Airtable Integration with QuickBooks: How to Connect with QuickBooks

Integrating QuickBooks with Airtable can provide you many advantages, regardless of whether you are running a small business or are […]

Integrating QuickBooks with Airtable can provide you many advantages, regardless of whether you are running a small business or are a part of a major corporation. With this, you can connect the uses of artificial intelligence to automatically map the data fields between the two apps by removing the need for manual data entry and lowering the likelihood of mistakes.

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Your productivity and workflow can be streamlined by integrating QuickBooks Online with Airtable. You can automate repetitive processes, cutting down of a manual labor and improve team collaboration by integrating these two apps which is Airtable Integration powered.

Additionally, this integration also offers a variety of pre-built automation workflows and connections for QuickBooks and Airtable that may be edited to match your unique needs. This entails that you may set up workflows to cause actions in one app based on occurrences in the other app or develop automated processes that operate in the background without any user input. You may further improve process efficiency, lower error rates and boost productivity by utilizing the capabilities of Airtable Integration.

About Airtable

Airtable is a hybrid spreadsheet database which applies the database functionalities to a spreadsheet. The fields in an Airtable table are comparable to the cells in a spreadsheet, except they can be relate to file attachments like photos and it also includes types like checkbox, phone number and drop-down list.

Airtable is a straightforward user interface due to which it is a strong database. Airtable is adaptable enough to allow you to concentrate on the work whether you are creating a database to manage the team, follow a product launch or generate new ideas for your company.

Relational database creation and sharing are made simple using Airtable on an internet platform. Anyone may quickly spin up a database because to the user-friendly, straightforward, and colorful user interface. Any information can be stored, arranged and worked on collaboratively including personnel directories, product inventories and even flat hunting.

About QuickBooks Desktop and Online

With the help of QuickBooks, You can quickly manage your company’s finances and accounts to get online access to your financial data from any location and export financial reports.

The first software to enable automatic bank feeds was QuickBooks Desktop which reduced the time required to manually record business transactions and accelerated the bank reconciliation procedure. In QuickBooks 2022, a new bank feed option called Advanced Mode is available. QuickBooks Desktop offers two separate banks feed options: the conventional approach and the Express mode which seeks to match downloaded bank transactions with those which are already entered. You can achieve this by using QuickBooks Desktop that is automated payment reminders function.

QuickBooks Online is an intuitive piece of software that is ideal for the small businesses. Due to its integrated GST capabilities, compliance with requirements is simple. The QuickBooks Online program can help you quickly obtain accounting and tax information. In addition, QuickBooks allows you to choose the appropriate codes for adding HSN/SAC codes to your goods and services.

Because QuickBooks interfaces with so many third-party programs, you can work more quickly and accomplish more. It provides customized accounting reports that can be quickly shared with clients so they can gauge how well your firm is doing. The right ITC amount can be ascertained by comparing your QuickBooks transactions with supplier invoices that have been uploaded to the GST portal.

Components of Airtable

Single databases called bases contain all the data which you require for your project. It is possible that your base will be referred to as Directory of your Employee or New Car Shopping. A base has all the information which you want for a single project. The extensive library of templates that Airtable offers can be customized with your own data.

A list of information about a single type of item is stored in tables. Similar to worksheets in a spreadsheet, each base may include one or more tables. Each table in the Employee Directory base contains a certain kind of data, such as a person name, date of birth and department.

The term field refers to each column in a table. Columns in a spreadsheet are equivalent to fields but fields are made to ensure that your data is consistent. Each field has a name and may be customized to hold a wide range of content, such as pictures, attachments, phone numbers, dates, checkboxes and more.

The rows and cells in a spreadsheet correspond to records in a database. Every record belongs on your list. Each record in a table of employees represents a different employee it includes the information on their name, department, address and other details in each field.

You can make numerous views for each table in a base; though viewing all of your records at once can be useful. A view in Airtable can be thought of as a distinct lens through which you can view the same table data. These personalized views can be helpful if you just want to see records that match a specific set of criteria, such as all engineering department personnel.

Benefits of the Integration of QuickBooks with Airtable

Increases the Productivity

You can automate tedious processes, Improve your workflow and integrate QuickBooks with Airtable which is powered by AI. This will help you get your work done more effectively and saves your time.

Cost Effective

Since you won’t need to pay a developer or buy the pricey software, AI offers an affordable method to link QuickBooks with Airtable.


Your integrations can be modified with your unique requirements.

Setting is easy

Even people without any coding skills can easily integrate Airtable and QuickBooks Online with AI.

Workflow is streamlined

Your workflow can be streamlined and the time and effort needed to perform tasks can be decreased by connecting QuickBooks Online with Airtable.

Improvement in Communication

Collaboration and communication between various teams and departments within your company can be enhanced by integrating QuickBooks Online with Airtable.

Data visibility is Enhanced

You may obtain insights into your company’s operations and make smarter decisions by integrating QuickBooks Online with Airtable to improve data visibility.

Efficiency Increase

Integrating QuickBooks Online with Airtable helps improve efficiency and productivity in your business by automating repetitive operations.

Working of QuickBooks with Airtable

  • Authenticate QuickBooks by selecting it as a trigger app.
  • Pick Trigger from the list of Triggers.
  • Select the Action App Airtable and then log in by login your ID and Password.
  • From the Action List now select a suitable response.
  • Decide which information you wish to transfer from QuickBooks Online to Airtable.
  • Connected massage pop out and flashes on your screen, hit OK. The advantages of workflow automation can now be experienced.

Integration Steps of QuickBooks and Airtable

  • First, you have to make an account by signing up in an app.
  • Select QuickBooks Online/Desktop and Airtable from the list of accessible once you logging in successfully.
  • Tick an action and a trigger for your integration next. For instance, you can select Post a Message for Airtable and New Email for QuickBooks Online’s trigger and action respectively.
  • Connect your QuickBooks Online and Airtable accounts to your app once the trigger and action have been chosen. To log in and authorize the connection, see on the on-screen instructions.
  • The fields for your trigger and action must be mapped after your accounts are linked. For instance link the message content in Airtable to the topic and text of the email.
  • Test your integration after mapping the fields to make sure it functions as planned. Send a test email to make sure it posts to Airtable successfully.
  • To begin automating your workflow, turn on your integration last. New emails will be automatically posted to Airtable as they arrive to your integration, which will operate in the background.

Any company trying to improve efficiency and optimize operations should consider integrating QuickBooks with Airtable by using the app. With the help of an AI-driven integration platform, you can quickly link your preferred apps and automate operations. AI distinguishes itself from other connection tools with its sophisticated capabilities, such as real-time data syncing and configurable field mapping. You can concentrate on expanding your company while we handle the other details.

You are free to ask any question which you want in any format. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable advisers can answer any inquiries you may have regarding your Airtable integration with QuickBooks. Whatever the situation, you just contact our toll-free hotline as soon as you realize that you require assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customization of the fields Which are Synchronized between QuickBooks and Airtable is Possible or not?

Yes, You can easily alter the fields that are synchronized between Airtable and QuickBooks to suit your unique requirements. Select the fields you want to sync and then map them to the corresponding fields in the other app.

Does Airtable Integrate with QuickBooks Online?

With the help of robust QuickBooks and Airtable connections, you can sync your project management and accounting programs to drastically improve the efficiency of your payment operations. Our low-code platform gives you the ability to flow data wherever you are needed by allowing you to save hours of manual labor and increase productivity.

What are the Apps with Which Airtable Integrate?

• Developer Tools
• Webhooks by zaiper
• Google Sheets
• Spreadsheets
• Formatter by Zaiper
• Filter by Zaiper
• Google Webflow
• Google Calender

Can You use Airtable for Accounting?

Use Airtable to keep track of your finances whether they are on an accrual or cash basis. Your trial balance or a list of all of your accounts and their balances is in the Accounts table.

Can You use Airtable for Bookkeeping?

For accounting and bookkeeping organizations, there are numerous pre-packaged project management choices available but if you want something that is truly tailored to your needs and created from, you should consider Airtable.

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