Fix QuickBooks Missing Months of Transactions in Desktop/Online

Are you experiencing issues with your bank transactions not appearing in QuickBooks? You’re not the one, so don’t worry. When […]

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Are you experiencing issues with your bank transactions not appearing in QuickBooks? You’re not the one, so don’t worry. When your financial data isn’t syncing correctly and affects the accuracy of your bookkeeping, it may be rather annoying. Don’t worry, though; we’re here to help you in understanding how and why this might be occurring.

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This article will discuss the typical causes of missing bank transactions from QuickBooks and offer workable fixes to fix this problem. Everything from wrong settings to issues with connectivity between QuickBooks and your bank will be covered by us. After reading this article, you should have the knowledge needed to determine the issue’s underlying cause and take the appropriate action to fix it.

Thus, continue reading if you are fed up with chasing down lost transactions in QuickBooks and want to simplify your bookkeeping procedure. We’ll assist you in restoring the integrity of your company’s records and getting your financial data back on track.

Find Downloaded Missing Transactions in QuickBooks Online

In this article:

Possible Reasons for Transactions Missing in QuickBooks

Let’s examine the possible causes of QuickBooks missing transactions for several months:

Transactions are not Posted by the Bank

There is no need to think that month’s worth of transactions are missing from your QuickBooks. The most recent transactions, however, could not have been uploaded by the bank if you are unable to view them. Frequently, the transactions appear on the banks website; however, they cannot be accessed until the bank posts them. Thus, wait a day and check again in QuickBooks if you are unable to view the most recent transactions.

Connectivity Issues

A connectivity problem between your bank and QuickBooks is one of the most frequent causes of missing bank transactions. Data synchronization may fail if there’s a disruption in the connection between the two, which could result in missing transactions in your QuickBooks account.

Browser Issue

When a user uses QuickBooks Online using a web browser, they run into this problem. A similar problem might be brought on by the browser viewing a cached website or saved browsing data.

Problem is with Your Bank

Problems can occasionally arise with a bank. As a result, get in touch with QuickBooks support to find out if your bank is having problems right now.

Connection Interruption Between the Bank and QuickBooks

When there is a break in the bank account and QuickBooks connection, QuickBooks starts to lose months worth of transactions. The transactions won’t be downloaded automatically if the bank account and QuickBooks aren’t connected.

Incorrect Configuration

Another potential cause could be incorrect QuickBooks settings. Misconfigured choices or preferences may make it impossible for bank transactions to appear in your account. Verifying your configuration is essential to guarantee a steady stream of information.

You are Recently Connected with Your Bank Account to QuickBooks

Only transactions up to 90 days old will be automatically imported if you have recently connected your bank account to QuickBooks. The remaining transactions will need to be manually uploaded by you.

Transaction are Not up to Date

While QuickBooks typically automatically downloads the most recent bank transactions on a regular basis, occasionally the most recent transactions may not be updated for some time. As a result, the transaction has to be manually updated.

Date Ranges and Transaction Filters:

When showing bank transactions in QuickBooks, you may set up date ranges and apply filters. In case you have set wrong filters or data ranges, then it is possible that the transactions that you are looking is not included in the display.

How to Fix Missing Months of Transaction Issue in QuickBooks Desktop

Let’s perform some troubleshooting to see whether QuickBooks transactions in QuickBooks Desktop have vanished.

Refresh the connection between QuickBooks and Bank

We advise you to first try reconnecting your bank account and QuickBooks Desktop. If the transactions haven’t been downloaded yet, this will aid in that process.

  • Select Bank Feeds after selecting the QBDT account.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the Bank Feeds.
  • Select the Bank Feed Center option.
  • Press the icon for refresh now.

Delete of Existing Banking Rules

The certain transactions may occasionally be excluded from addition due to bank regulations.

  • Proceed to the Banking
  • On Bank Feeds, click.
  • Select the Bank Feeds Center now. Decide on the rules.
  • Now search QuickBooks Desktop for a rule that might be involved in missing transactions.
  • Choose to Edit or Delete the rule now.

Import the Transaction Manually

The posting and downloading of transactions in QuickBooks Desktop might occasionally take longer. QuickBooks allows for the manual import of these transactions.

Visit the website of your bank to obtain the bank transactions as a CSV file. To upload the transactions to QuickBooks Desktop, now take the activities shown below.

  • Choose Banking by clicking.
  • Click Import Web Connect Files after selecting Bank Feeds.
  • Select the downloaded file containing bank transactions.
  • Press the Open button.
  • Select the account to which you want to upload the transaction. You can make a new account or select an already-existing one.
  • Tap Continue to continue.
  • When the transactions have been successfully imported, a dialogue window will show up to let you know.
  • Click the Ok button.
  • Visit the Bank Feeds Center to examine the completed transactions.

Final Tips on Recovery of Your QuickBooks Missing Months of Transactions:

Missing bank transactions in QuickBooks is a manageable issue. You can restore your financial data and guarantee proper records for your company by comprehending the possible causes and implementing the troubleshooting procedures described in this article.

In conclusion, the following are some last pointers for using QuickBooks to manage bank transactions:

  • To guarantee that data synchronization runs well, verify the connection between your bank and QuickBooks regularly.
  • Ensure that you don’t miss any of the transactions you require, and check and tweak the transaction filters and date ranges.
  • To make sure all of the transactions are recorded, reconcile your bank statements with QuickBooks.
  • If there are still missing transactions, resync or refresh the bank feeds.
  • If required, import any missing transactions.
  • If you are unable to fix the problem on your own, contact QuickBooks support for assistance.

You will be well-equipped to handle any problems with missing bank transactions in QuickBooks and keep correct financial records for your company if you keep these pointers in mind.

How to Fix Missing Point of Sale Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Have you ever had an experience where a financial transaction took place, but QuickBooks Desktop was unable to display the point of sale transactions? Let’s examine how to get these lost POS transactions back.

Reasons of missing Point of Sale Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Let’s examine a few potential causes for certain POS transactions that disappear from QuickBooks.

  • You launched an alternative company file in QuickBooks.
  • The QuickBooks POS transactions were manually erased by someone.
  • A QuickBooks Desktop was restored following the financial transaction.

Troubleshooting for Missing POS Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

The missing POS transactions in QuickBooks Desktop may be fixed in two distinct methods. There are two scenarios: one in which there are only a few lost transactions, and the other in which many QBD transactions are missing.

Method 1: When Few Transactions are Missing

  • Proceed to the Point of Sale
  • Select Sales History by clicking.
  • Select the Sales Receipt you wish to submit to QBD again.
  • Select the option to Show Financial Detail after clicking on I wish to.
  • During the subsequent financial exchange, choose Resend this document.
  • After selecting Finance, select Update QuickBooks.

Method 2: When Several Transactions are Missing

  • Proceed to the Point of Sale
  • Select Financial and then Financial Center.
  • Select the option to Display Advanced Options.
  • Select Recover Data Now.
  • When the warning notice appears, tap Continue.
  • Now provide the financial exchanges date range.
  • Click the Yes button when the confirmation box appears.
  • In the end, press the Continue button.

This will cause QuickBooks Desktop to receive the transactions again.

How to Fix Missing Months Transctions in QuickBooks Online

Don’t panic if QuickBooks appears to be missing month’s worth of transactions. The following techniques will assist you in locating and updating the missing transactions in QuickBooks. All you have to do is meticulously follow these instructions.

Important Note: How to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release

Try in New Incognito Window/Private Window

Frequently, the browser is at blame for QuickBooks not recording month’s worth of transactions. The missing transaction problem might be caused by the cache and stored data.

Because of this, we advise doing your check in a private or incognito window that is free of history or stored data.

  • Launch a fresh tab within the web browser and select the three-dot or hamburger menu located in the upper right corner.
  • With the shortcuts, you may alternately open the private or incognito window, depending on the browser.
    • Ctrl + shift + N is for Google Chrome
    • Ctrl + Shift + P is for Mozilla Firefox
    • Command + Shift + N is for Safari
  • Check to see whether you can now view the bank transactions in the incognito or private window.

If it was found that the browser was the problem, log out of the browsers cache and data and then re-log in to your QuickBooks Online account. Verify whether you can now see the missing transactions.

Need to Update the Transactions

It is possible that the transactions have not been uploaded to QuickBooks automatically. You can manually download the most recent bank transactions to QuickBooks if they have not been downloaded by the program.

Here is how you can carry it out:

  • Select the Transactions option.
  • Proceed to Select Bank Transactions.
  • Select Update.
Select Update Banking
  • Await the completion of the upgrade.
  • Once it’s finished, see if you can locate the missing transactions in the banking menu.
  • The missing transactions are typically visible in the For Review

Checking for the Banking Menu

If you are not able to find the transaction, then there is a situation that it may be stuck somewhere in the banking menu. So, you have to search it in the banking menu by performing following steps:

  • Go to Bookkeeping then Transactions then select Banking Navigate to the Bank Transactions and then select it.
  • In Banking options, you have to select the file for the bank or the credit card account for which you are trying to download the transaction.
Select Banking tile QBO

The main three areas in which you need to check for the transactions:

  • Navigate to the Review Tab First: QuickBooks store recently downloaded transactions in review tab. If the missing transaction is discovered, classify it into an account. Transactions do not appear in your books until they are classified.
  • Now, You have to Check for the Categorized tab: This explains what happened to the transactions that you have already classified. It checks the Added or Matched column in particular categories. This information reveals for the account you assigned the transaction.
  • Check the Excluded tab at Last: The transactions which have been marked as personal or duplicate come under the excluded tab. Excluded transactions will not be added to your accounts by QuickBooks. From the action column, you can choose Undo, if you want to include it. Return to the review tab and assign it to the appropriate account.

Check the Account History

Check the account history if you are looking for past transactions that you are having trouble finding.

  • Select the Chart of Accounts by tapping on Settings.
  • Choose View Register after finding the bank account.
  • Track down the deal. Click on it to get more information.

Check for the Uncategorized Accounts

QuickBooks places transactions into the Uncategorized Income or Uncategorized Expense account if you don’t classify them into specific accounts. There might be missing transaction for you. Verify these accounts by performing steps:

  • Go to Bookkeeping or Accounting.
  • Select the Chart of Accounts from the drop-down menu of accounting tab.
  • In the list of options for the chart of accounts, look for the Uncategorized Income or Uncategorized Expense account.
  • Once find, hit the Run Report button.
  • Once the report is open in front of you then you can look for the missing transaction in the report.

How to Recover the Deleted Transactions

If transactions that you have erased from QuickBooks are not visible in the application, you can restore them using the audit log. Take a moment to write down the details you see in the audit log and input them again. This is how you may follow suit:

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • From the set of icons, choose the Audit log option.
  • Navigate to the Filter tab. Now choose it.
  • From the particular filter drop-down menu, choose the user, date, and event.
  • Press on the apply button after the steps are complete.
  • Click the Ctrl+ F button and press Delete in the particular search field.
  • Navigate to the History column and then press the View button.
  • In the event column, you will see all the data that you require for the particular transaction.
  • Now you can add the transaction again with the actual date with the help of the details from the audit log.

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How to Recover Missing Transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE)

When month’s worth of transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed are missing, we are here to assist you.

Refreshing the Bank Accounts

Lets start by discussing the situation when transactions are already recorded in QuickBooks but aren’t visible.

Thus, make sure to reload every transaction first.

  • Hit the QuickBooks Self-Employed business icon.
  • Select the Gear icon.
  • Hit the bank accounts.
  • Finally, Select Refresh All by clicking.

Showing of all the Transactions

QuickBooks occasionally prevents you from seeing transactions because they have already been classified. To ensure that all transactions are displayed, select the transactions tab. In the account section, select your bank at the end.

Importing Manually

In the event that the missing transactions are not visible, you must download and submit a CSV file with the missing transactions.

  • Select the Gear icon.
  • Go with Imports.
  • Now select the appropriate bank account.
  • Select Import previous transactions from the Action menu.
  • Import the bank transaction file by following the directions.

We learned why QuickBooks transactions occasionally disappear in this blog. Furthermore, we saw how to resolve the QuickBooks issue of missing month’s worth of transactions.

QuickBooks problems can occasionally be complex and take longer to fix. Reach out to our QB Advisors if you have any questions or if you are still having problems with missing transactions. These QB specialists are here to help you at all times. Call us on our toll free number right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

In QuickBooks, Why are Months Missing?

An issue arising from a connection between QuickBooks Online and your banking institution may result in missing transactions.

Why do Some Transactions not Appear in QuickBooks?

Transactions that you do not classify into specific accounts are entered into the Uncategorized Income or Uncategorized Expense account by QuickBooks. That may be the transaction you are missing. To verify these accounts: Select the Chart of Accounts option under Bookkeeping.

Why do some Transactions not Appear in QuickBooks?

Transactions that you do not classify into any particular account are placed in the Uncategorized Income or Uncategorized Expense account by QuickBooks. That may be the transaction you are missing.

Could You Reconcile a two-month Period with QuickBooks?

You may begin reconciling as soon as you receive your monthly credit card or bank statement. Start with your oldest statement and work your way down to the others if you need to reconcile more than one statement for a given month. To begin, open QuickBooks Online and go to the Reconcile page.

How Can I View QuickBooks Delete Transaction History?

Both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online allow you to see the history of deleted or invalidated transactions. A customer’s history is available in QuickBooks through the voided/deleted transaction detail report.

How can I Run the Missing Check Report in QuickBooks Online?

The procedure which is used to run the missing check repot in QuickBooks Online is:

  • First, Search and navigate to your bank account.
  • From the bank account list of options, Select the transaction type.
  • In transaction type, Select the options according to your requirement like:
    • Check
    • Bill Payment
    • Pay Check
    • Liability Payment
    • Prior Liability Payment
  • Now hit the run button, It will help you in getting all the missing reports in QuickBooks Online.

How can we Fix the Deleted Transactions after the Reconciliation in QuickBooks?

The steps for fixing the deleted transaction after the reconciliation in QuickBooks are:

  • Firstly, Select the Reports and then Accounts and Taxes from the drop-down menu of reports.
  • From the side menu, you have to select the audit trail.
  • Hit the form button and select the transaction date which was deleted.
  • Click on the refresh button.
  • The new list will open in front of you.
  • In new list, Search and double click on the deleted transaction.
  • Now, you can enter the valid information whatever you want.
  • Click on save button to save all the changes which you done.

How to Check History in QuickBooks Online?

Here are the steps to view or check the history in QuickBooks Online:

  • Open the particular transaction that you are looking for. Now select More.
  • The audit trail will show after the Audit History is chosen.
  • Select Show All for an extended display. Now compare with side-to-side comparison.

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