How to Import Vendor Credits into QuickBooks Desktop using Dancing Numbers?

Import Vendor Credits into QuickBooks Desktop Importing was never so easy but Dancing Numbers made it simple and quick. Import […]

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Import Vendor Credits into QuickBooks Desktop

Importing was never so easy but Dancing Numbers made it simple and quick.

Import Vendor Credits automatically. The filters attribute gives you more accurate data to import as you want.

You can easily Import Vendor Credits from Excel to your QuickBooks Desktop directly through Dancing Numbers (Desktop).

Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Improve Accuracy

Dancing Numbers helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and CPAs to do smart transferring of data to and from QuickBooks Desktop. Utilize import, export, and delete services of Dancing Numbers software.

*No credit card required

This tool is built exclusively for QuickBooks Desktop.

Supported Version: QuickBooks Desktop Premier, Pro, Accountant, and Enterprise editions.

You can download a Free Trial of the software easily from the Dancing Numbers Website. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get step by a step installation procedure.

Steps to Import Vendor Credits into QuickBooks Desktop

Now, it’s easier to import with Dancing Numbers with the powerful and simplified wizard. To start the bulk import of your files data to QuickBooks follows the mentioned steps.

First of all click Import (Start) button available on the home screen.

Step 1 – File Selection: For the selection of a file click “Select Your File“, you can also click “Browse File” to browse and choose the desired file from the local computer, alternatively you can click the “View Sample File” to go to the Dancing Numbers sample file.

Step 2 – Mapping: Now in the second step set up the mapping of the file column related to QuickBooks fields. Dancing Numbers template file do this step automatically, to use it download the Dancing Numbers template file

Step 3 – Review and Import: To review your file data on the preview screen, just click on “Next” which shows your file data before Importing to QuickBooks.

For more detailed instructions on the steps go through this article.

Mapping QuickBooks Fields

Field Name





Vendor/Customer Name

A/P Account


Name of the accounts payable for transaction



Date on which transactions happened



Additional Notes related to transfer

Ref No


Reference number for the transaction

Credit Amount


Credit amount related to the transaction

Open Amount


Initial amount of the transactions which is already paid

Expense Account


Account from which all expense will be done

Expense Amount


Amount of Expense

Expense Class


Class or category of the expense

Expense Customer


Customer name to which expense is done

Expense Memo


Additional notes reference to expense

Expense Billable

Billable, NotBillable, HasBeenBilled

Billed Status of the Expense



Product or service name



Description of the product/ service



Number of the product



Unit of measure



Price of the Product/ Service

Item Amount


Total amount of the Item /service

Item Class


Category of the Item

Item Customer


Customer name associated with the product/service

Item Billable

Billable, Not Billable, Has been billed

Billed Status, Non billable

Import Settings

To make your file more customizable, the set of tools is available with Import Settings at the top right-hand side corner.

Accounting Professionals, CPA, Enterprises, Owners
Accounting Professionals

Looking for a professional expert to get the right assistance for your problems? Here, we have a team of professional and experienced team members to fix your technical, functional, data transfer, installation, update, upgrade, or data migrations errors. We are here at Dancing Numbers available to assist you with all your queries. To fix these queries you can get in touch with us via a toll-free number
+1-800-596-0806 or chat with experts.

Many users would have some questions while moving data to your QuickBooks Desktop. Some of the questions are mentioned below:

I want to Import Vendor Credits with Reference Numbers from the File. Will it be Supported?

Yes, It will be Supported.

Will Your Application Support Multi-Line Transactions?

Yes, However, the same Credit Reference Number is required to be mentioned in multiple lines to group the lines.

I made Some Mistakes in the Import Process and my QuickBooks Reports have been Corrupted. Can I undo or Revert my Import?

It is possible to undo the import partially/ completely with the Delete feature available.

Does Your App Support Taxes?

Yes, It supports.

My File has Some Specific Date Format. I don’t Want to Change the File. Will Your Product Support all Date Formats?

No, It needs to specify the specific date format as MM/DD/YYYY.

Do You have Any Sample Templates?

Yes, We do have. Sample Template.

File Types Supported by Your Application?

XLS, XLSX, etc are Supported File Formats

Where to Contact if I am Stuck?

Feel free to drop an email to or visit our dedicated Support Center at for a quick answer.

I don’t Want to Create Products Automatically for my Invoices; also I am Unable to Create Products before Each Upload. Will it be Supported?

Yes, It is. You can do auto-create unavailable products/ services or you can also skip it during the Import process.

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