How to Enter after the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks

After the fact payroll is an important aspect of QuickBooks Payroll. In simple terms after the fact payroll implies the […]

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After the fact payroll is an important aspect of QuickBooks Payroll. In simple terms after the fact payroll implies the checks, which are issued already. Also, these checks must be recorded precisely for payroll reports and proper accounting records.

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But most often users ask if payroll itself is added in QuickBooks Desktop or not?

The answer is yes. All QuickBooks Desktop payroll version is well-matched with options like QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. In case you use the Platinum or Gold QuickBooks Enterprise version, payroll is added in your particular subscription already.

What is the Meaning of the term, “After the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks”?

After the fact payroll allows accountants to add, authenticate, and edit after the fact paychecks from a single window.

In simple terms, after the fact payroll checks are payroll checks that re-issued already. Furthermore, after the fact payroll checks must be recorded properly for all kinds of payroll reports and accounting records.

How to Calculate the Payroll Manually?

The manual calculations of payroll depend on the hourly rate and the payment frequency. For instance, a full time employee who is earning $10 an hour biweekly, the calculation for that pay schedule will be as follows:

2 Weeks x 40 Hours = 80 Hours x $10/Hour= $800

Steps to Enter After the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks

There is basically a simple method to enter the after the fact payroll in QuickBooks.

Here it goes:

Step 1: Select Ctrl + Alt + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Y. This is done to open up the particular YTD amounts Window.

Step 2: Choose NEXT. Keep going till you find the ENTER PRIOR PAYMENT SECTION.

Step 3: In the particular ENTER PRIOR PAYMENT SECTION choose CREATE PAYMENT in order to add all the previous payroll taxes.

Step 4: You can also add the particular non-tax payroll liability payments that are made in the present or previous year.

Note: Payroll checks are generally prepared and issued by clients. These are mostly done outside the domain of the QuickBooks account software. You need to customize the data and synchronize it with yours in QuickBooks software. Just make sure that you add the account number, name, and amount properly. All in all, this feature is considered very beneficial for businesses. It aids business owners to prepare for payroll taxes later.

How to Allow a New Employee to use the Workforce in QuickBooks Online Payroll

The answer is simple. All you need to do is ask your employees to the particular QuickBooks workforce and then:

Step 1: Choose payroll and then select Employees.

Step 2: Choose Add an Employee.

Step 3: Enter all the necessary details of your employee and also the email address.

Step 4: In case you wish that your new employee adds the personal details, choose the Ask this employee in order to add the personal, banking, and tax information with the QuickBooks Workforce checkbox.

Step 5: Choose Done.

Hope the process is crystal clear to you. You need to follow each and every step in the given order or you will not be able to enter after the fact payroll in QuickBooks.

For those who are new to QuickBooks, you might get stuck. Do not worry, you do need a technical background for this.

All you need is a certified professional who will guide you on how to enter after the fact payroll in QuickBooks in the right manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Do you have Knowledge that for Whom the AFTER THE FACT PAYROLL in QuickBooks was created?

In simple terms, the AFTER THE FACT PAYROLL in QuickBooks is for expert accountants. Accountants generally use this feature, since accountants are involved in payroll work. The accountants can add the fact about the payroll in the particular software, which only accountants can do. It is mostly done to add, authenticate, and edit adjust after the fact payroll.

How can you use the E-method in order to add the AFTER THE FACT PAYROLL in the QuickBooks software?

Step 1: Add the checks on the particular Transaction Data Entry window directly.

Step 2: Now add the E in the E/V after you have added the check number and date.

Step 3: A particular screen will open up that says Payroll Data Entry.

Step 4: The automatic payroll posting screen comprises of a Net pay account. It is an accrued liability account.

Note: This method is general used when the daily transaction checks and payroll checks are issued from one single bank.

Add all the Historical Payment information in the particular QuickBooks Payroll to enter after the fact payroll in QuickBooks

It is only possible to add only the historical information of the present calendar year minus any paychecks created for the workers. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your QuickBooks account and then go to the Workers menu, which is on the left side.

Step 2: Then the Employee page will open up.

Step 3: Select the employee in order to share the information.

Step 4: Enter the Prior Pay information.

Step 5: Add all the important details.

Step 6: You are done.

Is Batch Payroll to Add After the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks?

Yes. It is possible to do the Batch Payroll with the help of the Manual processing input window. It can be done with the help of the Alt P process.

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