How to Edit and Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Desktop/Online

Are you looking for editing the debits and credits on a journal entry or erase it completely? You can easily […]

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Are you looking for editing the debits and credits on a journal entry or erase it completely?

You can easily create the Journal Entries on your own or with your accountant. You can edit and correct a journal entry by reversing it if necessary. You can also remove the entry if you made it by accident.

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In this article, you get to know how you can edit and delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Desktop or Online. This makes your process easier to do on your own. The benefit that you get is you can find solutions for QuickBooks Online and Desktop both. This makes your financial work easy to analyze and manage.

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What is QuickBooks Journal Entry?

Journal entries are manual entries of transactions in QuickBooks. While all transactions are automatically posted to the general journal, you can create manual general journal entries if you find that tools for doing the same aren’t present. Manual journal entries can be very helpful, especially if you’ve posted a transaction that you need to cancel. A manual entry can be used to nullify the effects of a check or transaction. So the entry can also be used to void checks that have been reconciled.

What are the Situations to use a Journal Entry?

The situations to use Journal Entries are as follows:

  • When you want to do the accounting using the traditional way in which you have to mention the debit amount and credit amount into the Journal or Ledger.
  • Journal entry is used when you have to do the transaction between the income and expense accounts.
  • In case of transferring the money from the equity account, asset, or liability to the income or expense account.

How to Edit and Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks

You can easily do these processes according to your requirements. The edit journal entry is not able to do so you have to do it using the reverse method. In the same way, delete journal entries is done by hiding them from the data. As it won’t be deleted permanently. You can unhide the deleted entries whenever required. Here are the steps to edit and delete a journal entry in QuickBooks:

Steps to Edit a Journal Entry in QuickBooks

Follow these procedures if you need to distribute a transaction between two accounting periods or correct a debit and credit mistake. This simply reverses the debits and credits without deleting the original journal entry:

  • In QuickBooks Online software.
  • Click on the Settings opinion that is the gear-like icon on the top right side.
  • Then from the drop-down menu, click on the option Chart of Accounts.
  • Now locate the account for which you made the journal post.
  • You have to select the Account History option.
  • Look for the journal item that is in the Account Register.
  • The phrase Journal should occur in the or Type field of the Ref No.
  • To enlarge the display, choose the journal entry.
  • Then click the Edit option.
  • Further, choose the option Reverse.
  • Click on the Save button and you are done.

After, editing the Journal entry using the reverse method. The QuickBooks creates a new Journal entry that helps to manage the books. This is usually done to balance the modification you have done before. The information that this new entry has is as follows:

  • The new journal entry retains the previous journal number while adding the letter “R.” This indicates that it has been resolved.
  • The information in the journal entry must have the same information as the previous one. Such as the Account, Name, and Description.
  • The date of the newest journal entry is also dated as the first day of the month according to the previous original journal entry.

Steps to Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks

If you accidentally created a journal entry, follow these instructions to permanently erase it. Make sure that you want to delete this Journal entry as this can easily throw your accounts out of balance:

  • To delete the Journal entry, click on the Settings option
  • Further, choose the option Chart of Accounts
  • Locate the account for which you made the journal post
  • Then click on Account history to view the entries
  • Look for the journal item in the account register
  • In Ref No. the term Journal should appear in the or Type field
  • To show the display fully, choose the journal entry
  • For deleting the entry, click on the Delete button
  • Provide the confirmation when asked by clicking on the Yes button.

How to Delete a Line in a Journal Entry in QuickBooks?

Sometimes, users add incorrect transactions in the journal entry that is required to remove. To remove that line from the Journal entry data you have to follow few steps. The step-by-step process is mentioned to make it easy for you. Follow the steps and get it done easily:-

  • In QuickBooks, go to the left side menu navigation.
  • You have to choose the option Transaction to view further options.
  • Further, click on the Chart of Accounts option.
  • Now go to the location where you have saved the transaction.
  • Hit on the link of the option View Register.
  • Select the Journal to highlight in which you want to make changes.
  • Click on the option named Edit.
  • Further, choose the option Trash bin icon.
  • Now the line of the journal entry is deleted.

How to Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Desktop or Online?

Deleting a Journal Entry in QuickBooks is the best way to fix the entries that are done mistakenly. You just required the right information to do so. Here is the information that helps you to delete it into your account whether you use it QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. Both version steps are mentioned in detail. Follow the process and complete it in a simpler way.

How to Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Select Make General Journal Entries from the Company menu.
  • Now, select the Main tab.
  • Then go to the upper left corner of the Make General Journal Entries box.
  • Click the Left Arrow to assist you in identifying the GJE that you want to remove.
  • Check that if you have the General Journal Entry number.
  • Then click the Find and put it in the Entry No. section.
  • After that, you are done.

How to Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online?

If you believe that a transaction was made in error and should be erased, the methods outlined below can assist you.

  • Select Settings first, then go to the next steps.
  • You must now choose a Chart of Accounts.
  • Then, locate the proper account for the transaction.
  • Then, from the Action column, choose Account history.
  • Moving on, pick the journal entry and then click Delete.
  • Finally, choose Yes to indicate that you wish to remove the transaction.

How to Delete Multiple Journal Entries in QuickBooks Online?

In a bill, you may currently delete only one line item at a time. However, you may return a bill to its original shape by clicking the Clear all lines or Clear option. You may also submit feedback to our developers to express your thoughts. This will be an excellent choice for future upgrades.

To delete the darkened lines in QuickBooks the steps are:

  • In the left navigation menu of QuickBooks Online
  • Click on the Company menu option
  • From further options, choose option Make Journal Entries
  • After that, click on the Find option to search for the entries
  • Mention the details like name, date, entry number, and amount
  • After mentioning details, click on the Find button
  • After searching entry, double-click on it
  • Then choose the Delete option to delete it
  • Click on the OK button if asked for deletion confirmation
  • After that, click on the button Save and Close.

How to Restore a Deleted Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online?

You will not be able to recover any deleted journal entries or other transactions. You may only examine the information of the deleted journal item in the Audit Log and manually restore them.

Here’s how to examine the deleted journal entry’s details:

  • Select Audit Log from the Gear menu
  • In the Users section, click the Filter button and choose All Users
  • In the Date column, choose All Dates
  • Mark the Transactions box under Events
  • In the Show box, choose Deleted/Voided Transactions
  • Click the Apply button
  • Find the deleted journal entry and choose View
  • Take note of the information by clicking the newly added history.

Above, you get to know how you can easily edit and delete Journal Entry in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. All the processes are mentioned so that you can easily do it on your own. If you have any issues then you can connect with the Dancing Numbers Online team via LIVE CHAT or CALL.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Create a Journal Entry after Edit or Delete the Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online?

checked In QuickBooks Online, click on the + sign.
checked Then further, select the Journal Entry option to create a new one.
checked Provide all the information correctly that is required.
checked Check for both columns (debit and credit column) that must be balanced equally.
checked In the Credit memo section, mention the information to create Journal Entry.
checked When done, click on the button Save and Close button if you don’t want to create another new entry.
checked To create another new entry click on the button Save and New.

How to import Journal Entries after an Edit or Delete Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online?

checked In QuickBooks, click on the Gear icon to open the Settings menu
checked Click on the Import data option
checked Select Journal Entries option
checked Go to the download page and then Browse for file
checked Select the Excel or CSV file
checked Click on the Open button to open the file
checked To proceed, hit on Next button
checked Map the information by matching the fields
checked Then click on the Next button and if any error is shown then fix it by edit it
checked Click on the Import button to start importing process
checked When importing is done, click on the Done button.

What are the Few things about Journal entry that you have to take care of while Edit and Delete Journal Entry in QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

checked In the case of QuickBooks Online, there is a different journal entry for each currency
checked There are additional columns for the class and the location
checked Only one type of account is applicable on each entry that is Accounts Payable or Accounts receivable
checked The journal entry retains the information from the previous journal entry, such as the Name, Description, and Account, and adds the letter R to the original journal number. This letter R indicates that it has been reconciled.
checked When you save any Journal entry then General Ledger is updated automatically after saving it
checked By matching the date of the original journal entry, the new journal entry is also dated as the first day of the month.

In QuickBooks, how do you Export a Journal Entry before Deleting it?

checked In QuickBooks, go to the Accountant menu
checked Then click on the General Journal Entries
checked Choose the dates from the drop-down menu
checked Tick the entries you wish to export before removing them
checked To transmit the Journal Entries, choose Email as an attachment
checked Now save the journal entries as .QBJ files
checked Click the Save as File option
checked You can remove the journal entry after exporting.

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