QuickBooks Error 1606: Could not Access Network Location [FIXED]

Several QuickBooks users have detailed that they run into an error saying “Error 1606: Could not Access Network Location” while […]

Several QuickBooks users have detailed that they run into an error saying “Error 1606: Could not Access Network Location” while installing QuickBooks Desktop on Windows. This error shows faults with the Windows user account and QuickBooks setup file, and in some instances, errors in the Windows registry can also trigger QuickBooks Error 1606. The most well-known error influences the installation of a few Windows applications, including QuickBooks Desktop. Luckily, four direct and successful answers for settling QuickBooks Desktop Error 1606 are listed further in the article. Follow the article to be familiar with the most well-known causes and a detailed solution to QuickBooks update error 1606.

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About QuickBooks Error 1606

While performing of your job or while installing any of the application in between the sometimes suddenly the message appears that

“Error 1606: Could not access Network Location”

This error occurs due to the unviability of the listed network and if there is a fault in the registry. It is the most common error which mostly occurs when there is an installation issue.

QuickBooks Error 1606 indicates that there is a fault between the windows user account and the QuickBooks setup file.

Causes for the QuickBooks Error 1606

There are various factors due to which the error arises. Following are the some factors for QuickBooks Error 1606:

  • The QuickBooks is not installed properly.
  • Corrupted or damaged QuickBooks.
  • The user who is working on the system while the error occurs have no admin right.
  • The register subkeys are not settled properly, there is a issue in their settings.
  • The window of the user account is damaged.
  • The network location which is in list in the error is unavailable.
  • The window installer is not able to access the data from the QuickBooks installation disk because of many reasons like there are scratches on the CD which you are trying to run.

Symptoms for QuickBooks Error 1606

Following are some symptoms which arise due to the QuickBooks error 1606:

  • The system crashes again and again and couldn’t perform its job properly.
  • The program or the application which you are trying to install is not properly or completely install as the error arises in between.
  • The system is not working properly as it is showing error again and again.
  • The peripherals like keyboard and mouse stop responding properly due to the error.
  • The system starts hanging and responding slow due to the error.

How to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error Message 1606

1. Creating New Window User Account

The very first and easy step in order to resolve the issue is creating the new user window account with the administrative rights. So, following are the steps in creating the account.

Creating of New Window User on Windows 10

  • Press the windows button on the keyboard and from the startup menu click on the settings.
  • In section of settings in account section you have to navigate to the family and other users.
  • Now you have to click on Add someone else under the other user’s section.
  • Now select the option that I don’t have the person’s sign in information.
  • Click on the option that to add the user without Microsoft account.
  • Now you have to enter the username and the password for the account.
  • Once the account is created now you have to hit the exit bouton in order to close the window.
  • Now choose the administrator from the account type and hit the OK button.

Creating of New User with Admin Right on Windows 7

  • Click on the start button and now you have to type user accounts in search section in order to search the file.
  • Now from the list of programs click on the user account option.
  • From drop down menu of the user account click on the option manage another account and create a new account here.
  • Now you have to entre the name your new account and hit the administrator option.
  • Now fill the details regarding this and then click on save button in order to save all the changes which you have done.

2. Creating of New User Account on Window Server

Follow the following procedure in order to create a new user account on window server:

  • Now press window and R key together on the keyboard in order to open the run command.
  • In the run window type server manger and hit the entre button in order to run it.
  • Now in tool section click on the computer management tab and hit the local users and groups option.
  • Now you have to entre all the required information in their desire field.
  • Hit the OK button in order to save it.

3. Reinstalling of QuickBooks in Windows Safe Mode

There are some steps which are used to open QuickBooks in windows safe mode:

Open Your System in the Selective Startup Mode.

First Method:

  • Now first you have rebooted the windows in the safe mode.
  • Now wait for some time till the time the QuickBooks is installed properly.
  • Once the QuickBooks is installed successfully the you can check whether their issue is resolved or not.

Second Method:

  • Press window and R button together on your keyboard.
  • Type msconfig in the search box of the run window and hit the entre button in order to run it.
  • Select the general tab button from the menu.
  • Select the selective startup option and the load system services.
  • Now go to the service tab and mark the entire hide Microsoft services checkbox.
  • Now you have to hit the button disable in order to disable all.
  • Untick the all the option of Microsoft service box.
  • Choose the window installer checkbox from the services list.
  • Hit the OK button in order to save all the changes which you have done.
  • Now restart your system.
  • Once the system is restart install QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Once you are done with all the above steps go to the normal startup mode.
  • Press R and window button together on the keyboard in order to open the run command window.
  • Now write the misconfig in the search box and hit the entre button in order to save it.
  • Now navigate to the general tab and select the normal startup.
  • Click on the Ok button in order to exit from the screen.
  • Now restart your system and then try to check whether the data is resolved or not.

4. Installing of QuickBooks using Administrator Account

The administrator account is the account which is managed by the system technician or company owner. In order to install QuickBooks using the admin account you have to follow the following steps:

  • First step is to restart your computer.
  • Now you have to use the user’s name and the password of the admin as we have to entre in the admin account.
  • Now download and install the QuickBooks on this platform and get rid of error.

5. Installing of QuickBooks in the Selective Startup

Follow the following steps in order to install QuickBooks in the selective startup. Following steps are also very helpful in order to open you window in the selective startup mode:

  • Press the window and R button together on the keyboard in order to run the command.
  • Now type msconfig in the search field in order to run it.
  • Now you have to navigate to the general tab and select the selective startup option and the load services system option.
  • Now choose the service tab and click on the hide all Microsoft services option.
  • Now click on the disable icon.
  • Unmark the hide all Microsoft services option.
  • Now you have to go through the services list in detail and ensure that the window installer check box is chosen.
  • Hit the OK icon.
  • Now navigate the system configuration window and select the restart tab.
  • Once the system restarts now you have to install the QuickBooks and see if the error is solved or not.

6. QuickBooks is Installed in Parallel

The procedure of resolving the error if the QuickBooks Desktop in Windows 7 is installed in parallel:

  • First you have to sign out the parallel account.
  • Now you have to log back in the system.
  • Choose the devices icon from the parallel desktop and hit on the shared folders tab.
  • Select the option i.e disconnect all option.
  • Now you have to again sign in in your system and then try to install QuickBooks Desktop application.

7. Wrong Registry Subkey

In order to resolve the error, you have to resolve the wrong registry subkey. This procedure is processed by the system administrator. This process has many features in it we can easily use them as per our requirement one of them is editing the registry. Be ensure that registry is always entered correctly because in case it is not done correctly then it can manage your system as well as which are connected with it.

We hope the above article will help you and very advantageous for you in order to understand the QuickBooks error code 1606. It can be possible that there are some cases which you can’t resolve yourself for that type of error you have to take support from the QuickBooks expertise. So, in that case you can directly contact our QuickBooks technician expertise in order to resolve your issue. We had a specialize team of QuickBooks expertise technicians and pro advisers which will help you in solving your QuickBooks issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How Can I Fix Error 1606?

Whenever the QuickBooks error 1606 arises first thing you have to do is to restart your system. Sometime if the issue is minor; it can easily be rectified by restarting your system. Once you restart your system the window operating system will be refreshed. So, as the error arise then just close all the programs which are running on your system and then hit the restart button in order to restart your system. You can also use press ctrl plus D together in order to go straight to the desktop so that you can select restart option.

What can Error 1606 Not Accessed in the Network Location?

Whenever the error 1606 arises in your system the pop up message will be displayed in front of you that are Could Not Access Network Location Path. This error mainly occurs if the value of registry for the system which had a predefined location points to the invalid path.

How Can I Fix Error While Converting QuickBooks Desktop to Online?

Follow the following steps in order to fix error while converting QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online:

• Open your QuickBooks by typing your user ID and the password.
• Now navigate to the company data file in your QuickBooks Account.
• Now exit from the QuickBooks Desktop.
• Copy your data file in the new folder in C drive of your system.
• Now you have to open the company file in the QuickBooks desktop from the new location.
• Now select the company tab from the menu.
• From the drop-down menu of company tab, you have to select export your company files to QuickBooks online.

How Can I Fix QuickBooks Desktop Update Error?

Follow the following procedure in order to fix QuickBooks desktop update error is:

• Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub in order to fix the error.
• Click on the installation tool hub from the list of options.
• Select the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
• The tool will start running in order to fix the installation issues which are arising.
• Once you are done with all the above steps you have to restart your system.
• Restarting will help you in refreshing your system completely.

How Can I Install QuickBooks Desktop Update?

Follow the following options ion order to set the automatic updates:

• First you have to navigate the help menu in the QuickBooks.
• Now select the update QuickBooks Desktop.
• Go to the update now tab.
• Choose the get updates in order to start the downloads.
• Once you are done by the above steps you have to restart your system.
• Then when your system starts you have to click on the option in order to install the new release.
• Now in last check whether the issue is resolved or not.

How Can I Restore the QuickBooks?

In order to restore the backup of a company file you have to follow the following steps:

• Open your QuickBooks with the help of your login ID and the password in order to open QuickBooks.
• Now go to the file menu from the above tab and click on the open and restore company option from the menu.
• Click on the restore a backup copy and then hit the next button.
• Now select the local backup and then hit next button in order to move to the next page.
• Now browse your computer in order to have the backup of your company file.
• Now select any folder as per your wish and save the company file in your desire folder as the backup file.

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