How to Import Credit Card Credits into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

Credit card credits are done for the charge and the payments both whenever you choose the credit card line item. […]

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Credit card credits are done for the charge and the payments both whenever you choose the credit card line item. You have to create this account to record it in case you receive credit card credits from anyone. So, you have to import Credit Card Credits into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers. With this process, you can transfer your data conveniently and automatically. You are required to follow the procedure that is mentioned in this article and save your time. Make sure that you can connect the QuickBooks with Dancing Numbers to import the data easily.

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Let’s get started with the time-saving software that has 3 basic steps to get it done.

Things Required Before Starting the Credit Card Credits Import Process

Connect QuickBooks Online to Dancing Numbers Online via QuickBooks AppStore. Just click on “Get App Now” to start using the Dancing Numbers Online application program. You can also start the 7 Days Free Trial if you are not subscribed for Dancing Numbers Online yet.

How to Import Credit Card Credits into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

To start this process connects Dancing Numbers Online with your QuickBooks Online. Now, go to the Import button to get into importing process. To import your credit card credits for future use and accurate reports, follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Upload: In order to import the credit card credits file, you have to choose Transactions and then click on Credit Card Credits. Then under “Browse” find the file and click on Open. In your software, open the file and let it compute your numbers.
  • Map: Fill out the mandatory fields to input your information. After that, you can choose the appropriate fields according to the QuickBooks Online Data File Format. Once it is set up and ready, be sure to save it before moving on.
  • Import: You need to check that the file you want to import is geared towards the task before running it. After that, click on the Import button and the automatic process begins.

Check the success of the import by reviewing lines written in red. Any issues that arise during the import process should be removed and addressed before continuing. After importing credit card credits into QuickBooks Online using the Dancing Numbers Online process successfully, you get notified within the import screen.

Import Credit Card Credits Fields in Dancing Numbers Online

Field NameFormatDescription
Ref No21 CharactersMention the transaction’s number as ref no. of the credit card credits.
PayeeCharactersProvide the name of the vendor for this transaction.
AccountCharactersName of the Bank / Credit Card / Cash Account for this transaction.
Payment DateDateThe date entered by the user when this transaction occurred.
Memo4000 CharactersThe Note about the Bill Transaction.
Expense AccountCharactersReference to the Expense Account Name associated with the billing.
Expense Description4000 CharactersFree form text description of the Expense.
Expense Line AmountDecimalThe amount of the line item.
Expense Billable StatusBooleanThe billable status of the expense. TRUE if Billable, FALSE If Not Billable.
Expense Markup PercentDecimalThe Markup value in Percentage for the Expense.
Expense CustomerCharactersReference to the Customer associated with the Expense.
Expense ClassCharactersReference to the Class for the Expense.
Expense TaxableBooleanApply the tax if it is TRUE.
Line Item or Product / ServiceCharactersIf you have any references then mention them here.
Line Item Description or Product / Service Description4000 CharactersDescription of the Item. It will be populated from the Item description entered in QuickBooks Online.
Line Item Quantity or Product / Service QuantityDecimalIn this field mention the quantity of product / service or item.
Line Item Rate or Product / Service RateDecimalWrite down the Line item or product / service rate.
Line Item Amount or Product / Service AmountDecimalProvide the Line item amount or the product / service amount according to the current price. The Total Amount of the Item. Not required if the Line Item Quantity & Line Item Rate is present.
Line Item Billable Status or Product / Service Billable StatusBooleanIf it is TRUE then it is Billable; If it is FALSE then it is Not Billable.
Line Item Taxable or Product / Service TaxableBooleanIf you show it TRUE then apply the tax here.
Line Item Markup Percent or Product / Service Markup PercentDecimalMention the line item markup value or percentage for the product or item.
Line Item Customer or Billable Customer: Product / ServiceCharactersYou have to provide the customer name for the item or product / service.
Line Item Class or Product / Service ClassCharactersProvide the class name for the item or product / service.
LocationCharactersYou have to write the transaction’s location.
Currency CodeCharactersMention the transaction’s currency code here.
Exchange RateDecimalProvide the exchange rate of the currency you have for the home currency.

You can easily import credit card credits into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers. The content must be damage-free, error-free, and able to be read by retail partners. Online support is available 365 days a year. You can connect with them via email at or do a live chat with professionals to get your issues resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What if there is an Error Saying no Product/service/item match found in the process Import Credit Card Credits into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

In this, check 2 things:

a. Import setting for Auto-Create List Entities that must be Turned On.
b. Check the product name that must be valid.

What are the Settings that I have to Change for not getting Business Validation Errors related to Customers While Running Import Credit Card Credits into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

For this, go to the import settings and enable the make expenses and items that are billable. After that, enable the track of the expenses and items by the customer.

Can I Import Bulk Data of Credit Card Credits into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online in any file format?

Yes, you can easily import bulk data using the Dancing Numbers Online software. The file type that is supported to import, export, or delete your data using this software is a text file or excel file format.

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