Top 5 Places to Buy QuickBooks Checks in 2024

QuickBooks is often labeled as the best small business accounting software since it offers flexibility in assisting three kinds of […]

QuickBooks is often labeled as the best small business accounting software since it offers flexibility in assisting three kinds of checks: wallet, standard, and voucher. It is possible to buy them directly from Intuit or those specific vendors who sell QuickBooks business checks. Pricing varies based on the check quality, active security features, and quantity provided.

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Here is the list of the top five places where QuickBooks business checks can be purchased:

  • Costco– For the members of Costco, the ideal option for competitive bulk pricing on checks
  • Vistaprint– Ideal for customization and check-to-design
  •– Ideal overall QuickBooks checks provider which has free logo printing
  • Intuit– Ideal for severe check security features and easy ordering
  •– Ideal low-price guaranteed checks for QuickBooks

Now let us look at the key differences between these top 5 places where QuickBooks checks can be bought.

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What are the Differences Between the Different QuickBooks Business Checks?

Here is the table provided below offers pricing details for standard, voucher, and wallet checks for different quantities for every one of our vendors. For those vendors who do not provide any specific quantity, lower quantities are hustled together to get to the desired quantity. You may find that it is often less expensive to buy more checks to take benefit of a quantity discount.

Let us understand them one by one.

Voucher Checks

Voucher checks appear in one sheet with the particular check on top along with two pay stubs right below it. These are the beginning prices for the most simple voucher checks.

Voucher ChecksCompuchecksCostcoIntuitVistaPrintChecksforless
50 ChecksUSD19.99N/AUSD 66.99USD 3750 Checks
100 ChecksUSD32.99N/AUSD 133.98USD 60100 Checks
250 ChecksUSD59.99N/AUSD 169.99USD 98250 Checks
500 ChecksUSD77.99USD81.21USD 230.99USD 130500 Checks
1,000 ChecksUSD107.99USD116.89USD 327.99USD 2601,000 Checks
1,500 ChecksUSD149.99USD198.10USD 558.98USD 3901,500 Checks
2,000 ChecksUSD199.99USD201.05USD 514.99USD 5202,000 Checks
3,000 ChecksUSD307.98USD289.19USD 695.99USD 7803,000 Checks
4,000 ChecksUSD399.80USD371.03USD 875.99USD 1,0404,000 Checks
5,000 ChecksUSD389.99USD459.18USD 1,029.99USD 1,3005,000 Checks
Logo printingFreeUSD25Included in pricingN/ALogo printing
ShippingBegins at USD14.95; rush delivery option presentNo charge for business standard shippingBegins at USD 10.99USD 7.99 to USD 16.99 for standard deliveryShipping
Security featuresLimitedN/ASecurity features

Standard Checks

Standard Checks do not have any voucher section and come three-to-a-page. Here is the list of the starting prices for the most common standard checks.

Standard ChecksCompuchecksCostcoIntuitVistaPrintChecksforless
50 ChecksN/AN/AUSD 56.99USD 37N/A
100 ChecksN/AN/AUSD 113.98USD 60USD 20.95
250 ChecksN/AN/AUSD 149.99USD 98USD 35.95
500 ChecksUSD 54.99USD 56.53USD 190.99USD 130USD 63.95
1,000 ChecksUSD 89.99USD 79.00USD 269.99USD 260USD 89.90
1,500 ChecksUSD 144.98USD 135.53USD 460.98USD 390USD 153.85
2,000 ChecksUSD 154.99USD 154.89USD 391.99USD 520USD 118.95
3,000 ChecksUSD 309.98USD 230.59USD 661.98USD 780USD 155.98
4,000 ChecksUSD 289.99USD 306.58USD 783.98USD 1,040USD 245.90
5,000 ChecksUSD 289.99USD 382.80USD 708.99USD 1,300USD 226.95
Other quantitiesOther quantities
Logo printingFreeUSD 25Included in pricingN/ACustom Quote
ShippingBegins at USD 14.95; rush delivery option presentNo charge for business standard shippingStarts at USD 10.99USD 7.99 to USD 16.99 for standard deliveryUSD 8 to USD 35
Security FeaturesLimitedN/ALimited

Wallet Checks

Wallet Checks are the right fit for your particular wallet and comprise small pay stubs beside every check so that you can register payment details and expenses precisely. Wallet Checks are not allowed to be printed in QuickBooks, hence you will be required to write them with your hand and then put the details in QuickBooks.

Here is the list of the starting prices for the most common wallet checks:

Wallet ChecksCompuchecksCostcoIntuitVistaPrintChecksforless
50 ChecksN/AN/AUSD 43.99N/AN/A
100 ChecksN/AN/AUSD 87.98N/AUSD 20.95
250 ChecksN/AN/AUSD 128.99N/AUSD 35.95
500 ChecksUSD 54.99USD 54.83USD 180.99N/AUSD 64.95
1,000 ChecksUSD 89.99USD 77.33USD 249.99N/AUSD 89.95
1,500 ChecksUSD 144.98USD 132.36USD 430.98USD 150USD 154.90
2,000 ChecksUSD 154.99USD 159.54USD 381.99N/AUSD 120.95
3,000 ChecksUSD 244.98USD 224.11USD 631.98USD 240USD 157.95
4,000 ChecksUSD 309.98USD 315.82USD 763.98(2 x 2,000 checks)N/AUSD 247.90
5,000 ChecksUSD 289.99USD 394.37USD 587.99USD 382USD 229.95
Other quantities25 at USD 4 150 at USD 14 300 at USD 24 450 at USD 34 600 at USD 45
Logo printingFreeUSD 25Included in pricingN/ACustom Quote
ShippingStarts at USD 14.95; rush delivery option availableFree for business standard shippingStarts at USD 10.99USD 7.99 to USD 16.99 for standard deliveryUSD 8 to USD 35
Security FeaturesLimitedN/ALimited Ideal Overall QuickBooks Checks Provider that offers Free Logo Printing

What are the advantages of

  • Provides quick delivery
  • Extensive range of customization options like pattern or check color
  • Free white and black logo printing

What are the disadvantages of

  • Less check security characteristics
  • Additional charges for colored logo

What is the Pricing of

The quantities present include 50, 100,150, 300, 250, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, and 5,000.

  • Standard QuickBooks Compatible Checks- 150 checks begin at USD 19.99
  • Voucher Checks- 50 checks begin at USD 19.99
  • QuickBooks Wallet Checks- 500 checks begin at USD 54.99

What are the characteristics of provides an outstanding check designing interface, however, it does not display a mockup of the check with all the details. But you can select the included security via mazed, cubed, or art deco patterns.

  • Executive security includes a heat-sensitive element
  • Standard security displays VOID when it is duplicated
  • Premium security comprises a hidden check number, heat-sensitive ink, an anti-splice backer, along VOID when duplicated
  • Ultimate security comprises all the characteristics mentioned above along with some additional ones such as endorsement area background, two-color background, and colored signature area.

What is the expert view on

The check security characteristics of are not very advanced compared to Intuit’s offerings. But, it is still recommended, since it’s an extremely cost-effective option and the check security features are far more to ensure the authenticity of the business checks. Even though check security is a crucial element, small businesses can afford or will get a high advantage from high-security checks. This is because regular checks already access DocuGard. It has a special check paper that is implanted with fraud protection features.

Costco: Ideal for Costco Members

What are the advantages of Costco Members?

  • Provides two-part checks
  • Quantities begin at 500 pieces
  • Cost-free business-standard shipping

What are the disadvantages of Costco Members?

  • The extra logo comes with a price
  • Less design template variations
  • Quantities begin at 500 pieces

What is the pricing of Costco?

Here is the pricing of Costco:

  • Voucher Checks: Begins at USD 64.97 (Costco Executive) or USD 81.21 (Costco Gold Star/Business Member). Select either 500 or 1,000 checks for every set.
  • Standard QuickBooks Compatible Checks: Begins at USD 45.22 (Costco Executive) or USD 56.53 (Costco Gold Star/Business Member). Option of 500 or 1,000 to 10,000 checks in 1,000 additions.
  • QuickBooks Wallet Checks: Begins at USD 43.86 (Costco Executive) or USD 54.83 (Costco Gold Star/Business Member). Option of 500 or 1000 to 10,000 checks in 1000 additions.
  • Including a custom logo can cost USD 25.

What are the Characteristics of Costco?

Costco provides limited check quantities and designs, and it charges additional to include a logo. The best advantage of purchasing from Costco is that for a Costco Executive member, checks are available at lower prices. Not to mention, Costco has nearly 25 security features to cut down the possibility of check fraud. The prominent security characteristics are the foil hologram, true watermark, multicolor background, and heat-sensitive ink.

What do Experts Say about Costco?

Costco provides improved security compared to The key differences will be the exclusive membership discounts, prices, and 500 checks minimum order quantity. Costco checks are highly recommended in case you’re a member and access a high volume of checks. Not to mention, its check security characteristics are praiseworthy since they can stop check fraud.

Intuit: Ideal for Easy Ordering and Extensive Check Security Features

What are the Advantages of Intuit Checks?

Here is the list of advantages of hiring the services of Intuit:

  • Intuit offers options for enhanced security levels for checks
  • Quantities begin at 50 pieces

What are the Disadvantages of Intuit Checks?

Here is the list of the disadvantages of Intuit checks:

  • Only a few designs at a time
  • Highly costly
  • Including logo escalates printing

What is the Pricing of Intuit Checks?

Here is the overview of the pricing of Intuit checks:

Note: The quantities available are 50, 250, 500, 1000, and 2000.
  • Standard QuickBooks Compatible Checks- Begins at USD 56.99 for 50 checks
  • Voucher Checks- Begins at USD 66.99 for 50 checks
  • QuickBooks Wallet Checks- Begins at USD 43.99 for 50 checks

What are the Features of Intuit Checks?

Intuit Secure Plus checks provide 23 security features comprising photocopy prevention, heat-sensitive ink, and true watermark, along with anti-tampering characteristics. But, it goes without saying that one can receive enhanced security features with Intuit Secure Premier checks that have 29. Check designs are not allowed to change color, which means the background and designs stay the same.

What do Experts say about Intuit Secure Plus Checks?

For QuickBooks, Intuit is the direct supplier of checks, because Intuit is the owner of QuickBooks. It is possible to order your checks from your QuickBooks Online account. It can be done by selecting the option, Order Checks under Tools by pressing on the Settings option on the upper-left side of your window.

It can turn costly to purchase from Intuit, however, the checks have intense security characteristics, based on the kind of purchase. In case you value check security, Intuit is highly recommended.

Vistaprint: Ideal for Customization and Check Design

What are the Advantages of Vistaprint Checks?

  • Provides several printing services apart from checking printing designs
  • Offers as less as 25 wallet checks
  • Comprehensive check library

What are the Disadvantages of Vistaprint Checks?

  • Check designs are too general
  • In the check paper, no security features are added

What is the Pricing of VistaPrint Checks?

Note: VistaPrint checks are available in various quantities- 50, 100, 150, 300, 450, and 600.
  • Standard QuickBooks Compatible Checks- Begins at USD 37 for 50 checks
  • Voucher Checks- Begins at USD 37 for 50 checks
  • QuickBooks Wallet Checks- Begins at USD 15 for 150 checks

Other quantities offered by VistaPrint checks include:

  • 150 at USD 15
  • 300 at USD 24
  • 450 at USD 36
  • 600 at USD 48

What are the Extra Charges Charged by VistaPrint Checks?

Here is the list of the extra charges charged by VistaPrint:

  • Check Accent Image: USD 1
  • Bookbound Deposit Tickets (Single): USD 13
  • Bookbound Deposit Tickets (Suplicate): USD 16
  • Bookbound Deposit Tickets (Triplicate): USD 18

What are the features of VistaPrint Checks?

VistaPrint provides a comprehensive check designs library that can be at par with your branding. You can utilize a template with several variations of the design and then customize the check by including the company name on top, editing the font, and changing the background design. But there is no option where you can select a higher level of check security features.

What do experts say about VistaPrint Checks?

VistaPrint is a nice vendor if you only wish to buy some wallet checks and not just search for check printing since it prints receipts, business cards, envelopes, etc. It is recommended to select VistaPrint if you do not require high-security features in checks and have a varied set of printing requirements. Not to mention, VistaPrint focuses more on personalization and they possess industry-needed check security features. Also, increased security features are added in Intuit. Ideal for Low-price Guaranteed QuickBooks Business Checks

What are the advantages of

  • Outstanding security characteristics at a minimal price point
  • Low price is guaranteed

What are the disadvantages of

Here are the disadvantages of using

  • Computability issue with QuickBooks Online
  • Restricted personalization

What is the pricing of

Note: The quantities available at pricing include: 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000.

  • Standard QuickBooks Compatible Checks– Begins at USD 20.95 for 100 checks
  • Voucher Checks– Begins at USD 24.95 (up to triplicate) for 100 single checks
  • QuickBooks Wallet Checks– Begins at USD 20.95 for 150 checks

What are the features of

Check designs on are comprehensive, however, they are not as wide-ranging as those offered by Vistaprint. You can select various template and designs variations, and the particular checks have simple security features such as a security pantograph, warning band, security screen, padlock icon, and heat-sensitive ink.

What experts say about provides quality checks at a minimal price point. Even though the security features are not as strong as Costo or Intuit, the security of checks at is quite robust and is worth the money you pay. is at par with the security standards of the industry for checks, with certain features like padlock icons, warning bands, plus thermographic heat-sensitive images. But if you need increased security features such as heat-sensitive ink or fluorescent fiber, Costco or Intuit checks are the ideal option.

How to select your kind of checks?

Every check is designed with its specific objective and use. Having the knowledge to know which check to utilize can help you save ample money and time because not all checks have the same price.

Voucher checks are perfect for accounts payable and payroll. They have one check on top plus two stubs under it. With the help of voucher checks, it is possible to create document trails with ease. One pay stub falls to the payee while the other is sent to accounting.

Standard checks are considered highly economical compared to voucher checks. They are printed on three pages. Not to mention, with standard checks, no vouchers are attached to them. The ideal use of standard checks is disbursement internally like the replacement of petty cash to the particular custodian or issuing of travel checks for supervisors or managers.

Wallet checks are checks that are the right fit for your particular wallet. Not to mention, they print three-to-a-page and comprise stubs on the left. Compared to standard checks, wallet checks are easy to use. If you lack cash and wish to pay for your business purchases right away, you can issue wallet checks and be done with it.

Final Words

There are many kinds and styles of checks that QuickBooks can execute. Every kind of check has its own objective and you can access different kinds of checks for your particular business. Not to mention, some vendors provide an extensive array of personalization options including logos and selecting check patterns for improved security.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Is it possible to use your own checks with QuickBooks?

Yes. It is possible to use your own checks with QuickBooks. It can be done as long as the particular check is formatted for QuickBooks. In case you wish to use personal checks on QuickBooks, you can mention to the check printer that you will be utilizing QuickBooks accounting software as check printing software. You must not forget that checks are not the same for all. Different software providers have distinct check formatting rules.

Is it possible to print your own checks on a regular paper?

Using normal paper is not advised since it lacks important security features such as security threads or heat-sensitive surfaces. It is recommended to buy preprinted checks from printing organizations.

Is it possible to print routing numbers on checks?

No. It is not possible to print routing numbers on checks. QuickBooks Online or Desktop does not print routing numbers of any type of bank details on checks. As a result, you are required to have checks that are pre-printed with banking details.

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