How to Export your Customer List from QuickBooks Desktop into a CSV File?

Customer lists play a vital role in an organization to maintain the database of customers. This information related to the […]

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Customer lists play a vital role in an organization to maintain the database of customers. This information related to the client is stored in one place in accounting software to ensure the details are in order. You can easily export the customer list in QuickBooks. It seems a complicated process unless you know the appropriate steps to perform exporting. Here you will learn how to export your customer list from QuickBooks Desktop into a CSV file.

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When did you need to Export Customer List from QuickBooks Desktop?

  • The customer list contains records of existing users who have already purchased your services. It is require when you need to know your customers to enhance the lead and your business
  • When you need to organize customer data
  • The customer list will ensure the ease of finding an invoice to enter information correctly
  • Sales tracking
  • Tracking purchase orders and company inventory
  • When you are analyzing Finance reports and data Analytics you might need to export customer list
  • Exporting information helps to perform various tasks like compiling a mailing list.

How to Export Customer List from QuickBooks Desktop?

Customer lists consist of customer name, address, phone number, email, company name, or VAT number. You can easily export the customer list as a CSV file. Below are the steps you need to follow to exports all these customer details from QuickBooks Desktop in a CSV file:

  • Open your QuickBooks software from the system
  • Locate Customer Center
  • Search for drop-down named Excel and then choose one of the following as required:
    • Export Customer list if you need to export customer data like name, contact details, and balances
    • Export Transactions if you require export transactions (through name or type)
  • Discover window named Export then select .csv file(Create a comma-separated values )
  • Click on the Export button
  • Give a file name to the selected file and then browse the preferred location where you require to save the file like desktop
  • You can locate the file, open it, and then edit the file as needed.

Why Dancing Numbers is Preferred to Export Customer List?

Dancing Numbers Exporter is one of the operative software specifically designed to rationalize the export process in QuickBooks. Don’t worry about compatibility issue which often occurs in most software. This exporter is compatible with advanced versions of QuickBooks. It ensures the smooth-running process of exporting in few clicks. Using a utility is time-saving; this is why software is recommended to perform import, export, and delete.

Dancing Numbers Exporter is designed with advanced algorithms to export batch of customer lists by consuming less time. Your customer list will be assigned a number to make it easy for you to sort the customer. You can easily select the list, edit and perform needed modifications to your customer’s list.

That’s all about How to Export your Customer list from QuickBooks Desktop into a CSV file. Stay updated with the latest informative article published here on this platform. You can easily get accurate steps to export, import, and delete data specifically. Save your time to drive your attention for extracting better strategies to drive your business forward.

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