How to Import Discount Items into QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks accounting software provides you the ease of importing and exporting data to save more time. You can easily import […]

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QuickBooks accounting software provides you the ease of importing and exporting data to save more time. You can easily import the Discount items from the supportable file formats into QuickBooks desktop through Dancing Numbers software. Locate the website to get the direct link to download this useful software. In this article, you will understand in detail how to import the Discount items into QuickBooks Desktop. Don’t worry about the compatibility issue of the software; it supports all the latest QuickBooks editions.

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Explore the information about the importing process of Discount Items in QuickBooks with this Productive Software:

Here are the steps to import the Discount items with the software:

  • Firstly, you need to open the dashboard display and search in the file menu for the Import button and click on it
  • Then discover the File Selection button of the screen
  • After this choose QuickBooks Transaction Type option like Item Discount
  • Now Browse the file through clicking on Browse file button
  • Choose the file from the local system folder, or you can choose Sample templates if you want to view the default sample file in the local folder
  • The next step is to set up the Mapping of the file columns matching to QuickBooks fields; this mapping process will take place automatically if you use Dancing Numbers Template File.
  • Download the sample Template file
  • Once done all the above steps, now preview the file data through the Review Grid screen
  • After this, hit a click on Send to QuickBooks button for uploading the selected files into the company files of QuickBooks Desktop.

Go through the below table with a detailed description of Mapping fields before beginning the import setting.

Go ahead with Details of “Mapping Fields” through the Below-Given Table



Item Name

Str up to 31 Characters

It is a mandatory field-displaying name of the discount item without parent.

Parent Full Name


It contains the item parent name

Is Active


It displays the status of the item whether it is true or false

Class Ref Full Name

Str up to 159 characters

It displays the name of the class or category of an item appearing as in QuickBooks field

Sales Tax Code Full Name

Str 3

It shows whether the item is taxable or non-taxable for US editions


Str up to 4095

It describes item utilized on the sale forms

Discount Rate Percentage


It shows the percentage of the discount per item

Discount Amount


It specifies the price in the dollar for instance dollar rate, i.e., 6 for a discount of $6

Account Full Name

Str up to 159 characters

This field describes the Full Account name associated with an item that to be stored against the rate of Goods Sold

Barcode ValueStr up to 50 characters

Item’s Barcode

Perform the Import Settings:

Groups of customization are available along with import settings for your company data. You can discover them while reviewing your file, you have to click on the import screen or directly hit below the Edit menu located in the menu bar. Here are some highlighting settings useful for the transaction:

  • Discover the Matching Transaction through an identifier used for locating the already existing transaction
  • If any matching transaction is found, then take action like you can click on any of the buttons as per your preference. The button is available to display Update/Warning of the already existing transaction.
  • Check the complete file before proceeding with the import process. You can enable the Pre-Import Validation function to let it clean the issue before importing the transactions. However, this might take your few minutes, but it smooth’s the import process.

That’s all about how to import the Discount items into QuickBooks Desktop. Hopefully, this information becomes a helping hand to make you more confident to begin the import process. Stay updated with to get useful information on importing transactions into QuickBooks.

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