Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Integration with QuickBooks: How to Connect

Small and medium-sized enterprises mostly use the cloud-based accounting solution that is Intuit QuickBooks Online. The requirement for a Customer […]

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Small and medium-sized enterprises mostly use the cloud-based accounting solution that is Intuit QuickBooks Online. The requirement for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is increasing day by day as firms expand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the market leader in the small to medium segment despite it is not being designed for QuickBooks. It is frequently chosen as the CRM. The company now has two systems that ought to communicate with one another.

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As a result, you might try to maintain such data manually but it is an impossibly laborious task. Now, you can attempt to import some data from the CRM into a QBO, CSV, OFX or QFX file which is in a supported QuickBooks import file format. Using an Excel spreadsheet and saving it in CSV format and importing the CSV file into QuickBooks Online are all perfectly acceptable options.

Excel spreadsheet must be updated before it is used to import transactions into QuickBooks Online. All of the manual labor requires a lot of time and increases the likelihood of mistakes and inconsistencies. So, what can be best rather than Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and QuickBooks Integration and in this article we will get complete information about the same.

About Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

For growing and small businesses, it is a reliable ERP system that will help them in managing their company relationships and improve their marketing, sales, field service and customer support.

A customer connection management software package is called Microsoft Dynamics CRM which was created by Microsoft with the goal of improving customer relationships for all types of businesses. Microsoft used to market Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and encouraged its partners to customize it using a framework that is exclusive to Microsoft and is built on .NET. The solution primarily focuses on the Sales, selling and Customer Service sectors. It has expanded in recent years as a CRM-driven analytics platform.

The CRM solution may be used to increase an organization’s sales productivity and marketing effectiveness, manage the entire customer support process and offer social insights, business information and many other functionality and features. In addition to offering complete mobile support as a product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also enables users to use CRM apps on smart phones and tablets.

About QuickBooks


In year 2023, the QuickBooks will be among the most widely used accounting programs for small enterprises. Bookkeeping, spreadsheets all have become multithreaded hydras so for all this you need a better solution which is the one of all that is QuickBooks.

To assist you comprehend there are various ways that QuickBooks can save your time and keep you on top of your financial statements.

You can start out with one program, such as accounting or payroll software, then add additional as your company expands. You have the option to eliminate or upgrade any service which you no longer require.

A typical QuickBooks setup can entail signing up for the accounting program first and then followed by the addition of QuickBooks Live to further customize your configuration. As your company expands you can bring on full-time staff as well as contractors and independent workers. Once you are done with this then you may register for QuickBooks Payroll to simplify monthly payments and QuickBooks Time to record billable hours.

Modules of Microsoft Dynamic 365/CRM

Following are the four major modules of Microsoft Dynamic 365/CRM:


This module is used to strengthen all aspects of your company’s end-to-end management which is including lead generation, identifying qualified leads, closing deals and reporting at the end.

  • To compile and evaluate sales data is your sales team.
  • Automate the repetitive and rote tasks you do.
  • Utilize automation and reporting with AI as much as possible.
  • Eliminate human error or interference Assist sales.
  • Representatives in concentrating more on connecting with potential customers and increasing sales.


Utilize the Dynamics 365 marketing module to align your marketing strategy with the needs of your target audience.

  • Create and tailor marketing campaigns for a range of platforms.
  • It helps you in deciding what to do, gather helpful information regarding your marketing activities.
  • Reduce human interaction and error by automating regular processes.
  • The module provides everything you need to help your marketing specialists succeed, whether you use cold calling, email marketing, or social media platforms.

Field Service:

When it comes to communicating with your clients, subcontractors, and on-site workers, it is mobile-friendly software that operates as a single channel. The main gains are:

  • Receive first-rate field service
  • Give specific problems the attention of the greatest technical professionals.
  • Control both the inventory and the maintenance schedules.
  • Review previous maintenance and repairs.
  • For your customers, anticipate and prevent upcoming problems.
  • Provide your clients with effective, proactive services.

Customer Service:

The customer service module aids in resolving customer issues promptly and effectively, fostering and enhancing your company’s relationship with your valued customers. As an example:

  • Delivering the highest caliber, customized services through a variety of channels.
  • Your company can create cases to route a client issue to the appropriate person as the module is integrated into the CRM system.
  • The system stores all information pertaining to client issues and how they were resolved for future use.
  • The degree of client happiness and loyalty should be raised.

Requirement for the Integration

  • In this developers are not required. Dynamics 365/CRM Accounts, Products, and Invoices with QuickBooks Online Customers, Items, Jobs, and Invoices are just a couple of examples of pre-built integrations.
  • Improve efficiency, decrease duplication of data entry, eliminate errors and generate more insights for more accurate forecasts. This gives you complete visibility into the operation of your company and areas where it can be improved.
  • Starting with a pre-built workflow, you can customize it as you go. With DB Sync, you can build flexible, on-demand integration workflows with almost any type of data source, including databases, ERP, accounting, and your preferred e-Commerce programs.

Advantages of the MS Dynamics 365 Integration with QuickBooks

Many corporate divisions including sales require data from accounting and vice versa. It is difficult to sync information because various business groups frequently use distinct apps. Data kept in QuickBooks by accounting may be needed by a business whose sales module uses Dynamics 365. It makes sense for businesses to spend money setting up a Dynamics 365 and QuickBooks interface at that point.

Information Sources are Synchronized:

By integrating Dynamics 365 with QuickBooks, users of the CRM features can access customer accounting data from that window. Sales team members can choose better which clients to target for different deals by knowing the purchase histories of their customers.

You can submit information to the QuickBooks system once the sales process is complete. Updates made on one platform instantly appear on another, removing the need for daily laborious data transfers. Real-time access to the most recent financial data for clients is provided to everyone.

Seamless Business Processes

The marketing team may create campaigns to generate more leads by relying on a thorough understanding of their audience. Users can look at the return on investment (ROI) for each attempt and see where there may be opportunities to target potential customers.

Better customer service is made possible by corporate representatives by using Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks data. You may design accounting dashboards that make it simple to follow details on current transactions, your best clients, and any outstanding invoices. The organization’s overall business flow is accelerated by this.

Data Security is Increased

Both applications benefit from built-in security features because Dynamics 365 is based there. The transfer of data between Dynamics 365 and QuickBooks is secure. The security and compliance features that Dynamics 365 has enabled, you can create reports that track threats like malware.

  • Optimized for Customer Relationship: QuickBooks organizes your company’s money, making it easier for you to keep track of payments and transactions as well as the financial health of your company.
  • Shorter Sales Cycle: You’ll be able to quote and follow-up with prospects right away if you combine QuickBooks with a CRM. This will shorten the sales cycle and keep new clients from switching to competitors.
  • Multiple Data Entries are Skipped: Any corporate operation must keep the amount of data entering to a minimum.
  • Secure Access: Using an integrated CRM, team members may expedite every step of the sales cycle and enhance the customer experience by creating and sending quotes to clients.

How MS Dynamic 365 Working with QuickBooks?

  • It Integrates from Bill to Bill.
  • In Corporate Inventory.
  • Integrate the Customers, Items, Jobs, and Invoices in QuickBooks Online with the accounts, products and invoices in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.
  • Analytics for Order to Cash and A/R tracking.
  • Integrate additional items beyond the normal, such as timesheet and expense integration, accounts receivable and payable and more.

You can develop more comprehensive business management solutions by integrating QuickBooks with your preferred Dynamics 365 modules. Users can coordinate tasks and connect with different company divisions more easily.

The professional guidance provided to organizations gives you maximize of the advantages of your present applications which are a point of pride for Internet e-Business Solutions. You can maintain control over your financial performance while providing your staff with all they need to be successful in their jobs.

Integration Steps for MS Dynamic 365 with QuickBooks

  • From Dynamics 365/CRM you have to perform A/R analytics.
  • Abstain from Rep to CFO needless follow-ups.
  • Keep tabs on and pay off any overdue debts.
  • Save time and money on pointless data reconciliation by calculating sales commissions within Dynamics 365/CRM and when the money is received.
  • Forecast with accuracy.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to integrate QuickBooks with MS Dynamics 365/CRM. It is possible, though, that you don’t fully understand technical issues or that you will require professional assistance to resolve the issues you are having. If after attempting the above mention fixes the problem still continues, we advise you to get in touch with our MS Dynamic 365/CRM with Dancing Numbers support team. Our knowledgeable accounting experts and specialists are available to help you. The best MS Dynamics 365/CRM with QuickBooks will be recommended to you by our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dynamic 365 Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, It improves your order-to-cash procedure to generate income faster. Obtain real-time data to improve account-based and sales decisions. Reduce the need for double data entry, errors and reconciliation time by eliminating mistakes and optimizing resources.

What are the CRMs does QuickBooks Integrate with?

Capsule: A modern, straightforward CRM called Capsule is both simple to use and very adaptable to the requirements of various enterprises.
Method: All QuickBooks versions, including QuickBooks Desktop editions, are compatible with Method because of its tight integration with QuickBooks.
Insightly: With Insightly, you must first create an account, after which you must install and link the QuickBooks integration.
Sales force: Intuit recently made available their own Sales force and QuickBooks connectivity. The integration’s main goal is the automatic creation of invoices after a sales opportunity is closed.
Hub Spot: Although it was developed by a third party, HubSpot integration is available on the QuickBooks online marketplace.
Pen drive: The Pen drive integration was created by the same outside contractor as Hub Spot’s and is quite comparable to it.

Does QuickBooks have the Capabilities of CRM?

QuickBooks CRM is capable in helping in automate your sales process and get payments more quickly. For expanding companies that wish to automate every operation, from sales management to customer service.

Is QuickBooks CRM or ERP?

Due to the fact that QuickBooks offers the accounting functions, one of an ERP system’s components and it is not an ERP. ERP systems assist companies in managing a number of company operations, including production, inventory control, procurement and sales & marketing.

Is Dynamic 365 a CRM or ERP?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, You can easily transform your company due to intelligent business solutions that seamlessly incorporate ERP capabilities. By providing your team with a unified view of operations and being cloud-based, Dynamics 365 apps help in eliminating silos within your company.

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