The Summary of QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21)

Over the period of time, QuickBooks has become immensely popular because it is capable of carrying out the account-related process […]

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Over the period of time, QuickBooks has become immensely popular because it is capable of carrying out the account-related process smoothly with great ease. It is an online application available both in the cloud-based form as well as on-premises that is found to be beneficial for all the small and medium-sized enterprises. This is because it helps them to coordinate several functions such as making their business payments, paying their bills, and several other payroll functions. Not just that, QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) is one of the fastest-growing online accounting applications all over the world.

Both the QuickBooks versions named online and enterprise are provided to you for meeting your business and accounting requirements. In this article, multiple impressive features of the QuickBooks Enterprise have been enlisted to help you understand things in a better way. So ensure that you read this article thoroughly till the end to know more.

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Table of Contents

What Does the New Release Mean for You?

The new release of QuickBooks Enterprise is an important update that is inclusive of ample new add-on features and improvements. For reference, some of the key changes have been mentioned below:

  • The new released version provides you with a redesigned interface thus making it easier to be used. The layout is more user-friendly, with a logical placement of menus and buttons inside it.
  • You are now allowed to create invoices, make payments, and bills directly through your registered account. This way you can easily proceed with the billing process of your clients.
  • Not just that, the latest release also offers several new reports that can give you insights into your finances.

In simpler words, you will now be able to see how much money you are left with in each account at any instant of time.

Overall, it is evident to say that the new release of QuickBooks Enterprise is a significant update that can make the management of your finances and billing your clients quite flexible.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Version 21 (v21)?

QuickBooks Enterprise is accounting software that makes it easier for businesses to look after and manage their finances, receivable accounts, inventory, and so much more. It provides you with several features that make it an important tool to be used by businesses of all scales and sizes. QuickBooks Enter has a number of powerful tools for managing finances. The QuickBooks Enterprise software has a number of other features that help businesses to keep track of their financial status. The features include salaries and wages, payroll, bills payable, and customers. These features allow business owners to keep track of their employees’ pay and expenses. In addition, QuickBooks Enterprise tracks all bills that a company incurs. It also has many new features that make it easier to work with your finances.

Your business tends to become more efficient which is important for the overall growth of your company. You will also be able to get deeper insights into your company.

Some of the significant functionalities offered by QuickBooks Enterprise version 21 (v21) are as under:

  • Send Invoices.
  • Generate Purchase Orders.
  • Accept Payments.
  • Vendor Payments.
  • Payroll Processing.

What are the Significant Features of the QuickBooks Enterprise Version 21 (v21)?

After the release of the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 version (v21), several updates and features have been introduced to the QuickBooks product line. The important features listed below lead to the improved functionality of QuickBooks enterprise software.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021: Improved Productivity

1. Improved Bank Feeds

Use categories to categorize the bank transactions automatically. The details used for categorization are batch editing, improved matching, and enhanced rules. Get permits to do the quick search, categorization criteria, and define for gaining efficiency and flexibility.

2. Receipt Management

The user can automatically create and then customize the transactions of receipt expenses into your QuickBooks. To capture receipt data use the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile application. Attach the digital receipt to the expense transactions for the audit trail.

3. Customer Groups

Create customer groups on the basis of rules like location, balance, customer type, sales rep, and status. This way you can automate and manage the communication using the information. This is also beneficial while sending statements or invoices automatically.

4. Automated Send Statements

Send statements automatically that are tailored according to the customer’s requirements. Send statements using the pre-defined emails from QuickBooks that must be reviewed before. For different customer groups, different templates can be used.

5. Format and Customize Payment Receipts

Customize the formatting of your payment receipts that include a logo that shows a consistent and professional look to your customer. You can also create different customizations according to your customers.

6. Improved PDF Invoice and Attachment Review

Now users can use send invoice view option to preview the attachments and invoice into their QuickBooks account. You are not required to open the invoice manually to check for attachments.

7. QuickBooks Desktop Manager

This tool helps users to locate and install all the products of QuickBooks Desktop in a single place. So it makes your work easier now. All you have to do is search for the products you have purchased, and then choose the product. After that, it does all the things for you automatically.

8. QuickBooks Tool Hub

The user can easily fix the problems and glitches by just selecting the type of error you are facing the issue. It fixes the problems that you are facing in your QuickBooks account.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0: Improved Efficiency for Complex Business Needs

1. Better Data Level Permissions:

It is an important feature upgrade offered by QuickBooks Enterprise software that provides you with enhanced security and higher confidentiality. You must note that the functionality of Data Level Permissions schemes for the consumers having Diamond and Platinum subscriptions of the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) version only.

  • It provides you with more customized user access for the purpose of editing, viewing, or deleting a particular customer or vendor credentials found in a group.
  • The users are limited to having defined access to particular information for enhancing the security of the data.
  • It also permits administrators to then make multiple roles with limited access to avoid the requirement for the manual enforcement or allocation of various responsibilities.
  • All the confidential records and the associated transactional and financial information will now be accessible only to the users who are having the right authorization permissions.

2. Enhanced Batch Delete Sales Records:

Businesses are allowed to look after the client files in an efficient manner with the help of this feature upgrade.

  • It is quite a mighty feature that can be accessed only using the QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant version.
  • Therefore, it is advised to take necessary precautions and analyze the consequences of the data thus impacted carefully prior to using the Batch Delete Sales Records.
  • This functionality is capable of accessing the Void transactions/ Batch Delete option found just under the Enterprise Accountant in the menu bar.

The accountants could delete or void the invoices, bills, and checks in the batches before the commencement of this update feature.

3. Better Landed Costs:

This update feature permits the users to assign the freight, shipping, and associated charges corresponding to the price of an item.

  • This updated feature allows the users to have control over calculating and dividing the landed costs in a more flexible way.
  • For setting up this feature, you just need to choose any of the Costs of Goods Sold or Other Current Assets as the account type for capturing the charges of the landed costs.
  • With this feature update, the users can now have more freedom and control over the confidential information as they are now allowed to print bills with or without the landed cost information.
  • For accessing this functionality, simply choose the option named landed cost found below the Advanced Inventory settings tab under Company Preferences and the Edit option of the File menu.

4. Improved Alternate Vendor Reports:

Using this feature, you get an information center that has vendor contact and the pricing details for a better purchase experience.

  • The latest release helps to make a purchase order predominantly inclusive of the vendor information.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 version improvises the user experience as it adds Alternate Vendor columns under a particular report.
  • You can access Alternate Vendor Reports by going to the top menu and selecting Reports, then Inventory, Inventory Stock Status by Item, or Valuation Summary, respectively.
  • Further, you need to choose the Customize Report option and then scroll to further choose the column on the Display tab for including the Alternate Vendor column.

5. Fresh Barcode Label Prices:

This feature update ensures transparency in terms of pricing visibility.

  • You can now take into account the sales price apart from the item name and description automatically on the printed barcode labels.
  • This feature helps in increasing customer satisfaction as they tend to have an enhanced shopping experience because of the transparent pricing details of every inventory item given to the customers.

6. Improved Serial/Lot Numbers Needed on Transactions:

This improved feature allows you to fill in the serial and lot number prior to getting the transaction saved which helps you to keep your inventory organized.

  • Make sure to set the preference for the global inventory with the help of the Edit option found in the menu bar.
  • After that, you are supposed to choose Preferences followed by Inventory, Company preferences, and serial/lot numbers respectively.
  • Once done, finally select the default settings for enabling the requirements of the serial/lot numbers.
  • If you want to make it authorized to an individual inventory item, head to the menu bar and choose Lists followed by Item Lists.
  • Having done the above step, choose the item and make a right-click to edit it.
  • The last step is to choose the option named serial or lot numbers located on the right side and then choose to make it mandatory.

In simpler words, all the improvements in the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) version mentioned above allow you to get greater flexibility, freedom, control, and authenticity not just for the businesses but their clients as well.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0: Improved Functionality with Connected Services

1. Improved Reminders of Payroll Liability

There is an improvement done in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021 version for payroll processors who want to set up the payroll liability payment due reminder. All this is done using the calendar application.

2. Improved Simplified Employee Payroll Setup

All users can now do historical payroll setup easily. A complete guide setup is available from the last year’s release of payroll. Many small businesses invite the employees so that they can fill up their personal information.

3. Improved Customer Merchant Payments for Auto-matching

With this feature, the merchants of QuickBooks Desktop can auto-match all the accounting records with their payments. All this is done with no work and complete confidence. The categories that required immediate attention can be easily focused on by users.

4. Improved QuickBooks Capital Funding

This improved feature now provides the transparency for business funding. The business funding becomes flexible and easier without any hidden charges, prepayment penalties, and origination fees.

Why Should you Make use of the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21)?

QuickBooks Enterprise solution version 2021(v21) provides you with the ultimate one-stop solution for all the businesses that are planning to expand their operations and make their company grow in the near future.

Listed below are the major reasons why you should opt for the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) version.

1. Growth of Your Business:

If you want to establish your business and make it successful in the years that follow, you need to be very active in its approach and identify the best possible solutions and improvements that can benefit your business.

2. No Requirement for an ERP:

QuickBooks Enterprise version 2021 (v21) offers ample accounting features that are enough to cover the needs of a growing business. This includes payroll payments and receipts as well as invoicing. Hence, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is not that important.

Also, you will also get to manage your business and determine the best way to convert leads through inventory, reporting, and sales.

3. Integrated Applications:

From marketing to compliance, the latest release named QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) version has integrated functions across multiple third-party apps. The latest release also comes with your business needs in mind rather than making you wait for other companies to catch up.

4. Solution for Specific Industries:

With the help of the latest QuickBooks Enterprise version 2021 (v21), you get the edge to have industry-specific solutions such as the following.

  • Various professional services.
  • Accountants.
  • Small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Non-profitable organizations.

If you want your business to grow in the coming years, then it is very important to figure out the needs and requirements of each industry associated with it.

Owning an accounting software company can be expensive and time-consuming. This is because the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) Version is the perfect alternative for all businesses irrespective of their scales and sizes.

In this article, the key features of QuickBooks Enterprise Version 2021 are summarized and you will get to know why it is the best choice for businesses of all sizes. This article also provides you with a brief overview of some of the things that can help make your business run better.

Now, that you have a complete guide on QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) version, you can decide If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and if you are sure then you can make use of the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) Version today!

However, if you are still confused. Then you can reach out to the customer helpdesk for quick and easy assistance.

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What are the Steps to Implement improved Data Level Permissions While Working on QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21)?

The steps for implementing enhanced data level permissions are:

Log in to the company file as the Admin user.
Select Company from the menu bar and then Users.
Tap Setup Users and Roles and visit the Roles tab.
Then, you either need to edit an existing role or create a custom role.
Choose the role of Account Receivable and then duplicate.
Then type the Role name.
Click on Centres in the Role Access.
Click Custom and tap Edit in Activity Assess Level.

How can I include the Alternate Vendor Column in QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) Version?

Follow the given steps to include the Alternate Vendor column:

Firstly, hit the Customized Report option.
Finally, scroll down and choose the column on the Display tab.

List the Steps Required to Set up the Improved Landed Costs in QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21)?

Following are the steps for setting up the improved landed costs:

From the file menu, choose Edit and then Preferences.
Click on Items & Inventory and then Company Preferences.
Visit the Advanced Inventory Settings tab.
Click on Landed cost to set up improved landed costs.

How do I get Access to the Improved Barcode Label Prices in QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 (v21) Version?

You can access improved barcode label prices easily in QuickBooks Enterprise version 2021. You just need to follow these steps:

Choose File.
Click on Print Forms.
Finally click on labels.

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