QuickBooks Save as PDF not Working – Causes & Solutions

QuickBooks Save as PDF not working is a well-known problem often reported by users of accounting software. Whenever you update […]

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QuickBooks Save as PDF not working is a well-known problem often reported by users of accounting software. Whenever you update it to Windows 10 and then notify QuickBooks to issue PDFs for you, this issue appears. Such an issue shows error messages like QuickBooks failed to save your form as a PDF file.

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QuickBooks offers the PDF Repair tool and QB Print to fix common printing issues that often fail to fix this problem. In today’s article, we will highlight what are the causes, symptoms, and solutions to fix QuickBooks Save as PDF not working issue. The solutions stated in this article will be useful to fix the QuickBooks Save as PDF not working issue.

What is the Error Message that Appears on the Screen During this issue?

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QuickBooks PDF Generation Message

Problem: QuickBooks could not save your form as a PDF file

Solution: Do any one of the Following:

  • Close all programs that are open and then attempt to save the form once more.
  • Attempt saving the form again.
  • In case the form does not get displayed in Print Preview, It could mean a printing problem.

Causes Behind the QuickBooks Save as PDF not Working Error

There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of the error, like connectivity problems with the printer. Below-mentioned is a list of the reasons that could trigger the occurrence of this error and be responsible for the command failure:

  • There can be many problems with your workstation because of the updated version of the Windows 10 XPS Document writer device.
  • QuickBooks freezes often during the reconciliation process.
  • QuickBooks failed to use the TEMP folder.
  • The XPS Document Writer can be damaged because of many reasons.
  • QuickBooks is missing an important component, hence failing to finish an action.

Points to Remember Before Attempting to fix the Error

Before you approach the solutions for this error, it is important to take a look at some of the crucial pointers that are needed to be considered, some of which are stated below:

  • The user must attempt to restart the system since it can fix the problem.
  • Often, It is expected that a user may witness an event when the user is able to print reports, however, printing transactions is not possible. In such a scenario, the user can attempt to alter the template form. It must be noted that the damaged or corrupted templates cannot be fixed, which makes it crucial to use other templates.
  • One of the crucial points to remember is that a user needs to verify whether the particular printer is switched on or not.
  • Now the user must check if it is possible to print with other programs or not. If it fails to function properly, then the issue most likely be not with QuickBooks.
  • The user may also see the QuickBooks error dialog or Windows Error dialog together with the printer error dialog.

Solutions to Fix the QuickBooks Save as PDF not Working

There are many solutions that can be that can be used to solve the QuickBooks Save as PDF not working. Here is the list of such reasons:

Solution 1: Install Microsoft XPS once Again

The first step that one must opt for is installing Microsoft XPS again with the help of the steps provided below:

  • To authenticate and make sure XPS services are active, you need to hit the button for Start or Windows.
  • Now navigate to the Control Panel
  • Now shift to the system group and then press on the tab, Uninstall/Change a Program.
  • Step 4: Now press on the tab Turn Windows Features On.
  • Step 5: Now, go down and ensure the XPS services plus the XPS viewer are active. To do so, you need to add a checkmark on both boxes and then click OK. Next, test QuickBooks after shifting to both services to check if the issue still persists or not.

Install XPS Document Writer in Windows 8 once more

In Windows 8, the steps to install XPS Document Writer again may differ from other versions of Windows. If you are a Windows 8 user, the steps are given below:

  • Use the mouse to reflect the particular start screen
  • Choose the Settings Option.
  • Now press on the Control Panel
  • Now choose Printers and Devices. Then hit right-click the icon for Microsoft XPS document writer and then press on the option for Remove Device.
  • Press on Yes to approve.
  • In the available toolbar, Click Add a Printer and choose Add a network print/ local printer using manual settings.
  • Now choose PORTPROMPT- Local Port and Press Next.
  • Choose the Microsoft option and press the option Microsoft XPS document writer v4 from the given list of manufacturers.
  • Press Next and then choose the option, Replace the present driver and press Next again.
  • Now reveal version 4 to make sure the name is nothing else but Microsoft XPS document writer.
  • Finally, Press the button Finish.

Installing XPS Document Writer for Windows Vista and Windows 7

In case you are Vista or Windows 7 user, here are the steps to ensure that you install XPS document writer in the right manner, again:

  • You need to shift to the particular Windows Start menu.
  • Now choose Printers and Drivers
  • Now press right-click the MS XPS document writer icon and then choose the remote device.
  • Press Yes.
  • In the available toolbar, choose Add a Printer and then choose Add a Local.
  • Now, Hit on the option, Select Use an Existing Port.
  • Step 7: Now, Choose XPSPort- the local port and press the tab for Next.
  • Now, Choose the tab for Microsoft >> choose Microsoft XPS Document Writer and press it.
  • Choose Replace Current Driver and you are all set.

Solution 2: Download the Print Repair tool and QuickBooks PDF Tool and Run it

  • First, You need to shift and then run the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool.
  • Now do all the .pdf files concerning task that actually gives rise to this issue.
  • If you locate the error on the window, you need to reboot the system. Then try once more.
  • Approve to print the particular XPS document author. Post that, and save it as a PDF file.
  • It is possible to use XPS document author elements and save the XPS document author in the form of a PDF file.
  • Now open the notepad and then enter something
  • Shift the file and then press Print.
  • Now choose the XPS document author and then choose the Print option.

And then select the desktop within.

Now move to the desktop and lastly, check if you can read the XPS document written from the tab.

Solution 3: Repair MSXML 6.0 by Running the File Checker

You need to run the system file checker to fix MSXML 6.0 which is in Windows 8.

For Windows 8

  • The first step is to click the button for Windows Start.
  • Enter the command and then press the same.
  • Now you need to press the option that is at the bottom bar in order to run as admin.
  • In case you are requested to add the admin password, then you need to include it and press Ok.
  • The final step is to enter SFC/Scan.

For Vista and Windows 7

You need to run the system file checker to fix MSXML 6.0 which is built into Windows 7 with the help of the steps provided below:

  • Press on the option for Windows Start.
  • Choose All Programs. Now click on the option for Accessories.
  • Press right-click the command prompt. Now choose Run as Admin.
  • Now you need to enter the Admin password.
  • Enter SFC/scan now.

Solution 4: Avoid the Print Spooler

  • Firstly, In Windows open the panel for Printer Control.
  • Press right-click on the option for Microsoft XPS document writer.
  • Now choose the printer properties.
  • Now press right-click on the Advanced tab. Now press on the option Print Directly to the particular printer option.
  • Now save the changes by pressing the OK button.
  • To complete the process, you need to close the printer properties.

Solution 5: Create a New Template for the Particular Form

You must issue a new template for the form plus for the transaction. Now you need to modify the template. Furthermore, prepare the .pdf file.

Solution 6: Handling Windows user Permissions for the XPS Document Writer

  • First, you need to open the panel for Printer’s Control.
  • Now press right-click on the Microsoft XPS document writer.
  • Now click the option Printer properties.
  • Now press on the option for Security.
  • Search for the user cluster. Now click the Add tab.
  • Now type in everyone and then press the option, Check Names.
  • Click the OK button. Now press the Print Option. Now you need to put a checkmark on the row with allow column. Now click the OK button.
  • Next, Navigate to C:\Windows\system32\spool in.
  • Press right-click on the Printers option. Now press the option for Security.
  • Now press Edit Add respectively.
  • Now enter the local service.
  • Next, make sure the local service has complete control. Now press the OK button.
  • Lastly, Open QuickBooks and prepare a .PDF file.

Solution 7: See if the Reconciliation Window is Registered or not

  • Authenticate if the reconcile window is registered or not in the Window menu list.
  • Now choose Close All.
  • Finally, Begin the reconciliation process once more.

In this article, we have stated all the steps to fix the QuickBooks Save as PDF file not working error. You need to go through all the solutions and implement them one by one as long as the issue lingers.

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