WordPress Integration with QuickBooks: How to Connect with QuickBooks

E-commerce is one of the industries with the quickest rate of growth, and these companies may expand swiftly with the […]

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E-commerce is one of the industries with the quickest rate of growth, and these companies may expand swiftly with the correct marketing initiatives and financial strategy. E-commerce companies process tens of thousands of orders and transactions while handling taxes, refunds, and other issues. Manually overseeing all of these payment-related tasks is a laborious operation. Businesses automate their accounting processes using third-party technologies. With WordPress, a top platform for building websites, users can simply develop content management, e-commerce, and blogging websites without any coding knowledge.

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It can be difficult to manage all of the accounting for an e-commerce website. Businesses streamline this procedure by fusing together the E-Commerce platform and accounting programs like QuickBooks WordPress Integration. The management of your company’s income and expenses is automated by the cloud-based and on-premise accounting software QuickBooks. Businesses can manage their balance sheets and save time using QuickBooks WordPress Integration.

Businesses may generate reports and examine their finances thanks to QuickBooks WordPress Integration. Additionally, the sales and order data is immediately synced for billing and payments. You can read this post to understand how to set up QuickBooks WordPress Integration. Additionally, you’ll read about the advantages of QuickBooks WordPress Integration and how it supports small businesses in managing their finances and accounts successfully.

About WordPress

People may construct websites, publish material, and administer it using the free and open-source WordPress platform. It is a straightforward content management system that protects about 40% of the top 10 million websites on the internet. The best feature of WordPress that makes it appealing is that users may construct and manage its website without needing to know how to code.

You can choose one of the many free or premium themes that are offered online for your WordPress site. It includes drag-and-drop building tools for websites. Because WordPress is SEO-friendly, pages can achieve higher search engine rankings. You can use it to develop a wide range of websites, including blogs, corporate portfolios, and e-commerce sites.

Features of WordPress

Here are a few Characteristics of WordPress:

  • Tools for content publication allow users to easily add fresh content to the website and even schedule pieces. WordPress has capabilities that allow you to drag and drop material onto the website.
  • WordPress automatically produces mobile-friendly sites for you since it is aware that the majority of traffic currently originates from mobile devices.
  • WordPress provide simple integrations that means users of WordPress can add third-party tools and other administrative services to their websites with the help of plug-ins.

About QuickBooks Desktop and Online

To manage income and spending and monitor your company’s financial health, many small and medium-sized enterprises utilize the accounting software QuickBooks. With accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, inventory management, and other financial services, Intuit developed this software in 2006. The market share of small businesses served by QuickBooks today is almost 80%.

QuickBooks comes in three subscription packages: Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus, and it gives a 30-day free trial of each. To make it easier for businesses to manage their finances, it also includes an on-premise and cloud-based accounting solution. It can link to your credit card and bank accounts to download and organize all of your costs. With the aid of company statements and reports, QuickBooks enables businesses to manage their payments, bills, collect payments from clients, process payroll, and assess the performance of their operations.

Features of QuickBooks

The following is a list of a few QuickBooks main attributes:

  • Reports and insights: With QuickBooks, you can track and produce reports based on the financial information of your company. It provides reporting and analytics capabilities that make it simpler for you to get an estimated view of your company’s performance over the following 90 days.
  • Pre-built Integrations: QuickBooks makes data easily accessible and connectable. More than 700 third-party app and platform connectors are already integrated into it.
  • Support for Several Currencies: You can issue invoices, keep track of transactions, provide reports, and allocate various currencies to various customers.

Requirement for Working on Integration of WordPress and QuickBooks

  • A running QuickBooks Online Profile.
  • A WordPress site that’s active.
  • A well-known WooCommerce store.

Advantages of Integration between WordPress and QuickBooks

Companies may keep their income and expenses under control with the help of QuickBooks WordPress Integration. Here are a few advantages of integrating QuickBooks with WordPress:

  • The entire 2-way sync that enables businesses to integrate orders, goods, and inventories between QuickBooks WordPress is made possible by QuickBooks WordPress integration. Both automatic and manual sync control are available to you.
  • QuickBooks Online product catalogues may now be automatically generated for businesses, saving time.
  • Users may back up all of the data that protects QuickBooks using WordPress integration.
  • QuickBooks Online allows you to create Sales Receipt, Estimate, Credit Memo and Payment.
  • Send all shipping information, a description of a custom line, and all tax information from WooCommerce to QuickBooks.
  • Fields for phone numbers and custom fields in QuickBooks.
  • Send credit memos, sales receipts, estimates, and payment requests to the customer’s email address.
  • When a WooCommerce order is refunded, create a refund receipt in QuickBooks.
  • From WooCommerce, provide QuickBooks the shipping and discount information.
  • Inventory from QuickBooks can be synchronized with WooCommerce.
  • Send multiple WooCommerce orders to QuickBooks Online.
  • Track the geolocation and Google Analytics parameters of a WooCommerce consumer.
  • Use well-known email and phone lookup services to seek for a lead’s email address and phone number.

Working of WordPress and QuickBooks

  • First step is to authenticating WordPress and QuickBooks Online.
  • In second step select one of the apps to serve as the automation’s trigger.
  • Now you have to pick an outcome from the other app.
  • Choose the information you wish to transfer from one app to another.

Key Features of Working with WordPress and QuickBooks

  • Powerful and adjustable options that fit your routine.
  • Adjustable automatic sync settings that can update as frequently as every five minutes.
  • Two-way inventory and product synchronization.
  • Payment in advance, transaction costs, and bank deposit coordination.
  • Advanced customer and product mapping and synchronization rules.
  • Along with orders, sync purchase orders to QuickBooks.
  • Robust field mapping support for custom.
  • Additional support for more than 25 WooCommerce plug-in.
  • Multi-currency support and total worldwide tax.
  • Historical data access – quickly sync prior clients, orders, goods and more.
  • Including a free setup call and backed by our 24/7 5-star support.

Steps for Integration of WordPress with QuickBooks

As you may already be aware, WooCommerce and QuickBooks are easily integrated. Only 4 stages can be used to complete the integration procedure. These are the actions:

Log in to QuickBooks or Register for one:

Visit the QuickBooks sign in page and move to the second step if you already have a QuickBooks official account.

Either buy that package or begin your 30-day risk-free trial.

A 30-day free trial is included with each QuickBooks online package. For the QuickBooks Essentials package, we will set up a trial account.

Next, Select your nation and fill out the relevant fields to register for the trial account. The necessary information is listed below.

Sign Up For A Trial

Following registration, you must give QuickBooks information about your company. To prevent any future problems with QuickBooks accounts, always provide the legal information here.

Setup Your QuickBooks

Click the green Next button after entering all of this data. The page where you must select the tasks you wish to carry out using QuickBooks will be forwarded to you. They are:

  • Invoices to send and monitor
  • Pay your staff.
  • Maintain your stock.
  • Monitor your store sales.
  • Monitor the sales taxes.
  • Organize your spending.
  • Keep tabs on your other bills.

Click on each action you want to do with QuickBooks.

Set up your quickbooks screenshots

After selecting your desired choices, click all set to complete the account creation process.

By the way, when a consumer places an order on your online business, you cannot send bills to the customer. The Challan PDF generator plug-in is an option in that situation. It has a good user interface, is well-designed, and effectively completes its task.

Bind WordPress and QuickBooks together.

We’ll demonstrate how to link WooCommerce and QuickBooks together in this phase. Log into your QuickBooks customer account and select the Apps menu item to do that.

You must agree to QuickBooks terms and conditions after installing this WooCommerce plug-in. In essence, it requests the following details:

  • Details about your business
  • Information about your clients, staff, or suppliers
  • Profile data for a phone number
  • Email address, postal address, etc.

Click the Connect button if you’re okay with sharing data with QuickBooks. After clicking there, you will be sent to the Connections tab, as shown below.

WooCommerce account area

There are two possibilities in this WooCommerce account area. One is for current users, while the other is for new users.

Create a WooCommerce shop account if you don’t already have one before continuing. Then select Connect to WooCommerce to sync WooCommerce and QuickBooks.

It will open a new window where you must type in the correct website address. By the way, avoid entering the URL for the admin panel, which includes the “wp-admin” portion. Enter your online store’s basic URL here.

Connect to WooCommerce

Your WooCommerce store should already be connected to QuickBooks if everything has been done correctly.

By the way, QuickBooks supports connecting numerous stores. So, link every store and use a single dashboard to automatically sync WooCommerce and QuickBooks data.

Configure the Process of Integration between QuickBooks and WordPress.

Consequently, you’ve already linked your WooCommerce store to QuickBooks. Setup for these is now necessary. This configuration process consists of several steps. Let’s begin by discussing the management method.

  • Managing QuickBooks and WooCommerce

Click on the Manage tab, which is the first tab you see. The manage tab will appear as follows.

Managing QuickBooks and WooCommerce
  • Sync options of QuickBooks

You must supply time zone-related data in order for QuickBooks and your eCommerce store to sync data. It might request the following details, for example.

  • Time Zone Integrations for Accounts Beginning Date
  • Email sync reported being sent

The necessary fields are the date and time zone from here. You must include them. The customized email report is an optional field instead. Only use it if you want automatic data synchronization into your mailbox.

  • Orders from WooCommerce and QuickBooks are synced using workflows.

It’s now time to configure WooCommerce Orders Sync. To get orders from WooCommerce, we must set up the workflows. To see the orders that are available for retrieval, look at the graphic below.

Each order that you want to send to QuickBooks online as a sales receipt or an invoice must be manually chosen.

This invoice will be delivered to your account, just a polite reminder. Use an invoice generator if you wish to send your customers’ invoices via email. We advise using Challan, a complete WooCommerce store-specific PDF invoice and packing slip generator.

  • In charge of the Cancelled WooCommerce Orders

Numerous factors result in the return of thousands of internet purchases. According to a Shopify report, the product return rate has reached 20%. Consequently, it’s rather typical that your customers will return goods for a variety of reasons.

As a result, you must modify any returned goods using QuickBooks sales orders. Use Create Credit Notes in QBO to accomplish that.

As seen in the image, there are three different pieces of information that need to be entered. They are:

  • Fallback Account Details
  • Details on full or Partial Refunds.
  • An order Number Prefix for Refunds

Refunds are typically caused by one of two different situations (order cancellation or refund). Use of two distinct prefixes will therefore be preferable for them. Use “R” for orders that have been refunded and “C” for those that have been cancelled.

  • Configuring WooCommerce Tax

With QBO, automated sales tax setup is now possible. Easily access your QuickBooks account by logging in and selecting the Tax option from the left panel.

By the way, the process is entirely automated. Once the setup process is complete, you can choose not to use manual data entering. Taxes for your online store will sync quickly.

  • QuickBooks Payment to be Sent Online

Sending payments from WooCommerce to QuickBooks is also possible using the QuickBooks app. This can be done by using the ‘Send Payments from WooCommerce to QuickBooks Online’ option.

However, using Advanced Settings, you can also add another online payment method. Order notes and payment information will be immediately synchronized between QuickBooks and your online retail store.

  • Automatic Stock Level Synchronization

If you use QuickBooks, you can benefit from the real-time stock synchronization between WooCommerce and the accounting program. You will need the product name or SKU information for this.

If you select the SKU option, the SKU field in WooCommerce and the SKU field in QuickBooks will be identical. However, the product name field will likewise be accurate in both locations.

The QuickBooks account for your WooCommerce store can be set up in this manner. The data from QuickBooks must now be synced with WooCommerce.

Sync QuickBooks and WordPress after Configuring the Integration process.

If QuickBooks is configured correctly, data synchronization between QuickBooks and WooCommerce isn’t a major concern. Once configuration is complete, all that’s left to do is turn on auto sync to complete the integration process.

That brings an end to our journey of QuickBooks and WooCommerce integration. Let’s now present you to different plug-ins for integration.

In this article you learned about QuickBooks and how to set up QuickBooks WordPress Integration. You also read about the advantages of utilizing the QuickBooks WordPress Integration and how it aids businesses in syncing their E-Commerce data with accounting data. Orders, payments and income and cost management all are automated by using the QuickBooks WordPress Integration.

Regardless of the format, you are free to ask whatever question you wish. If you have any questions about integrating WordPress with QuickBooks, our professional team of consultants is here to help. Whatever the case, you simply connect via LIVE CHAT as soon as you realize you need help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does WordPress Integrates with QuickBooks?

To automatically add clients to your QuickBooks database, you can link WordPress and QuickBooks Online. With a tone of features like online bank syncing, personalized invoicing, and others, QuickBooks is accounting software for small businesses.

Does QuickBooks Integrates with the WooCommerce?

You will never again manually enter data when you link QuickBooks Online to WooCommerce, which will save you hours every day. By seamlessly transferring data between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online, the Intuit WooCommerce Connector will: Save time and money.

What Type of Platform is QuickBooks Online?

A cloud-based accounting tool called QuickBooks Online aids small businesses in managing their accounting, revenue, costs, payroll, and other tasks.

Is there an API for QuickBooks Desktop?

Similar to the forms and lists in QuickBooks Desktop, the QuickBooks Desktop API offers a set of resources. Every transaction involves at least two accounts, which is the fundamental tenet of double-entry bookkeeping.

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