How to Customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template?

QuickBooks was only a godsend for small and medium-sized enterprises. The advanced features of this accounting software benefit company owners […]

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QuickBooks was only a godsend for small and medium-sized enterprises. The advanced features of this accounting software benefit company owners tremendously.

It also offers unique capabilities to further simplify a company’s payroll system. You can manage and track the payroll of your firm using the user-friendly interface of QuickBooks. In the same way, you can easily customize a QuickBooks pay stub template that displays and also prints a pay stub or paycheck voucher.

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One of these features that help you to have a better grasp of your payroll system is the QuickBooks Pay Stub. When you publish a pay stub along with a paycheck, an employee can keep track of important salary information. Furthermore, the pay stub is a physical record of the date and amount of your payment.

By default, you could print the bills stub below, but you might also do so when you wish to personalize the QuickBooks payment stub template.

QuickBooks Pay Stubs Characteristic or Feature – How is it Done

Users may include pay stubs along with paychecks issued to their employees by using the QuickBooks Pay Stubs feature. A pay stub is nothing more than a PDF file with a password. Pay stubs might be made from the tangible record of the date and amount of the included cheque. The original design and format of pay stubs can be retained. You may also modify the format to make it as user-friendly as feasible.

Articles Designed to be Printed on Stubs by QuickBooks

  • Bill payment date
  • Name of Payee
  • A total amount you would like to pay
  • Details of the memo

You can try to modify this template if the information provided above does not persuade you to use it. You should take the following procedures to change the stub template and to utilize it according to your standards.

What are Some of the Basic Details that use to Customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template?

To customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template, it includes information related to payment in the following ways:

  • Gross Payment: This is the employee’s total taxable income excluding statutory deductions.
  • Net Payment: It refers to the amount of money owed to an employee after all statutory deductions have been taken into account.
  • Taxes and Employee Contributions: It is the amount set aside to pay mandatory employee contributions and taxes, which vary by area.

Template: How can more be Added to QuickBooks Payment Stub?

Print Account Name

  • Firstly, log in to your QuickBooks account.
  • Click on the Edit option for.
  • Click the Preferences tab from the drop-down menu and click on the check option.
  • You will get a popup, click on the company preference tab and select the Print account names option, and hit OK.
  • That will enable you to add your bill stubs’ account names.

In QuickBooks, Create a Pay Stub Template

QuickBooks has a great feature that allows you to alter a basic pay stub template to fit your specific needs. The steps are as follows:

If you wish to print the account name on the check voucher, follow these steps.

  • Access your QuickBooks account by logging in.
  • Select the Edit option.
  • From the drop-down option, select the Preferences tab.
  • Select the Checking option.
  • A new window will be opened. Navigate to the Company Preferences tab.
  • Select Print Account Names on Voucher from the drop-down menu. Then press the OK button.

Please Keep in Mind:

  • QuickBooks will display the first 16 lines of the account name for a cheque that was not used to purchase items.
  • QuickBooks will display the inventory item or payroll item for a check used to purchase inventory.

If you want to include your company’s logo, address, name, and signature on a paycheck, follow these steps.

  • Go to the File menu.
  • Select Printer Setup from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Check/Paycheck from the Form Name option.

Go to the Settings tab. Choose one or more of the following from the list below to suit your needs:

  • The name and address of the firm should be printed
  • Signature Image to Print
  • Make use of the logo

If you want to change the information that appears on the QuickBooks pay stub template, you may do so.

Customize QuickBooks Pay Stubs and Paycheck Vouchers

The employee pay stub can be easily customized and displayed the information of the employee. The information like company address, vacation, and sick leave information, and more.

By following the procedures outlined below, you can add or remove certain employee information from a pay stub or voucher.

  • Access your QuickBooks account by logging in.
  • Select the Edit tab.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Preferences tab.
  • From the drop-down option, choose Payroll & Employees.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Company Preferences tab.
  • To print a pay stub or a voucher, click the Pay Stub & Voucher Printing option.
  • The Payroll Printing Preferences screen will display on the desktop. Depending on your requirements, you could choose or uncheck any of the relevant check-boxes to reveal or not show the information on the paycheck or pay a ticket.
    • Used for Vacation/Sickness- You can specify/change how the term will print on the pay stub/pay voucher in the ‘Print As’ box (PTO, flextime, etc).
    • Name of the legal corporation
    • DBA (doing business as)
    • The federal government issues an employer identification number
    • Items that are not taxed in the corporation
    • The phone number for the company
    • Social security number of the employee – Employee Social Security Numbers must not be deleted from pay stubs in several states. You can, however, limit the pay stub to four digits.
    • Salaried employees’ working hours
    • Font size is standard.
    • The font size is large.
    • Embroider the Intuit logo on a piece of paper.
  • To complete, choose ‘OK’ two times.

What Can’t be used to e Personalize or Customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template?

While you may utilize and edit the template with much information, you cannot change some elements. This is because of all the legal standards you have to meet. Including:

  • You cannot delete the social security code of your employees. But you have the benefit of unchecking the final 4 numbers in QuickBooks 2007.
  • Working hours and the daily amount.
  • Employee taxes paid.
  • Every wage deduction.
  • You are qualified for any allowances or exemptions.
  • Employees’ net salary.
  • Name along with the company’s address.

QuickBooks is excellent accounting software for businesses wanting to streamline their accounting operations and increase overall efficiency. It’s no wonder that it’s popular these days, with more and more businesses embracing it as a trusted companion. I hope you’re one of them, and the information above will help you get the most out of how to customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is the aim of Pay Stubs in QuickBooks and why to Customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template?

A paycheck frequently offers important information, which is of benefit to both employees and companies. Workers use the pay stub to validate and verify their income. Employees are responsible for ensuring that their stay stubs are appropriately and on time. In addition, the deductions are highly experienced in removing any misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Employers, on the other side, can also utilize pay stubs to settle wage disputes. For example, if an employee complains about his/her wage, an employer may really look at the salary stubs of the employee and get an immediate response. In addition, the W-1 form can also be completed during taxation time using a pay stub.

The pay stub template can be customized according to the requirements that the employer wants to add to complete the taxation.

What information is Required to Customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub template?

The information listed is generally included as:

checked Gross Pay: It relates largely to the entire revenue expected to Pay any employee before deductions.
checked Net Pay: It is the amount left to an employer after accounting for all deductions.
checked Taxes, allowances, and contributions: A pay stub always highlights all the taxes and other deductions that you are eligible to pay, according to the state and the location that you work.
checked Mainly needed for Pay Stub:
checked Verification of the history of work or payment
checked When a loan is received or home is secured
checked If the payment is made correctly or not.

How can I use the Checklist to Print Pay Stubs after Customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template?

checked First of all, click on the right of the navigation bar to select the employee.
checked Select the employee’s name on the left of the navigation bar first, select the name of the employee you want to pay.
checked Next, select the “Checks to pay” button,.
checked Look for check number when needed.
checked Use the drop-down menu to select the “Batch action” and the Print option.

When I am done with customizing a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template then how can I print Pay Stubs using Bill Payment Stubs?

checked Click Print Form To start with the File Menu.
checked In the same window choose the payment bill stubs.
checked Check your Bill Payment from the drop-down menu.
checked To accomplish this, you must pick your credit card, or the check depending on the payment method.
checked In the drop-down box, select an appropriate bank/credit card account.
checked In the next stage, the start and end date must be entered in the relevant column to show the payments from various dates.
checked Then choose the checks for which the payment stubs are to be printed.

What is the Intuit Pay Stubs feature that allows you to customize a QuickBooks Pay Stub Template?

QuickBooks pay stubs is a feature of QuickBooks that allows customers to send pay stubs to employees directly from the QuickBooks Desktop. It’s worth mentioning that QuickBooks pay stubs serve as a physical record of the amount and date of the paycheck. They’re password-protected PDF attachments. The pay stubs are retained in their original format and layout. While printing the pay, ensure that the dollar amount is correct.

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