QuickBooks Error 6150, -1006: Causes, Symptoms & Solutions

QuickBooks Desktop software provides the facility to its users to manage the accounting and finances of any size of business. […]

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QuickBooks Desktop software provides the facility to its users to manage the accounting and finances of any size of business. The QuickBooks accounting software is so good and permits you to do various things which other accounting software are not even in the race. Like any other software QuickBooks also has some disadvantage which is that it is also prone to various errors and issues and QuickBooks Error 6150 is one such kind of error. However, the issue can be resolved with few simple steps which we will discuss in this module.

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How Can We Define the QuickBooks Error 6150?

The error arises if you try to open a company file, but you are unable to do so. The error message which you receive is: “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to create, open or use the company file. Please try again.” Prior to opting for the solution to the issue, user should be aware of the reasons and symptoms which are responsible for this error.

QuickBooks Enterprise Error Code 6150

The business owners use QuickBooks accounting software to make the functions easier, the errors which restrict it from running are annoying. One most common issue which users face while working on the software is QuickBooks Enterprise error code 6150. In some situations when Hosting mode is off, perhaps there might be the chances that some user will get 6150 errors because of the QuickBooks software is not able to access, create or read company file.

Reasons that QuickBooks Error 6150 is Visible on the Screen

There are always some reasons for every kind of errors. There might be some issues in the software or the computer which is causing the error. After reading the about the error, now you know how QuickBooks Error 6150, along with that you should also know about the root causes of the same. Here are some root causes given below of QuickBooks Error 6150:

Here are few reasons mentioned-blow which cause the QuickBooks error 6150:

  • Corrupted business files with extension QBW.
  • Improper installation of QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Incorrect spelling for the name connected to the file
  • If you are trying to save a QuickBooks Mac File on Windows OS
  • Error can be caused due to the virus
  • If someone attempts to open a portable file and unable to open the QuickBooks accounting software

After reading the above symptoms now you are able to know about the indications of QuickBooks Error 6150, along with that you should also know about the root causes of the same.

What are the Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error 6150?

Symptoms define the signs which may allow the user to get to know about the particular error or issue. Here are few symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6150 mentioned-below:

After knowing the causes and symptoms, let’s move on to the solution steps.

Solution Steps to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 6150

No need to worry as every error can be fixed even without any help from the professional. Here let’s discuss how we could get rid of this problem. For combating the error 6105 in QuickBooks, the first thing you are required to do is to turn off all the third-party applications running in the background. There might be chances for the closing of QuickBooks files, that’s why the QuickBooks error code 6105 is visible. This error suggests may be company file is corrupted or misused. Also, it will not permit the user to save the files in the required location which can create the issue of space shortage. There are few easy solutions given below to resolve this error:

Solution 1: Reboot the Computer

If you reboot the system it can resolve the maximum issues as all apps will be free of third-party applications running at the background upon being restarted.

Solution 2: Check if Company File is installed.

  • In the first step, login into QuickBooks with admin accesses.
  • After that, you are required to open the company file.
  • Now, select the utility options from the provided list.
  • In this step, you are required to choose the option which allows you to back up the company file to which you wanted to compress as shown in the below given screenshot.
  • Post the above step, now opt for the respective file and confirm and host the file.
  • And in the end, you are required to allow the verification process to end and be reconstructed.
  • If you are still facing the issue, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Basic Remedial Steps

  • In the first step, copy the required file to the Desktop and attempt to open the file in QuickBooks software.
  • Now, you need to rename the .TLG file and restart the QuickBooks desktop.

Solution 4: Reinstallation of QuickBooks Accounting Software

Sometimes this error is also visible due to malicious application intervention or a malware attach. So, if you reinstall the QuickBooks accounting software it can help you to get rid of the error.

  • In the first step, shut down the QuickBooks application and navigate to the control panel by clicking the programs and features.
  • In the second step, you are required to search QuickBooks from the list and select the uninstall option.
  • After that, reinstall QuickBooks application and run it with the admin accesses and try to open the company file.

Solution 5: Perform the Steps for QuickBooks Service to Auto Data Recovery

Try using the QuickBooks auto data recovery tool to get alleviate the error, if the issue exist. You can go to the website and run it to get rid of the QuickBooks error 6105.

Solution 6: Run the QuickBooks Accounting Software as an Administrator

  • In the first step, shut down the QuickBooks accounting software application.
  • In the next step, click right on the QuickBooks accounting software application and run it as an administrator.
  • And in the final step, when the dialog box is appear you need to choose the yes tab.

There are many ways to connect with the support team where you can get guidance to resolve the concerns. QuickBooks has a user base of almost seven million users across the globe. This allows them to create a huge online community. QuickBooks has a passionate online community page. Folks from all over the globe post about their problems and get the relevant solution for it.

You can write about the error which you get and also look if any other user has faced the same issue like you. Along with that, QuickBooks professional team also comments on issues and how to get rid of them. So, this also provides an enormous possibility to get rid of the issues.

If you still not able to get the solution for the issue for the QuickBooks Error 6150, you can get connected with the Dancing Numbers professionals with our LIVE CHAT option. We now have great expertise in resolving errors for QuickBooks accounting software.

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Which Error Message Appears on the Screen When we get the Error 6150?

Here is the screenshot of the error message which appears on the screen when we get the error 6150.

Can You Explain Some other Causes for Error 6150?

Here are few other causes for 6150 Error given-below:

checked Damaged company file with QBW extension.
checked Improper installation of QuickBooks accounting software.
checked Typo with the extension for QuickBooks file.
checked Attempt to save QuickBooks Macintosh file using Windows.
checked Virus infection.
checked Open the portable file with .QBM extension without opening the QuickBooks accounting application software.

How to Restore from Backup in QuickBooks Accounting Software?

Restoring from Backup can assist the user to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 6150. You need to adhere the below-mentioned steps to restore from backup:

checked In the first step, you are required to navigate to the QuickBooks accounting software and Open the Restore Company.
checked After that, you are required to click on the Restore a Backup Copy option and then click on the Next.
checked Here, you need to select the Local Back up and then click on Next option and choose the place of the company file backup.
checked Now, you need to select the backup option with the .QBB extension. You will see a display message on the screen and then hit on OK and Next post that.
checked Write down the new name of the Company File and after that save it in the .QBW format.
checked In the end you need to click on yes and confirm to overwrite.

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