How To Export QuickBooks Data to Excel

QuickBooks comes in the top accounting software, it not only helps you in many ways through its latest tools, business […]

QuickBooks comes in the top accounting software, it not only helps you in many ways through its latest tools, business information, and data security. Day by day QuickBooks is becoming stronger as it is upgrading itself. Exporting the data is very much needed for the users sometimes while working with QuickBooks. Export is a process in which you take your data from one program to another, it can also be used as a method of backing up important data or shifting the data between two different versions of programs. Although excel allows you to copy and paste the data, however, it doesn’t apply to large data and some specific or certain formats. Instead of that users can import or export the data. Using the dancing numbers software you can easily import and export the data to and from QuickBooks.

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Export QuickBooks Data to Excel

Below steps are mentioned to Export the QuickBooks data to excel :

  • Go to the QuickBooks icon, double click the icon to launch the process of Export QuickBooks Data to Excel
  • Now at the top of the QuickBooks window, you will see an option reports, click on the Reports and then click on the report center to open the report center window
  • Click on the report which you want to export, then click on the option display report to view the same
  • Now at the top of the window, under the drop-down menu, click on Excel which opens the Excel report window
  • If you want to update the old or existing Excel, click on “Existing Excel Workbook” else to create a new Excel click on the radio button which is available besides “New Excel Workbook
  • Click on Browse tab and select the desired workbooks if you are working on an existing workbook
  • Go ahead and select the option “Export” to export QuickBooks data to Excel

If you are missing the data while you open the report in excel, it means the file is in a protected view. In excel, you will need to select Enable editing to get the full report.

How to Link QuickBooks Data into Excel?

After exporting the data to excel if the user wants to link the QuickBooks data to Excel which helps you in many ways such as creating customizable reports, analysis, schedules, etc. The below information shows you how you can connect the data.

Open Database Connectivity is the Key: QuickBooks gives the facility of exports and hence in this scenario, live links will be established between Excel and QuickBooks, which when will be refreshed it update the data, reports, analysis, dashboards, etc. You can take advantage of this feature once you get the ODBC driver on your computer. You can say this is the type of middleman between the database that stores the data and the application which is requesting the data.

Get the ODBC Driver: The ODBC facility can be availed until you install the ODBC driver on your computer. Depending on the QuickBooks version either you can go to File >>> Utilities >>> Configure ODBC and proceed with the available instructions on the computer screen or you need to obtain the driver from the third party.

Accessing the data through ODBC: Once the ODBC driver is installed, now you are ready to link the data to excel. Now open the QuickBooks data file and Excel. After that, from the Excel Data tab of the ribbon, select Get Data >>> from other sources >>> From ODBC and choose the name of the QuickBooks data source. Then click ok, now select the table you want from QuickBooks into excel. Finally, after selecting the data which you want to link, you need to click the drop-down arrow situated just next to Load near the lower and right corner of the window, select the option Load to, after then select the desired output like a table, pivot table, etc.

It is very important to discuss some information. Once data are shown in excel, you can do anything with the data as per the requirements. It means that are no restrictions on the data as it is connected with the external data source. Secondly, this linking process creates a link between the Excel sheet and the QuickBooks database. You can refresh the link on-demand using many options, including the right click on the query in the Queries and connection panel on the window.

It is always seen that exporting is always needed to the users when there is a requirement of Export QuickBooks Data to Excel. Using the dancing numbers you can easily export the data in very little time, it provides you the data security and provides you the latest tools to manage your valuable data. Simply export the data to excel and manage the same as per your requirement.

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