How to Convert QBW to XLS and QBX to QBW Files?

The QBW file belonging to QuickBooks may be required to open as a QBX file or XLS file. In QuickBooks, […]

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The QBW file belonging to QuickBooks may be required to open as a QBX file or XLS file. In QuickBooks, the QBX and QBW format files can be transformed into these formats. A user can change QBW to Excel via simple processes. For changing to XLS, the use of the All Programs feature on Windows can be of great assistance.

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Likewise, if you wish to change a QBW file to an XLS format file, to open it without QuickBooks, you need to export it. A QBX file can also be changed to a QBW file with the assistance of the Files button in the QuickBooks accounting software.

How to Change/Convert QBW Files to XLS Files?

On Windows, you can use the All Programs to change or convert a QBW file to Excel. In doing so, you can export the particular file to convert it successfully. Your QuickBooks file can also be changed to Excel in order to open them without the assistance of the software.

For this purpose, you can export your particular file directly to the XLS format. The possible solutions for this are mentioned below:

Method 1: Converting through All Programs

Users of QuickBooks can easily convert QBW to Excel files with the help of All Programs. The user needs to initiate the process by clicking the Start button available on the Windows PC.

Here are the detailed steps to convert a QBW file to XLS via All Programs

Step 1: Click the Start icon present on the Windows desktop.

Step 2: Choose All Programs.

Step 3: Located and press on the particular folder labeled as Intuit.

Step 4: Search for QuickBooks.

Step 6: Now, Select the particular Company File of QuickBooks that needs to be exported.

Step 7: Click on the Open tab.

Step 8: Enter the password when the Company File asks for it.

Step 9: Select any of the following options:

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Employees

Step 10: Now choose Customer Center.

Step 11: Now opt for the Excel button.

Step 12: Now click the tab, Export to Excel.

Step 13: You need to look for a location to save the file which you have exported.

Step 14: In the field File Name, Add a name.

Step 15: Click the Export tab that is available at the end to change QBW to any Excel file.

Method 2: Changing to Open without the help of QuickBooks

It is possible to use QBW files without opening the particular QuickBooks program. To do so, you are required to select the Intuit folder to convert the QBS file to XLS.

Here are the steps to successfully convert QBW to XLS without opening QuickBooks:

Step 1: Navigate to the Start button present on your Windows.

Step 2: Press on All Programs.

Step 3: Click on Intuit.

Step 4: Click the folder called QuickBooks.

Step 5: The QBW file that you need to open needs to be right-clicked.

Step 6: Select Open from the provided drop-down option.

Step 7: Select the Excel tab.

Step 8: Navigate to the Export Excel button.

Step 9: The particular file will be saved in the specific XLS format. Now wait for some time.

Step 10: Now choose the Export feature.

Step 11: Navigate to Microsoft Excel.

Step 12: Search for the QBW formal of the particular file.

Step 13: Once the file is located, click on it.

Note: When you need to convert QBW to Excel, make sure the sequence of the steps provided above is done in the same way.

The QuickBooks file will now get changed to an Excel file.

How to Change QBX File to QBW File?

Changing a QBX file to a QBW file format is a pretty convenient task. The files menu is a significant tab when it comes to conversion. You will need to start the process by opening the particular QBX file and then checking the Files option.

Here are the directions to help you convert the QBX file to QBW file format:

Step 1: Open the particular QBX formal file.

Step 2: Now navigate to the Files option in the QuickBooks program.

Step 3: Now choose the tab for Send Company File.

Step 4: Choose the Accountant’s Copy.

Step 5: Tap Convert/Change Accountant’s Copy to Company File/QBW.

Step 6: Click the OK button.

Step 7: Now, You need to select the location where the file is saved that has been converted.

Step 8: Nov click Save.

Step 9: Click the OK button to complete the process.

How to Restore the QuickBooks Backup (.QBB) File?

Here are the steps to restore the QuickBooks backup (.QBB) file:

Step 1: First, Search for the restored file. This particular file may be saved on the hard disk, a USB drive, or an external disk.

Step 2: Now open QuickBooks. Now go to the File menu.

Step 3: Now choose the option, Open or Restore Company.

Step 4: Now choose the option, Local Backup. Now press Next.

Step 5: Select a .QBB file from the screen Open Backup Copy.

Step 6: Once completed, Press on the feature Look in. This will help you to find the file.

Step 7: Choose the Open tab and after that choose the Next tab.

Step 8: From the drop-down arrow, choose Save. Now search for the location where you wish to restore the file.

Step 9: Select the backup file. Now click Save. It will show a confirmation message.

QuickBooks users can use simple processes to transform their QBX files to other formats. As it is stated in this article, the process of converting the QBW to an XLS file can be done hassle-free on Windows. We have also stated how to convert the QBW files to XLS without opening the QuickBooks software.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

When do You need to Open the .QBW File without QuickBooks?

You need to open QuickBooks files without QuickBooks when:

• When you have old QB files stored but lack the software to open it
• When you have errors in your windows. It displays an error message, Window cannot open the file.

How to Distinguish between QBB, QBM, and QBW Files in QuickBooks Desktop?

Here is how can distinguish or differentiate between the QBB, QBM, and QBW files in your QuickBooks Desktop:

• A QBW is a very crucial and useful regular working company file.
• If you wish to locate a QBW file then just type QuickBooks Company file
• QBB is a general backup file in QuickBooks. It is used to create backup company data or local backup
• QBM files can be transported and are concocted with the backup files prepared by Portable company files or QB Create Copy

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