QuickBooks Bank Error 591 For American Express Business Account

Sometimes users may come across QuickBooks Bank Error 591 for an American Express Business account in QuickBooks? Few users might […]

Sometimes users may come across QuickBooks Bank Error 591 for an American Express Business account in QuickBooks? Few users might be facing it as their AMEX account is not appropriately attached to the QuickBooks account. This error is a bank feed error that only takes place on the American Express Business Account users.

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Even though, there might be numerous reasons due to which the user might face this irking error. A few of the vital errors of QuickBooks Bank Error 591 are mentioned below:

  • The American Express account is associated with other QuickBooks company file earlier & being actively used for online banking. American Express bank accounts can only be associated with a sole company file at a time.
  • Inappropriate or imperfect connection between the bank account and QuickBooks can also cause the error. It is feasible that user has begun connecting the bank account however, it got interrupted.

If User’s Account is Connected to a QuickBooks Company Already

The user is required to connect to the American Express Business account to a non-identical QuickBooks company file.

  • Navigate to your company file to which the American Express Business Account is presently linked.
  • Detach the Business account of American Express.
  • Here, open the file of company to which you want the bank account to be connected.
  • Connect your American Express Business account.

In Case of Incomplete Connection

In case the connection of the bank account couldn’t be properly established, the user is required to detach the account on the American Express website and then restart it in QuickBooks.

  • Navigate the official American Express website.
  • Move to the Account Services tab and then hit on Security & Privacy.
  • Select Manage Partner Permissions
  • Click on QuickBooks to dilate the section.
  • Hit on the Disconnect option to control the connection.
  • Open QuickBooks and later try linking the bank account along with QuickBooks again.

How to Fix QuickBooks Bank Error 591 For an American Express Business Account?

Here we can have the learning about how to fix bank error 591 for the American Express Business account in QuickBooks Online. Have you seen the QuickBooks bank error 591 while you have tried to connect with the American Express Business account to QuickBooks? This can happen for multiple reasons:

  • The account is attached to other QuickBooks Online company for online banking already. AMEX accounts can only be connected to one company at one time.
  • User has started to attach the American Express Business account, however the process got interrupted in some way.

Here is the Solution

If the account is associated with a QuickBooks company already. Users can tie up the AMEX Business account to another company:

  • Open the QB company account is currently connected to.
  • Disconnect the American Express Business account.
  • Open the QuickBooks company you want to connect the account to.
  • Connect your American Express Business account.

If You Have an Incomplete Connection

If the user is not able to complete the connection, detach the account on the website of American Express, and now reconnect it in QuickBooks:

  • Navigate to the American Express website.
  • Choose the Account Services tab.
  • Choose Security & Privacy.
  • Now Select, Manage Partner Permissions and later Intuit to stretch the division.
  • Here choose, Disconnect to stop the connection.
  • Go back to QuickBooks Online and connect the account again.

QuickBooks Bank Error 591 is not considered as a critical error code in QuickBooks which the user should be aware of. But, it still needs to get resolved as it controls the user from using the bank feed feature of QuickBooks Desktop. The bank error 591 can effortlessly be resolved with the help of the above-given solutions.

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