How to Restore Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks, if you delete the transactions then there is no way to recover it. As there is no feature […]

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In QuickBooks, if you delete the transactions then there is no way to recover it. As there is no feature to recover the deleted things. Learn how to restore deleted transactions in QuickBooks.

But there is one way that helps you to create the transaction or invoice. The way is that you can get the details of deleted transactions from the Audit log. After that using the information, you can create the transaction again to balance your finances.

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In this article, you get to know how to get the information from Audit log and then using information how to create new invoice or transaction.

Why it is Required to Restore Selected Transactions in QuickBooks?

There are few reasons because of that you required to restore deleted transactions on QuickBooks account. These reasons are as follows:

  • You have cleared some junk data by deleting it that includes the transactions that are important.
  • You have deleted your previous or old transactions to boost your QuickBooks account working.
  • In case your customer have changed the payment mode so you have to make the transactions newly and delete the old one.
  • The final balance or tax mismatch error happens because of the deleted transaction.
  • Some data issue with backup file while updating the QuickBooks.

Solution to Recover Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks

There are 2 methods that you can easily restore deleted transactions into your QuickBooks account and those 2 methods are as follows:

Method 1: Restoring Deleted Transactions Using Audit Trail

  1. Restoring Deleted Transactions Using Audit Trail:
    • In QuickBooks, go to the Reports menu option.
    • From further options, click on Accountants and Taxes.
    • The side menu bar opens up, from this select the Audit Trail option. The Audit Trail has every transaction that you have deleted, altered, or entered..
    • In the Date Range box, click on From field then choose the date on which you think that the transaction was deleted.
    • In the Date Range box, click on the To field, and then if you are sure about the deleted transactions date then choose the same date. Otherwise, you have to choose the date accordingly for a week or month.
      You can also run the weekly or monthly report, just click on the Refresh button so that you are able to see all the transactions that are done within the date range.
    • The list opened up so, just go through it and locate the transaction that you have deleted.
    • Now, you have to re-enter the transaction details.
    • In case, you have deleted an invoice or bill mistakenly then you have to create it with the same details that you have in the deleted transaction.
  2. Now create a new invoice or transaction:
    You have made a new transaction by taking details from the deleted transactions. After creating enter it into QuickBooks and the steps are:
    • Click on the New option that is shown as the + sign.
    • Then choose the option Invoice.
    • Click on the Customer.
    • Mention the Date.
    • Choose the Product/Service.
    • Then mention its quantity and rate.
    • You have to select the apt Tax.
    • In the end, click on Save and Send button if you want to send the same to the customer
      Click on Save and Close button if you are done.

Method 2: Restoring Deleted Transactions Using Backup Files

You have to first restore the backup file that you made recently. In case, if the deleted transaction is from the list of transactions from which the user can easily restore the backup file. So for this do these steps:-

  • Open QuickBooks, then click on the File menu.
  • Select the option Open or Restore Company File.
  • Choose the option Restore a Backup Copy.
  • Then click on the Next button to proceed.
  • You get a box prompt on your screen that asks “Is the Backup Copy Stored Locally or Online?”.
  • Click on the Local Backup if you stored the backup on the flash drive or external drive.
  • To proceed further click on the Next button.
  • Look for the backup copy that you make recently on your system.
  • QuickBooks asks you to select the location where you can search for your recent backup file.
  • Choose the location and hit on OK button.
  • After locating the recent backup file, double-click on the file to open it in the software and click on the OK button.
  • You have to choose the location to save the file that you restored.
  • When you locate the backup file the software asks you to specify the location to save the company file.
  • You have to click on the Default location flash drive or external drive that you are using currently.
  • Click on the OK button to continue.
  • Open your file and then check for the deleted transactions that are here or not that you want to be there in QuickBooks.
  • You have to re-enter the transactions that are deleted and were entered in between that time; also, the time when you restored them.
  • Enter the data again by following the deleted transactions details.

In conclusion, you get to know how to recover deleted transactions in QuickBooks. Here is the full procedure to recover and then make a new transaction for that to get it into our books.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How the Transaction can be Voided so that you don’t have to Restore Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks?

The steps to void the transaction in QuickBooks are as follows:-

checked In QuickBooks, go to the Main menu.
checked Then click on the Sales and expenses.
checked Further, find the transaction that you want to void in QuickBooks.
checked You have to mention the description and the date of void.
checked This information is added in the Invoice Memo section.
checked Then click on the More and choose Void.

How Deleted Transactions affect the Finances that require you to recover Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks?

If you delete the transaction into your QuickBooks permanently then it also deleted from all your accounts and reports. It affects the balances of your reports that in final affect the balance sheet in which the final balance won’t match. That is why it is required if you delete it mistakenly or any issue to recover it.

What can be done instead of Deleting in case it is required to Delete or Remove the Transaction from QuickBooks so that it can be easily Restored into QuickBooks?

Yes, you can do one thing that is void a transaction instead of deleting it. It has many more benefits. It won’t delete any history of the transaction from any account or report. Even it won’t affect any balances so must go with voiding a transaction instead of deleting it.

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