Top 13 Pipedrive Integrations to Boost Sales (Most Recommended)

Effective business management and increasing business revenue can only make its way from properly scheduled micro-strategies and a useful CRM […]

Effective business management and increasing business revenue can only make its way from properly scheduled micro-strategies and a useful CRM tool that has information about every interaction and communication with your potential clients and customers, is one of them.

In simple words, Pipedrive is a rising Sales CRM solution that provides a cost-effective, very easy to use interface along with strong set of features that are useful for business. However, it falls short of the number of usability when it is not paired with effective Pipedrive integrations.

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In today’s article, we will talk about some of the best Pipedrive integrations present in the Pipedrive Market, which, in turn will enhance your expertise and competency, while make it compelling for your Marketing and Sales Reps to manage your leads in a seamless manner.

Now let us begin by understanding what Pipedrive is all about.

In this article:

What is Pipedrive CRM?

Rising customer dynamics call for a smooth Sales Pipeline that imagines the overall sales process and transform goals simpler to accomplish by dividing the sales process into separate trackable actions. A Pipeline CRM is a CRM system that monitors several potential buyers as they navigate through the sales processes.

With several sales prospects and deals to monitor, Sales Representatives often get confused between several activities. That is why the need for a user-friendly Sales CRM arises that needs less training and has an appropriate Lead Management Tools. Not to mention, such type of software can allow business employees to easily manage customer products, contacts, along with calendars to automate the tasks that are time-consuming.

Pipedrive, similar to Salesforce, is a renowned and user-friendly Pipeline Management Software and Sales CRM that transforms sales management for large and small business enterprises a lot easier and less complicated. It includes a drag-and-drop interface that displays a distinct visual of the present deals with comprehensive reporting along with forecasting tools to showcase how good the business is doing.

Pipedrive is driven towards productivity growth and team focus. This is why it conceives the sales processes in stages that handles labeled as due and overdue activities that reach the top of the list automatically, the moment team members log it. This benefits enables individuals to begin right away without needing to check the last activity.

Pipedrive is also completely customizable. Users are able to make their own custom sales processes, label, develop, and handle sales process stages and witness the complete contact history right from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, Pipedrive enables Sales Reps to log emails and conversations along with follow-ups with the help of email templates that can enter customized details automatically.

Pipedrive is celebrated for having the widest range of Pipedrive integrations, together with the right blend of functionality. Several renowned productivity applications comprising Google Meet, Google G Suite, Zoom, HubSpot, Slack, MailChimp, Zapier, and Trello can be easily integrated with Pipedrive.

Moving ahead, in this article, we will highlight some of the renowned connectors to assist you leverage Pipedrive CRM Integrations and make a more easy experience.

What are the Top 13 Pipedrive Integrations to Get Buyers and Trigger Sales?

Here is the detailed list of Pipedrive Integrations that have come up as lucrative for Lead Management and Customer Relationship.

1. Outfunnel

Outfunnel Pipedrive integrations links your Pipedrive with your usually used Marketing Tools like MailChimp, Google Ads, Contact Form, Linkedin, and Wix, in order to be in sync with your customer list 24 x7.

After it is configured, data accumulated from the web forms and landing pages, together with the custom fields will sync automatically.

Any Pipedrive segment set up as a person’s filter can receive text-based email campaigns from Outfunnel through integration with marketing automation. Many Pipedrive users like Outfunnel due of its abundance of functionality and strong reporting capabilities.

What are the key features of Outfunnel Pipedrive Integration?

  • Use Pipedrive person filters to identify customer segments and create automated email campaigns to them.
  • When leads transition between stages, campaigns can be set to start and stop automatically.
  • Log in to Pipedrive to track email openings, clicks, and other engagement metrics.
  • In Pipedrive, generate new contacts and deals in accordance with marketing engagement activities.
  • Receive alerts when potential customers browse your website and discover what interests them.
  • Determine Lead Scores using online visits and email actions, then enter the results in Pipedrive.

What are the pricing plans of Outfunnel?

Monthly Outfunnel Plans begin at $19. There’s also a 14-day free trial available.

Note: We have covered a comprehensive article on Pipedrive Mailchimp Integration if you utilise the Mailchimp platform for email marketing and would like to link your marketing campaigns and automation services for seamless management from a single platform, i.e. from your Pipedrive CRM.

2. HubSpot

With the help of inbound marketing and sales software like HubSpot, businesses can draw in clients, turn leads into sales, and complete transactions. HubSpot is an all-in-one platform for lead capture, social media sharing, CRM management, workflow automation, sales pipeline mapping, and performance tracking that is designed for both small and large businesses.

For their company requirements, hundreds of firms use HubSpot products because of its user-friendly interface and reasonably priced plans.

What are the key characteristics of HubSpot Pipedrive Integrations?

  • Turn on two-way data sync to share data instantly in real time between Pipedrive and HubSpot.
  • Simple and quick setup using pre-made field mappings.
  • Historical syncing: Updates will be synchronised in real time with your current data.

What are the pricing plans of HubSpot?

HubSpot provides the HubSpot Pipedrive App Extension, which may be installed for free. Depending on your HubSpot plan, prices differ.

3. Pipedrive Integrations for Bots and Messaging

With over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is a platform that everyone uses. With an open rate of over 99%, text messaging dominates the marketing landscape when compared to email marketing. Along with these wonderful prospects comes Pipechat, another Pipedrive connector that lets users click once to add notes to deals and WhatsApp contacts to Pipedrive.

The Pipechat product is available as a Chrome extension that integrates with the WhatsApp Web Service.

What are the key characteristics of Pipechat Pipedrive Integration?

  • Plan WhatsApp chats and send pre-written messages to have meaningful conversations with customers.
  • Include the most crucial messages in your transactions as notes.
  • Connect your Pipedrive CRM contacts to WhatsApp.

What are the pricing plans of Pipechat Pipedrive Integration?

Pricing plans of Pipechat begins at Euro 5 per month.

4. DealBot for Slack

Slack is a well-known and industry-leading messaging tool that links team members through voice, video, and instant messaging in addition to a number of other capabilities that let them communicate and share files.

Bots in Slack Workspaces can perform common team tasks like creating fast polls or importing data from other apps. DealBot is a Slack bot for Pipedrive Website Integration that facilitates deal closing by liaising between many parties and providing updates within Slack channels.

What are the key characteristics of DealBot for Slack Pipedrive Integration?

DeadBot for Slack can seamlessly update Slack Channels on:

  • Finished transactions
  • Newly included deals

Not to mention, it can:

  • Look for a person, deal, or organization
  • Send customized deal updates

What are the pricing plans of DealBot for Slack Pipedrive Integration?

DealBot for Slack costs no charge to use and install the Pipedrive App Extension provided from Pipedrive.

5. Microsoft Teams

As a component of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Microsoft Teams provides a complete cloud-based collaboration tool for team communication. Features like File Sharing, Secure Editing, Video Meetings, Calling, and Messaging are all included in Microsoft Teams. 

Real-time content collaboration between local and remote workers is possible with Microsoft Teams on a variety of devices, including computers and mobile phones. It’s an easy-to-use, fun application because of its robust connection with Microsoft applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Exchange, and SharePoint.

What are the key characteristics of Microsoft Teams Pipedrive Integration?

  • Immediately schedule and participate in video conferences from Pipedrive’s activities.
  • Use Microsoft Teams to update your colleagues on Pipedrive deals, individuals, organisations, and activities.
  • Use Pipedrive Scheduler Views in Microsoft Teams to easily schedule meetings.

What are the pricing plans of Microsoft Teams Pipedrive Integration?

Pipedrive offers a free Microsoft Teams Pipedrive App Extension for installation.

6. Trello Pipedrive Integrations for Task Management

With its attractive Trello Boards, Cards, and Lists, Trello streamlines individual and team collaboration activities into an aesthetically pleasing user interface that is both too easy to use and too powerful to ignore. 

Trello creates an Agile Management System based on Kanban Boards that allows team members to be assigned to easily trackable tasks and readily visualise individual tasks.

What are the key characteristics of Trello Pipedrive Integration?

Users may build Trello Cards, Boards, and Lists directly from Pipedrive under the Trello Pipedrive Integration section and link them to transactions, organisations, and individuals in their Pipedrive CRM. Furthermore, they are able to:

  • Link data from Trello Cards to Pipedrive.
  • Include rules to automatically generate new Trello cards in response to Pipedrive Events.
  • Utilise Pipedrive’s Workflow Automations to generate Trello Boards, Lists, and Cards.

What are the pricing plans of Trello Pipedrive Integration?

Trello App Extension provided by Pipedrive charges nothing for installation. 

7. Asana

One popular and well-known tool for team productivity and job management is Asana. It enhances team and company communication at work and project organisation. From simple tasks to major projects, Asana can organise and manage your project flow.

Your teams can work together more effectively and with greater confidence when you use Asana Pipedrive Web Integration. From the Pipedrive Dashboard, you can simply manage initiatives, create tasks and projects, assign work to your team, and work with other teams in Asana.

What are the key characteristics of Asana Pipedrive Integration?

  • As soon as you make modifications to Pipedrive deals, create Asana tasks.
  • Improve the flow of information between the internal Asana teams and sales.
  • Modify the deal details that are given to tasks in Asana.

What are the pricing plans of Asana Pipedrive Integration?

Asana Pipedrive App Extension is provided by Pipedrive and charges nothing for installation. 

8. Zoom Pipedrive Integrations for Video Calls and Solutions

According to 2020, “Zoom” is now a recognised term in dictionaries. There is no need to introduce the virtual conferencing tool for the epidemic. With a 60% market share in the US, Zoom manages more than 300 million meeting participants every day worldwide. Voice and video call platforms, such as Zoom, have grown to be indispensable since the epidemic and are now extremely powerful in keeping businesses and individuals connected.

What are the key characteristics of Zoom Pipedrive Integration?

  • Invite your coworkers to participate in Pipedrive events by adding Zoom video calls.
  • To schedule Zoom meetings with your clients, use Pipedrive’s Meeting Scheduler function (the suggested times feature).
  • Without ever leaving Pipedrive, join a scheduled meeting by clicking a button or link in activities.

What are the pricing plans of Zoom Pipedrive Integration?

Zoom Meetings Pipedrive App Extension provided from Pipedrive is cost-free.

9. Google Meetings

Similar to Zoom Meetings, Google Meetings Pipedrive Integration enables users to book Google Meetings directly from the Google Meetings App or from the internet with prospective clients or business associates. 

Unlike Zoom, the Google Meetings free plan includes a quick and simple online video conference feature in addition to allowing 60-minute meetings (the time limit has been extended until September 30, 2021).

What are the key characteristics of Google Meetings Pipedrive Integration?

  • Arrange Google Meetings from Pipedrive without requiring invitees to respond to emails.
  • Pipedrive users may easily join Google Meetings with a single click. 
  • To plan meetings and choose a time that works for both you and your client, use Pipedrive’s “Propose time” tool.

What are the pricing plans of Google Meetings Pipedrive Integration?

Google Meetings Pipedrive App Extension provided by Pipedrive is cost-free.

10. Xero Pipedrive Integrations for Accounting & Invoicing

A user-friendly, cloud-based accounting system for expanding companies is called Xero. Businesses can handle purchasing, expenses, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping, payroll, invoices, and more with Xero—all from a single application. 

Xero Pipedrive Integration does away with the necessity to switch between the Pipedrive and Xero programmes and to send constant emails to your accountants in order to generate invoices directly from the transaction details page.

What are the key characteristics of Xero Pipedrive Integration?

  • Simple creation, approval, and transmission of invoices.
  • Establish and connect Pipedrive to Xero contacts.
  • Upload invoices from Xero into Pipedrive.
  • Compile invoice information based on Customer Contact.
  • Update Pipedrive invoice status.

What are the pricing plans of Xero Pipedrive Integration?

Xero Pipedrive Integration has paid plans that begins at USD11 per month.

11. QuickBooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ

QuickBooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ removes the inefficiencies and time-wasting nature of manual data entry for accounting and financial needs. It allows users to develop custom mappings according to their company requirements and seamlessly synchronises QuickBooks online records with Pipedrive utilising two-way sync.

What are the key characteristics of QuickBooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ Pipedrive Integration?

  • Sync Pipedrive Organizations/People and QuickBooks Transactions, Estimates, Invoices, and Payment History automatically.
  • Sync data from Pipedrive with QuickBooks vendors, customers, bills, invoices, and other data in both directions.
  • Monitor Pipedrive’s sales trends and receivables.
  • Based on business needs, create mappings that are customisable.
  • Link several QuickBooks Companies together.

What are the pricing plans of Xero Pipedrive Integration?

Monthly pricing for Pipedrive users begins at USD15 USD, as per QuickBooks Company. (Only Pipedrive users who need to sync data to QuickBooks require the SyncQ licence.)

12. Kixie Pipedrive Integrations for Customer Support

Kixie is a sales engagement platform featuring voicemail drop, local presence dialling, and an intelligent AI-powered sales dialer. Together with additional capabilities like call recording, customisable call routing, and call tracking, the software provides a Click-to-Call Dialling List and Auto-Dialling choices. 

Additionally, Kixie facilitates the collection of sales data, including conversion rate, and aids in the onboarding of new sales staff by means of the Kixie Call Coaching feature.

What are the key characteristics of Kixie Pipedrive Integration?

  • Call and text from over 90 countries, both inbound and outbound. You can use your desk phone, cell phone, or computer to make calls. Benefit from seamless connections and direct dialling from Pipedrive with just one click.
  • As soon as possible, integrate Kixie PowerCall to benefit from voicemail drop automation and AI-powered local presence calling.
  • You can manage your team more effectively with the support of leaderboards, lifetime call recordings, real-time call coaching, simple sales KPIs, and automatic call tracking.

What are the pricing plans of Kixie Pipedrive Integration?

Kixie provides a 7-day free trial to access its services. All the paid plans begin at USD29 per month.

13. Intercom

Known for its Customer Relationship Platform (CRP) capabilities, Intercom helps users better engage, acquire, and support their consumers. Its many features include Chatbots, Email Marketing, In-app Messaging, Interactive and Integrated Helpdesk, and much more.

With the help of Intercom Pipedrive Integration, customers can quickly build deals in Pipedrive, follow up on them as needed, and increase lead conversion by proactively interacting with leads on their website. In addition, your conversation is immediately saved in the Lead’s Pipedrive Timeline, giving you a complete picture of the Lead’s journey and enabling you to continue the sale from where you left off.

What are the key characteristics of Intercom Pipedrive Integration?

  • Through the automatically logged Intercom Conversations, obtain the complete picture on Leads.
  • Convert and capture more deals with a single button click.
  • See all of a lead’s details, including the status and last viewed information.

What are the pricing plans of Kixie Pipedrive Integration?

Pipedrive’s intercom conversational help starts at USD 79 every month. Other plans change based on the number of seats and attendees.

Final Words

In summary, Pipedrive CRM Solution is simpler to use than other CRM programmes. It requires little training, has an easy-to-use interface, and is straightforward to use. Having complete visibility into Lead Stages and Sales Processes reduces uncertainty among teams and increases productivity. 

Pipedrive simplifies each stage involved in turning a possible transaction into a profitable sale. Due to its cloud-based nature, the solution may be accessed via any web browser or specialised mobile apps, round the clock, every day of the week.

Use Pipedrive connections to boost the functionality and fortify your CRM solution when the standard Pipedrive functions are insufficient. In this post, we discussed numerous other Pipedrive integrations, such as Asana, Xero, Trello, Google Meetings, Zoom Meetings, and many more.

Pipedrive connectors are a useful tool for enhancing and fortifying your CRM solution when the standard Pipedrive functions are insufficient. In this post, we reviewed various Pipedrive connectors, such as those with Trello, Asana, Xero, Zoom Meetings, Google Meetings, and Kixie, among many more.

Every organisation has to deal with the challenge of knowing where to start and how to integrate when it comes to tracking, analysing, and consolidating customer data from a variety of applications. Fortunately, Pipedrive integrations through the Pipedrive Marketplace are easy to set up and use in your business workflow.

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