QuickBooks Company file.

The Automated Password Reset feature in QuickBooks is a very useful feature designed to assist you in cases when you have misplaced or forgotten your password. This accounting software’s users would be aware that having the right password is necessary in order to access the company data. You can install this tool on your PC in case you don’t have the right password. With this tool’s functionality, creating a new password for your QuickBooks company files is easy.

Certain details are required in order to use this password reset service, such as your postcode, license number, phone number, contact number, etc. You will receive a verification form from the tool once you have this information. Your new file password will be available as soon as you complete the verification process.

Important Points Which are need to keep in mind before Resetting QuickBooks Password

You have to fill out an online form to confirm who owns the QuickBooks company file before you can download the QuickBooks password recovery program. To download the password recovery program and change the password for QuickBooks Desktop, it is essential to fill out the password reset form exactly. The details you’ll need to reset your QuickBooks admin password are as follows:

  • Full name of the individual who has registered.
  • Number associated with the QuickBooks account.
  • 15-digit license number for QuickBooks.
  • Registered email address for the QuickBooks account.
  • The registered business location’s Zip code.

Key Points to be Before consider while Creating Your QuickBooks Password

  • Ensure that Number Lock is enabled.
  • You need to disable Caps Lock.
  • Make sure your keyboard is working correctly by trying to input your password in a text file.
  • Make sure this is not the case by checking whether you are still using an older version of QuickBooks where you may leave the password box blank.
  • Verify that the login information you are using is for the QuickBooks admin account.

Downloading of QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

This utility may be downloaded quickly from Intuit’s official website. Use the QuickBooks password reset tool by following the instructions we provide below after downloading the application.

Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop

To reset the QuickBooks Admin Password, using the QuickBooks Desktop Automated Password Reset Tool. This is useful in the event that you forget or lose the password. The collection of details you needed to reset your password is provided below.

  • License Number of 15 Digit
  • Full name of contact person
  • Contact number
  • Mailing address
  • Postal Code

We’ll check your license number, email address, phone number, and post code against the database record of your firm registration. The request will be unsuccessful if any of the parameters do not correspond to the data you registered your product with us.

What is the Process for Utilizing QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool?

Before using the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool, you must complete the download process. Once the License Number, Business Information, and QuickBooks version are written down, you can abide by the terms of the License Agreement. You will be able to download the tool soon. The company file, which requires a new password to be created, is the next option.

  • Go online and look for the QB Automated Password Reset Tool.
  • When you find it, enter QB’s Version. Press the Ctrl key along with the 1 key or the F2 key if you are unsure about the right version. Multiple codes will be available in Versions Used. The 2014 version is denoted by V24, whereas the 2015 version is indicated by V25. Select and input the relevant version.
  • Following then, adherence to the License Agreement is required.
  • Press the Download icon.
  • Click Download Now after that.
  • The file QBPasswordReset.exe should be stored on the Desktop. After that, open it.
  • Get your mail in order to obtain the Access Token.
  • Select the QuickBooks Products Menu option. Choose the Version of the program.
  • Click on Browse for Company File.
  • Select the file to have its password reset.
  • Create a New Password. Then make sure of it as well.
  • Select Reset Password from the menu.

Open your file using the freshly created password to verify that this process was successful. Fill out the verification form once more with the information to reap this tool’s advantage once more. Subsequently, you can change the password for an additional QB file.

Use the Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop

If you can’t remember your password, you should try resetting it to gain access to the QuickBooks Desktop company data. It is for this very important reason why QuickBooks Desktop was created. When it comes to changing the program password for various Windows versions, this utility will not let you down.
Thus, you may download this utility at the beginning and choose the program version. The necessary data, such as the license number, contact number, and business information, may then be provided. There will be a token sent to your email address. You can change the password again with this token.

  • Downloading the Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop for Intuit official website.
  • Know choose the QuickBooks Version. The version of QuickBooks last opened the company file should be installed on the system. If not, then you might not be able to Reset the password. (Note: If you don’t have a CEF browser available, then an HTML page will open that will redirect you to the correct link.)
Automated password reset tool screenshots
  • Enter the QuickBooks license number and business information used when you registered QuickBooks. Then click Next.
Automated reset tool screenshot.png
  • You should provide a 10 digits phone Number. Make sure that at the other end of the number, you do not add any extension. Refrain from using 1(+1) at the beginning. If the selected nation is United States, a +1 will be appended to the contact number automatically. Select Country and manually change your Phone Number when this occurs. After that, save it. After doing this, you could get an alert saying that The Details You Provided didn’t match. You may log in at to delete it.
    • Verify that the following details have been input correctly:
    • Authorized User Name (case insensitivity used here)
    • Authorized User’s Email Address
    • Zip code and primary mailing address
    • License Number under Goods and Services (no dash needed)
    • Contact Number under Account Information
Automated password reset tool Screenshots 1
  • Please accept the License Agreement once you’ve seen it.
  • The Automated Password Reset tool will now start downloading automatically. Press Download Now as an alternative.
  • There are two choices available: Run and Save. Choose Save and put it in the Desktop folder.
  • Launch the utility.
  • In the designated email address, enter the Token Number that was issued to you.
  • Select QuickBooks Desktop Products from the drop-down menu. Check to see if the QuickBooks Version matches.
  • Press the Browse for Company File button.
  • Select the Company File that requires a password reset.
  • Enter the correct Company File Admin User Name.
  • Assign a New Password.
  • Validate the New Password.
  • To complete this process, click Reset Password.

Steps for Reset Password by using QuickBooks Automated Password Tool

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop Automated Password Reset Tool if you are using the Canadian version of the program.
  • Visit the Automated Password Reset Tool if you use the US version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Complete the form by entering all necessary data, then click Submit.
  • You will receive the Service Agreement form following information verification.
  • After reading the form carefully, click Download.
  • Double-click the QuickBooks auto data recovery application in the download folder after it has finished downloading.
  • Click the Browse button and choose the locked company file.
  • After selecting the Next option, sign in to your QuickBooks-linked email account.
  • An email from Intuit® with a security code can be found.
  • Paste the code, which has been copied, into the password reset box.
  • After selecting a new password, click Next to open the company file.
  • The program will reset the QuickBooks password within a few minutes.
  • Enter the password that you chose in the preceding stage to access the company file now.
  • Choose security questions and enter a new password for the company file.
  • After you click OK, the company file may now be opened using the new password.

In order to meet your demands, the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool provides you with a quick and easy method for changing the password on your company files. Of course, there are more methods for changing the password on your QuickBooks files. In the unlikely event that you would want to spend the least amount of time possible, we will nevertheless advise you to utilize a tool this effective.

We used a straightforward approach to make sure you understood the full significance of the material written here. Regarding the intent, use, and operation of this tool, we hope you are clear. If you require any further help, you may contact us so that our experts can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Steps of Resetting Password without using QuickBooks Password Recovery Tool?

  • When the QuickBooks company file opens in QuickBooks Desktop and asks for the password, click I Forgot My Password.
  • After entering the answers to your security questions, choose OK.
  • Click Close after seeing the Password Removed popup.
  • QuickBooks will now prompt you to select a new password and set of security questions.
  • Complete the fields and press OK.
  • Try opening the file with the new password now.

How Can I Use QuickBooks Password Recovery to Retrieve My Email Password?

You must follow these actions in order to fix this problem. Make sure your accounts are open first. Proceed to the assistance page and provide all necessary information, including your phone number and email address. Next, a code to retrieve the email password is sent to you by QuickBooks or Intuit. Once agreed upon, adhere to the on-screen instructions until the process is completed.

How Do I Use The QuickBooks Password Recovery Tool To Change My Forgotten Password Again?

The user must select I forgot my password option from the company login screen. After selecting the email from the list menu, you select the next option. After that, a code to reset your password will be sent to the email address you registered with. Once you have entered your token, you may change the password and stop unauthorized people from accessing your data.

How can I Switch from being the Administrator to Another Current User?

Select the Users area when first opening the Company menu. Continue setting up the Users and Roles box at this point. Next, select the Edit menu. You may then adjust the credentials and modify the admin name. To preserve any updated changes, click the OK button.

What is QuickBooks Default Admin Login?

Unless someone has modified it, the Admin user usually always goes by the default name Admin. In order to access the user list in Pro and Premier, you must be logged in as the Admin user.

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