How to Remove a Password from QuickBooks Pro?

Out of the many, there is an important feature in QuickBooks Pro software, which is setting up different users. Only […]

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Out of the many, there is an important feature in QuickBooks Pro software, which is setting up different users. Only an administrative user can conduct important changes like allocating rights to particular users. With these rights, administrative users can perform tasks like analyzing customer data with a snapshot view, invoicing several customers at once, handling receivables, along with inventory management.

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However, when you lose your administrative password, then there is a big problem. Then you need to delete the old password from the software. There are certain steps to remove a password from QuickBooks Pro and you need to follow them in the given sequence.

How to Remove a Password from QuickBooks Pro?

Sometimes, you may require to delete or reset the particular password from the given QuickBooks company file. Because of the rising number of cyber security threats, QuickBooks takes special measures to secure the data of the user. QuickBooks Automated Password Recovery tool is the only recommended option for QuickBooks password reset that is provided to the users. You must adhere to certain instructions to make sure the QuickBooks password is recovered without a problem. So, if you are worried about resetting the password of your QuickBooks, then keep reading this article.

Here are the steps to remove a password from QuickBooks Pro:

Step 1: First, you need to sign in or log in to your particular QuickBooks Pro. Now, after logging in, press on the option Company, given in the menu bar. Now, add the present password in the screen that says, Change QuickBooks Password. Now leave the fields New Password and Confirm Password fields blank.

Step 2: Now go through the confusing question and confirm the Select option. Do not add any text and leave it blank. In case there is a text, delete it with the backspace key. The previous version of the QuickBooks Pro lacked such a difficult question, hence you can jump this step in case there is no challenge feature registered. QuickBooks will show that the password has been edited, in which case the password will not be there.

Step 3: Press OK and the functionality of the password will be deleted. After this, when you sign into the QuickBooks, you will not require to add a password.

QuickBooks Automated Password Recovery Tool

In a bid to keep your QuickBooks details safe and protected, QuickBooks need you to change the password once after 90 days. Since most of the users have more than one online account, this may give rise to different problems to remember the correct password for a particular company file.

But, before proceeding with the QuickBooks Automated Password Recovery Tool, there are some crucial points to remember before forming a password for QuickBooks. Here are the pointers:

  • Caps Lock must not be turned on
  • Num Lock must be turned on
  • Enter the password in a text file to make sure that the keyword is working in the right manner
  • Ensure that the login credentials for the QuickBooks admin account are used
  • You may be using an older QuickBooks version. Hence, you can leave the password section blank. So make sure that is not the case.

We hope this article has cleared all your doubts regarding removing a password from QuickBooks Pro. We have added all the information you may need to solve this password problem in QuickBooks Pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Key Points one should Remember Prior to Resetting the QuickBooks Password?

In a bid to download the QuickBooks password recovery tool, you are required to authenticate the QuickBooks company file ownership by completing an online form. It is important to accurately fill the data in the password reset form to download the particular password recovery tool for altering the QuickBooks Desktop password. Here is the data you will require for resetting the QuickBooks admin password:

checked Phone number registered to the QuickBooks account
checked An email address listed with the QuickBooks account
checked Full name of the particular registered user
checked 15-digit QuickBooks license number
checked Listed business location zip code

How to Reset a Password in the Absence of a QuickBooks Password Tool?

Here are the steps to reset a password in the absence of a QuickBooks password tool:

Step 1: Open the particular QuickBooks Company file in the given QuickBooks Desktop when it asks you to add the password, press I Forgot my Password.

Step 2: Enter the answers to your particular security questions and press OK.

Step 3: When the Password Removed screen appears, press Close.

Step 4: Now QuickBooks will prompt you to select a new password along with security questions.

Step 5: Enter the information and press OK.

Step 6: Now attempt file opening via the new password.

What are the Requirements of the QuickBooks Desktop?

Here are the requirements for QuickBooks desktop password:

checked At least one upper case is needed
checked At least one lower case is required
checked The password should be 8-16 characters long
checked The password must have one numeric digit
checked Spaces should not be there
checked The username must be there in the password
checked A special character must be included

How to Reset the Password using the QuickBooks Advanced Password Recovery Tool?

Here are the steps to reset the password using the QuickBooks Advanced password recovery tool:

Step 1: Go to the QuickBooks Desktop automated password reset tool, or you can visit the automated password reset tool.

Step 2: Add all the data that is needed in the form of form and press Submit.

Step 3: Now after approving the information, you will receive the Service agreement form.

Step 4: Now read the form properly and press download.

Step 5: When the download is over, navigate to download and press the QuickBooks auto data recovery application twice.

Step 6: Press the browse button and choose the company which is locked. Press Next and go to your email account that is listed with the QuickBooks.

Step 7: You will get an email from Intuit with a security code that you need to copy and paste it into the particular password reset window.

Step 8: Select a new password and press next. The QuickBooks tool will reset.

Step 9: Open the company file. Enter the password that you have chosen in the earlier step.

Step 10: Enter a new password for the company file and select security questions.

Step 11: Press OK. Now with the new password, you can open the company file.

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