How to Reimburse Employees in QuickBooks Desktop & Online?

There are some ways to reimburse an employee once he/she has paid for a particular thin with their own money. […]

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There are some ways to reimburse an employee once he/she has paid for a particular thin with their own money. The transaction can be recorded as a petty cash expense and the employee can be paid cash, or can a check can be issued or the transaction can be recorded as a notice that promises to pay the employee later.

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The process selected to reimburse an employee is based on the agreement made to refund the money spent.

Let us understand clearly what Reimbursement is.

What are Reimbursements?

In the simple sense, reimbursements are the payments that are non-taxable. It is paid to the employees of the business when they have paid for a certain business requirement from their bank account. Such forms of payment does not come in any of the payroll tax forms.

How to Record Reimbursed Expenses in QuickBooks Online and Desktop?

Record Reimbursed Expenses in QuickBooks Online

In order to add the expense reimbursement in QuickBooks Online, you must understand how to add the business item or expense that you have paid with your own money. Once you have added it, you can easily reimburse it as a check or expense. Whether you want to record the reimbursed expense in QuickBooks Online utilizing your checks, personal funds, or expenses, the best way depends on your choice and the details available.

Solution 1: With Personal Money

Considering that you have paid for the company’s expenses using your funds, then you must add the cost to the QuickBooks accounting software. When you do so, it will be reimbursed afterward. Here are the steps to enter the cost in QuickBooks Online:

Step 1: Navigate to the +New menu.

Step 2: Select the Journal Entry option.

Step 3: Now, you can choose the expenses account provided on the 1st line for you to buy.

Step 4: After this, navigate to the section for Debit in order to add the purchase amount.

Step 5: Move to the 2nd line.

Step 6: Click on the Partner’s equity or Owner’s equity option.

Step 7: Choose the Credits section. Enter the same amount of purchase.

Step 8: Once it is done, click Save and Close.

Solution 2: Via a Check or Expense

Concerning the amount you pay as a kind of expense, you can add it in two ways in the accounting software. The first option is use Expense. Furthermore, recording reimbursed expenses in QuickBooks Online can also be accessed via a check. Post that, you can state the employee expense amount and then save it.

Step 1: Press on the option +New in QuickBooks Online.

Step 2: Now, choose the Expense or Check option.

Step 3: Now, you can select the bank account that is utilized to repay your money.

Step 4: Go ahead with the Category section.

Step 5: Choose from the options Partner’s equity and Owner’s Equity.

Step 6: You can enter the paying amount and make sure the changes are saved.

Record Reimbursed Expenses in QuickBooks Desktop

A billing menu is always added in a QuickBooks Desktop company file. It is crucial for pushing the processes in connection with the bills. Since the expenses sustained by the employees can be identical to bills, they can be registered as reimbursements from this particular menu. You can mention the vendor name along with the job of the customer.

Here are the steps to record employee expenses reimbursement in the QuickBooks desktop:

Step 1: Launch the QuickBooks Desktop in order to open the company file.

Step 2: Now go to the Billing tab.

Step 3: Post this, choose the name of the vendor for whom you want to make the reimbursable expense.

Step 4: Enter the reimbursement amount.

Step 5: Select the right customer job.

Step 6: Navigate to the Bills column.

Step 7: Go to register the employee expense reimbursement in QuickBooks Desktop by stating if you want to charge the amount paid to the client.

Step 8: Once completed, press OK and then save the process.

Note: It is imperative to follow the steps in the given sequence. Do not overlap or jump any step if you wish to record reimbursement of the employees in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

It can be important to note the amount that is being paid by an employee for the company. By registering and keeping a record of the reimbursed expenditure in QuickBooks, it becomes imperative for the company to repay it.

In this article, we have explained in detail how you can reimburse your employees in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

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How to turn the Billable Expense on?

In order to turn on the billable expense, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: The first step is that you need to go to the Gear icon. Now you need to choose Account and move to the Expense tab.

Step 2: Now you need to choose the Edit option from the particular Bills and Expense segment.

Step 3: Now, you are required to turn on the Show Items table on purchase and expense forms, Monitor expenses and the items by a customer, and make items and expenses billable.

Step 4: When all the steps mentioned above are complete, you can set up the particular Markup rate, Sales Tax charge, Billable expense tracking, and Bill Payment terms.

Step 5: Lastly, press on the Save and Close option.

How to Add a Billable Expense to Invoices?

In order to add a billable expense to invoices, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First, you are required to press on the New Menu and select Invoices.

Step 2: Choose the customer for whom you have designed the billable expense from the given Customer drop-down menu. This will direct you to the add to the invoice screen.

Step 3: Now, select the option Add the Billable expense that you are required to charge the customer.

Step 4: Lastly, press on the Save and Close option.

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