What is QuickBooks Online Forecasting Tool & How to Use it?

There may be several complications in life but nothing beats the problems that are created when there are disruptions in […]

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There may be several complications in life but nothing beats the problems that are created when there are disruptions in Cash Flow Statements. The worst part is when as a business owner you do not witness them coming before, and they could have saved some of the retained savings, to address the cash crunch.

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But, all these issues can come to an end with the help of the QuickBooks Online Forecasting tool. Not to mention, users can have real cash flow reports directed to deal with their cash crisis in an efficient way.

First, You need to understand what is cash flow and its key components.

What are the Key Components of Cash Flow?

Payables and receivables are the key components of cash flow.

Using Accounts Receivables assists you to classify excessive generous credit terms along with certain outstanding invoices that adversely impact the cash flow of a business. Consequently, it impacts the financial health of the enterprise.

Similar to accounts receivable, accounts payable specifies outflows. Primarily, if there are some late payments it impacts the short and long-term credit profile of the business since lenders base their conditions on prior payment histories.

What is QuickBooks Cash Flow Forecasting Tool?

It is a known fact that the QuickBooks Cash Flow Forecasting tool can be used for the purpose of budget management and forecasting in a secure and automated manner. However, there is a list of things one should consider while forecasting. The reports must not complicate the cash flow with the earnings of the company.

Not to mention, you need to arrange the figures of your receptions and payments and present them with the scenarios to create a useful forecast.

Note: A cash flow is categorized into three categories:

  • Investing Cash Flow: Inflows and outflows that come from the purchase or sale of capital investments.
  • Operating Cash Flow: Inflows and outflows concerned with the sale of services and goods.
  • Financing Cash Flow: Inflows and outflows from external investors or borrowing activities.

How to Monitor the Cash Flow in QuickBooks?

There are two methods to monitor the cash flow forecasting report in QuickBooks. Here are the two methods:

  • Direct Cash Flow Forecasting: The process can be accessed to address the liquidity management for a small period of time. It displays the cash flow of your organization at particular dates in the days to come. It is possible to run the forecast by adding payments arising at a particular time of the year and mixing it with a time frame that must not be more than 3 months or 90 days.
  • Indirect Cash Flow Forecasting: This process is used at the initial stages of the planning stage of a particular financial year. To be precise, near the end of the previous fiscal year. It includes several accounting reports such as Income Statements, balance sheets, etc., in order to display the cash flow.

How to Use the QuickBooks Online Forecasting Tool?

In QuickBooks, the Cash Flow Projector Function strives to deliver short-term forecasting. It is easy to make sure all the employees and the business costs will be cleared in the next month when you have a clear idea about the financial status of the company.

Here are the steps to use the QuickBooks Online Forecasting tool:

Step 1: From the menu, under the tab for Company, choose Budgeting and Planning.

Step 2: Select the option, Cash Flow Projector.

Step 3: Add the starting purchase.

Step 4: If you are not sure, try estimating the amount for a month back.

Step 5: Complete the Cash Inflows with the anticipated financial inflows.

Step 6: For a precise representation of cash flow, try to include all sources of cash flow.

Step 7: Include any upcoming future payments in the last six weeks after beginning with the consistent income.

Step 8: Add the business income to the cash outflow category.

Step 9: Make sure you add one-time costs that arise once in three months in QuickBooks together with the normal monthly expenses.

Step 10: Analyze how the cash flow in your business has changed in the last six weeks by evaluating the report.

How to Forecast in QuickBooks Online?

To forecast in QuickBooks Online, you need to use third-party apps. It is also possible to take the assistance of an accountant to get a forecast in Excel. If you wish to opt for the latter option, you must run the Statement of Cash Flows report.

Here are the steps to consider:

Step 1: Open your QuickBooks Online account.

Step 2: Now Navigate to the Reports section. It is present on the left side of the menu.

Step 3: In the search field, Enter Statement of Cash Flows. Now click Enter.

Step 4: Press on the result displaying Statement of Cash Flows in order to open the report. In case you wish to make changes to the Settings of the particular report, Press Customize.

Step 5: Finally, Press on the Run Report.

Hope everything is clear to you. If you still need any assistance in understanding the QuickBooks Online Forecasting tool and how to use it efficiently, get in touch with Dancing Numbers team via LIVE CHAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Calculate Cash Flow Forecast?

Here is the formula to determine the cash flow forecast:

Cash flow forecast = Projected inflows + Beginning Cash – Projected Outflows = Ending cash

What is the Purpose of using QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is a type of cloud-based financial management program that helps users to create invoices and quotes to help save time spent in managing the finances of a company and administering the sales and cash flow.

What is the Significance of a Cash Flow Forecast?

Profit and cash flow are two crucial financial parameters that may be categorized by a company owner with the help of cash flow forecasting. Every successful business owner is aware of its past, present, and estimated cash status to understand how much cash can be used at a particular moment and under what situations.

If you utilize only the data you can access presently, you risk of knowing about the problem when it is already late. The significance of a cash flow forecast provides you with the best possibility to take a key decision. The expenses for the next 90 days can be reduced to deal with the looming issues. You can also strive to develop new products or services or even opt to apply for a loan.

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