How to Install, Setup, and Use the QuickBooks Pro Timer

The QuickBooks Pro Timer is an application of QuickBooks that you have to use independently on your computer. You have […]

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The QuickBooks Pro Timer is an application of QuickBooks that you have to use independently on your computer. You have to install, set up, and use QuickBooks Pro Timer to track the entered time without QuickBooks. After doing the time tracking in QuickBooks Pro timer application. Export it and then import it into QuickBooks software.

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The time tracking feature is used to bill and track your customer’s number of hours that they consumed in the activity or the project they are doing. This feature can be set up easily with a few simple steps.

Types of Files used in QuickBooks Pro Timer

There are 4 types of extensions that are used in QuickBooks Pro Timer and that are mentioned here:

  • .IIF Extension: It easily Transfers the List Data to Your QuickBooks Pro Timer and Time Data Back to QuickBooks.
  • .TDB Extension: This is the QuickBooks Pro Timer Working File. You Found this File in the Directory of QBTIMER.
  • .LDB Extension: Microsoft can Access the File that is Required for the .TDB File Extension.
  • .BDB Extension: This is the QuickBooks Pro Timer Backup File Extension.

Steps to Install the QuickBooks Pro Timer

There are few steps to perform the installation and setup of QuickBooks Pro Timer smoothly and properly. The steps are as follows:

  • First of all, Download the Pro Timer into Your Computer.
  • Save it in the Default Downloads Folder Location or Any Custom Location.
  • Then Go to the Downloaded Folder and Double-click on the File to Start the Installation.
  • You have to Install it Properly by Following on-screen Instructions.
  • After Complete Installation, You have to Copy the Installation to other Computers also.

Now, you are done with the download and installation of the QuickBooks Pro timer.

Step to Set up the QuickBooks Pro Timer

For this, you have to turn on the time tracking into your QuickBooks account:

  • In QuickBooks, Sign in as the Admin.
  • Then make sure that you are in Single-User Mode if not then Switch it.
  • Click on the Edit Menu option.
  • Further Click on the Preferences option.
  • The New Window of Preferences opens up.
  • In this Window, Click on the Time and Expenses option.
  • You have to Select the Tab Company Preferences.
  • Click on the Yes Button When it Asks you Do You Track Time?.
  • In the Drop-down list of First Day of Work Week, Select the day on Which you want to Start the Tracking of Each Week.
  • In the End, Click on the OK Button.

After turning on the Time Tracking, You have to do connect the pro timer with QuickBooks to use QuickBooks Pro Timer.

  • Create the Data File of Pro Timer.
  • Then Export Your list of Pro Timer from QuickBooks.
  • After that, You have to Import Pro Timer Lists into the QuickBooks Pro Timer.
  • Enter all the Time Activities.
  • Now Export the Time From the QuickBooks Pro Timer.
  • Then Import Time into QuickBooks.
  • You are all Set.

So, You get to know how you can install and set up the QuickBooks Pro Timer on your computer. If you do it accordingly then you won’t get any issue with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Set up the Employees for Time Tracking When I want to Install, Set up, and Use the QuickBooks Pro Timer?

In QuickBooks, Click on the Employee Center.
You have to select the Employee’s name by doing double-click on it.
Click on the Payroll info tab.
After that, Choose Use Time Data when Creating Paychecks.
Click on the OK button and you are done.

What are the Steps to Change the Time Format after Install, Setup, and use the QuickBooks Pro Timer?

Open QuickBooks on your system.
From the menu options, click on the Edit menu option.
From the drop-down option, select the preferences option.
In the open up window of preferences.
Click on the Company Preferences tab.
In this, click on Decimal or Minutes.
Then click on the OK button.
Now to enter the minutes, you have to use the colon in between the hours and minutes on the screen of the Enter Payroll Information.

How to Add a Time Tracking user When You Install, Set up, and Use the QuickBooks Pro Timer?

In QuickBooks, click on the Gear icon to open Settings.
Select the Manage Users option.
After that, click on the Add User.
Select option Tim tracking only.
Click on the Next button to continue.
You can easily locate the supplier or employee whom you want to add.
After adding then click on the Next button.
Enter their contact information.
Click on the Save button.

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