How to Email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

You can use QuickBooks Desktop to email pay stubs to your employees. Pay stubs are known as PDFs delivered with […]

You can use QuickBooks Desktop to email pay stubs to your employees. Pay stubs are known as PDFs delivered with protected password. The reason is to preserve the layout and format of the pay stubs. Once the email is received, the password is entered, any employee can take the printout of this pay stop or save it in the drive. It comes into force for the security of the information of employees.

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You can send your employee’s digital pay stubs rather than physical ones. Each pay stub from QuickBooks Desktop is sent as a PDF to the email address of the employee. In addition, it has a password.

There’s no need to wait for the mail, worry about printer ink, or print anything out. All of your records can be kept digitally by you and your staff. As an alternative, you can give your employees online access to their W-2s and pay stubs.

How to Create a Pay Stub in QuickBooks?

Before you email the pay stubs to your employees, you have to create one. In order to do so, you have to stick to the steps highlighted below.

Step 1: You have to Download QuickBooks and open QuickBooks software in your system.

Step 2: Next, You have to go to the Edit menu.

Step 3: You have to open the Preferences window by selecting Preferences.

Step 4: You have to select Payroll and Employees.

Step 5: Following this, you have to click on the Company Preferences tab.

Step 6: You must click on the Full Payroll check box in the QuickBooks Payroll Features section.

Step 7: In the Set Preferences section, you have to select the Voucher printing button.

Step 8: You will see that the Payroll Printing Preferences windows launches.

Step 9: You have to choose the check boxes adjacent to the items (that are a must) on the pay stub in the Paycheck Vouchers & Pay Stubs, Print section.

Step 10: You have to click on OK once you are done selecting all the items, on the Preferences window.

Step 11: You will see that a pay stub with all the necessary information will automatically get printed with every paycheck.

The QuickBooks Payroll permits you to print the pay stubs and allows employees on a paid salary through direct deposits or manual checks. After the payroll gets submitted, you are allowed to take the printout of the stubs.

Note: It is important to follow the steps mentioned above in the given order. If it is not done, it will disrupt the normal flow of business in your company and then hamper the productivity significantly. Hence, in order to avoid such outcomes, it is crucial to create pay stubs in QuickBooks successfully.

Steps to Fix Email Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Payroll Issues

Verify QuickBooks Email Setting:

  • You need to be sure that you are using the updated or latest version of QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Click on the edit menu and then click on the preferences.
  • Now, go to the left pane, click on the send form and then click on my preference tab.
  • Now, go to the send email, click on this section, and then select.
    • Use Outlook email platform to send email through Microsoft Outlook.
    • Webmail For those who want to use the services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff etc. for sending the emails.

For step-wise instructions, refer this Email Services Setup in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Select OK
  • Always remain in single user mode while performing any such steps. (Click on File => Click on single user mode)
  • Click on the QuickBooks file menu => Click on the print form and then select pay stubs
  • Make sure that you are using the right bank account
  • To update the paycheck date, Set the form and through dates and then click on update.
  • Click on the employees (S) for which you want your email Pay stub.
  • Select preview to see pay stub details and then send them.
  • Select
  • Note down the password of the pay stub of all the employees. Don’t forget to email the password to them.

Point to be noted: The password of the employee which is automatically generated contains the last four alphabet of the employee’s name and 4 numbers from employees Social Security number.

  • Now select the OK button twice
  • Enter the email address of all the employees and then select OK.
  • Make sure that the information is correct and then select on the send now.

To see the list of email sent to employees:

  • Click on the Employees center and then click on employee
  • Now, click on the send email tab in the employee Information.

How Can You Email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Online?

Employee pay stubs from QuickBooks are simple to email. You only need to adhere a certain set of rules.

Paystubs cannot be sent as an attachment in an email because of security concerns, according to QBO. Paychecks are automatically transmitted to the official Intuit website. To see their paystubs at any moment, an employee must sign in. Receive a notification when new paystubs are available. To transmit the QuickBooks pay stub manually, simply follow the procedures.

Step 1: Select the Employees option from the menu on the left.

Step 2: Choose a specific employee, then select the Paycheck list tab.

Step 3: Once you’ve found the pay stub you wish to email, open it by selecting the Net Pay amount.

Step 4: Select Print.

Note: The Paycheck Printing options need to be changed if it displays the actual paycheck rather than a paystub.

How to Email Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Desktop?

Step 1: You have to Update the QuickBooks

You have to ensure that the QuickBooks is updated to the latest version. In addition to this, you have to make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Why? This is because QuickBooks employs Adobe for the conversion of pay stubs into PDFs.

Step 2: You Have to Check the Settings of Your Email

This pay stub feature isn’t always activated by default. Before sending pay stubs by email, you must turn it on.

Step 1: Select Preferences from the Edit menu in QuickBooks.

Step 2: Select the My Preferences tab after choosing the Send Forms menu.

Step 3: Choose one of the following from the Send email using section:

  • Choose WebMail if you use Gmail, Yahoo, or other comparable email providers.
  • Choose Outlook if you use Microsoft Outlook.
  • Choose QuickBooks Email to access the company’s email service.

Step 4: Select OK when you’re finished.

Step 3: Email the Pay Stubs

Step 1: To begin, choose Switch to Single-user Mode from the File menu. Don’t choose the option Shift to Multi-user Mode if it comes up. Single-user Mode is already active for you.

Step 2: Return to the File menu and choose Print Forms. Next, choose Pay Stubs.

Step 3: The bank account you use for payroll is important.

Step 4: For the pay stubs you want to email, specify a date range.

Step 5: Choose the employees to whom you want to send pay stubs by email. If you don’t want to include a particular person, you can pick that individual and remove the checkmark next to their name.

Note: It is crucial to notice whether there are any brackets or parentheses in the last name of the employees. If there are brackets, then they won’t be able to access the email.

Step 6: To review each pay stub before sending it, choose Preview. Next, choose Email.

Step 7: For each employee’s email and account, QuickBooks generates a password automatically. To provide the receivers with the passwords, make a note of them. To confirm, click OK two times.

Step 8: You should make an entry of each employee’s email address one at a time. At the conclusion, you’ll get a chance to review them once more.

Step 9: Within the Send Forms window, check the email. The email body, subject line, and To and From fields are all editable. Another option is to choose an email template.

Step 10: You have to select Send Now when you are ready.

The article highlights the methods you need to follow if you want to email pay stubs to your employees in QuickBooks Desktop and Online mode. Hopefully, you were able to comprehend the steps.

But, if the methods seem bewildering, then you must not waste time reaching out to an experienced QuickBooks professional. He or she will explain each step that you go through.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is a Payroll Check Stub?

It is a component of a paycheck containing details regarding an employee’s pay. It classifies the wages earned annually-to-date or pays period payroll. Moreover, it displays information related to taxes and other deductions out of an employee’s earning.

Can I Email Paystubs from QuickBooks Desktop to Employees?

Yes, you can save your time by sending pay stubs via email. QuickBooks Desktop allows you to forward pay stubs as a PDF document at the email address of the employee.

What to do if the Employees do Not Receive their Pay Stubs?

Here are the steps you need to follow if the employees do not receive their pay stubs:

Step 1: Send yourself trial emails. If there is an issue with your email service, this will let you know.

Step 2: Request that your staff members verify their spam and email-blocking filters.

Step 3: Make sure that the employees use the right password.

Can You Customize the QuickBooks Paystubs?

Yes, You have the option of easily customizing the employee pay stub for showcasing employee information, company address, sick information, and vacation. And QuickBooks Desktop permits you to send pay stubs in the form of a PDF document to the employee’s email address.

Which Information Can’t Be Permitted to Recover from A Pay Stub In QuickBooks As Per Legal Requirements?

• Working hours or Salary, the pay amount for the period & rate per hour.
• Deductions from and additions to wages
• Taxable company contributions
• Pay period
• Employee taxes
• Year-to-date amounts for the preceding items
• Net pay
• Employee Social Security number
• Company name and address

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