Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS107

QuickBooks Payroll is a facility in the QuickBooks software that allows organizations to manage their employee funds and other related […]

QuickBooks Payroll is a facility in the QuickBooks software that allows organizations to manage their employee funds and other related activities systematically. This error usually occurs as “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable [PS107]“, which means some QuickBooks installation files are corrupt. These corrupt files make the operation inoperable and unreadable to the system.

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You can learn how to fix this error through this article. So, let’s dive in!

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS107?

A corrupted installation file for the QuickBooks program is the cause of QuickBooks error PS107. By reading the error message that occurs after you run into the error, this is made quite clear. According to the error message, “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable [PS107].” In the article, we will talk about the causes of corrupt QuickBooks program files and then how to fix them.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error PS107?

Even though corrupt files are the main reason for this error, you should also check the following situations to confirm its cause:

  • Maintenance or backend problems on Intuit’s website
  • Installation and usage of outdated QuickBooks versions
  • Any internal server problem
  • Any virus or malware present in your device
  • Inactive Payroll subscriptions on QuickBooks
  • The payroll tax table is outdated
  • Incomplete installation of the software
  • Problem with automatic update options

You must know that all QuickBooks processes and QuickBooks windows from the taskbar should be essential before engaging with the troubleshooting methods. In case, the error is caused due to interferences in QuickBooks background processes, you can simply restart the software to rectify the error.

Now, Let’s see what the methods to fix the issues are.

Solution Steps to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS107

IMPORTANT: Ensure that all QuickBooks windows are closed and all QuickBooks processes are ended before jumping straight into the troubleshooting. It’s sometimes possible to resolve an error caused by interruptions in QuickBooks background processes by restarting the application. Learn how to end a process with Windows Task Manager in the article How to End a Process with Windows Task Manager.

Solution 1: Update the QuickBooks Desktop

You can update the software both manually and automatically. For automatic updates, check if the updates are installed.

For Automatic Updates:

  • Enter QuickBooks and press the F2 key or Ctrl+1 on your keyboard. It will open the Product information window
  • Examine the latest release of the software and your downloaded version on the Product Information window
  • Check the differences between the newest version of the QuickBooks patch from the internet

For Manual Updates:

  • Enter QuickBooks and select Close Company from the File tab
  • Select Exit from the same tab
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks icon from your desktop and select Run as Administrator
  • QuickBooks will now display “No Company Open”, after which select Update QuickBooks from the Help tab
  • Under the Options menu, Click Mark all and save
  • Under the Update Now menu, Click Reset Update
  • After clicking on Get Update, QuickBooks will show Update Now. Exit the software soon after it.
  • Again enter QuickBooks and select Yes on the displayed pop-up (Install Updates)
  • After all the updates, restart your device

Solution 2: Download and Install New Payroll Tax Table Updates

  • First, Download the newest updates of the QuickBooks application
  • Go to the Downloads option on your computer
  • Select the downloaded and updated files
  • Do as instructed on the screen for the installation of the updates
  • Run the payroll updates again

If the problems are not resolved yet, you can carry on with the next solution. However, remember whether you have an active payroll subscription before using Solution 2.

Solution 3: Using Safe Mode for re-installation

Note that copying or saving your company file to an external device or cloud will be beneficial to keep them safe. So do just that! Now, on with the steps:

  • Press the Windows key + R, Which will give you the Run command prompt
  • Write MSCONFIG in the provided text box and select OK
  • Select the Safe Boot option from the Boot tab
  • Select OK after Apply, Which will save the new settings
  • Restart your Windows that will now boot in safe mode
  • Navigate to the QB Product Download page; select your required QuickBooks application year and version
  • Click Search and Download
  • Go to the Downloads on our device and run the downloaded setup file
  • Finish the product registration procedure and run the payroll updates again

Solution 4: Using Selective Start-up mode of the Computer to re-install the Software

The Selective startup mode allows prioritizing certain functions and programs for a specific period. It will provide you with applications that you are willing to run through it when the mode is on.

  • Follow the first two steps of solution 3.
  • Press the Enter Key
  • Go to the General section on the next window and click on
    • Selective Startup Mode
    • Load System Services
    • Load Startup Services
  • Go to the Services section and select the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ option
  • Select the boxes:
    • Disable all
    • Windows Installer
  • Deselect the option ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ box
  • Now, Reboot the device
  • Use the QuickBooks Clean Install tool for re-installation

Solution 5: Take a Backup and Change the QuickBooks to Single-user mode

  • Double-click the QuickBooks icon to open
  • Select the “Switch to Single-user” option on the File tab
  • Click the File tab once again
  • Now select the Backup Company option
  • Select Create Local option
  • A Backup Options window will be displayed. Choose Local backup there.
  • Save the backup file to your browsed location
  • After clicking on OK, a Create Backup window will appear
  • Select the Next button
  • Now, You can save the backup you created

The article includes all the particular information that is relevant to QuickBooks Payroll Error PS107. It has a detailed explanation of the matters that are to be done when you face this error while working. The causes and solutions are both mentioned, which, hopefully, will resolve all your problems.

However, if you still feel a bit confused, call our Dancing Numbers experts without a second thought and they will clear all your doubts.

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