Fix QuickBooks Error 12037 (When Installing The Updates)

QuickBooks Error 12037 occurs when updating the software. Error Code 12037 normally incur due to the incorrect date/time, internet network […]

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QuickBooks Error 12037 occurs when updating the software. Error Code 12037 normally incur due to the incorrect date/time, internet network settings, etc.

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In this article we will discuss the causes and solution steps to get rid of this issue.

What is QuickBooks Update Error Code 12037?

QuickBooks error 12037 is an update error which incur while you attempt to download the updated payroll service updates. This may also happen when QuickBooks is unable to connect to the internet. QuickBooks allows the user to manage the employee’s payroll. To enjoy the smooth and hassle-free services of payroll, you are required to update the payroll services.

But sometimes, while getting updates you might view the QuickBooks Update error 12037.

Causes for QuickBooks Error Code 12037

  • Date and Time of the system are not correct
  • Internet connection settings are not set up accurately
  • Firewall blocking or security QuickBooks services to start
  • Numerous QuickBooks Versions are Installed on the system

One thing to do Before Troubleshooting the Error Code 12037

Make a Company File Backup

It is advisable to our users from us is to Create the Company File Backup as if there would be any fallback in between the troubleshooting process, your data will be safe and there are no chances of the loss of data.

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Navigate to File and then, Back Up Company and next to the Create Local Backup
  • After that adhere the instructions which are visible on the screens to create a company file backup

Five Easy Steps to Get Rid of the QuickBooks Error 12037

Step 1: Reset QuickBooks Updates and try to install them Again

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Navigate to Help and then move to the update of the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit on Update Now
  • Verify on Reset Update and hit Get Updates
  • It might take some time for update of the QuickBooks Desktop

Step 2: Make Sure that the System’s Date and Time is Accurate

This process will work with all the Windows versions

  • Hit on the date and time at the bottom right-hand side corner and be ensured that the date and time must be correct. If not,
  • Hold (Windows+R) keys together and the Run box will pop up
  • Write Control or Control Panel in a search box
  • Hit on Clock and Region
  • Choose Date and Time
  • Hit on Change date and time
  • Modify the time and date as per the time zone of your area and hit OK
  • After that hit on Change time zone Please be ensure that your time zone should be accurate else it may cause this error
  • Shut and reopen QuickBooks, then try to install the updates.

Step 3: Ensure Internet Network Settings

In order to ensure that if internet network is causing this issue. Do the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the web browser and visit the bank website like, etc. If you are not able to open the website, it is advisable to contact the Internet Service Provider(ISP)
  • If you can open the bank’s website, please adhere the below-mentioned steps:
    • Turn on QuickBooks Desktop
    • Navigate to Help and then, Internet Connection Setup
    • Select My Computer’s Internet Connection Settings to Establish a Connection When this Application Accesses the Internet.
    • Hit Next
    • Hit on Advanced Connection Settings
    • Choose the Advanced tab, and post that select the Restore Advanced Settings
    • Hit Apply and OK
    • After that, Hit Done
    • Turn off the QuickBooks Desktop

After that turn on the software again and try to install the updates.

Step 4: Configure Firewall & Security Application Settings

At times security application may resist the QuickBooks desktop to launch updates. We advise you, pause it for a temporary period of time. For Example, 25-30 Minutes and then try to install the updates.

This issue may also arise because of the Firewall Configuration. If the firewall is blocking access to the system, it will not allow the user to install the recent updates.

You can have words with our expert team for a firewall configuration.

Step 5: Numerous QuickBooks Versions Installed on the Same System

This error also incur while you have the identical QuickBooks versions installed on the system like QuickBooks Pro 2019 and QuickBooks Premier 2019.

Let’s say you are required to install the recent updates only for QuickBooks Pro 2019, please adhere the below process:

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Downloads and Updates Page
  • After that, Select the Country
  • Choose Product like QuickBooks Pro, etc.
  • Choose Version such as 2019, etc.
  • Hit Search
  • Post that, Hit on Get the Latest Updates (below to the Download button)
  • Then adhere the instructions which are visible on the screen to install the recent release

You need to adhere to the identical process for the specific QuickBooks version that you are using on your system.

The above mention information regarding QuickBooks Update Error, Hopefully, you find this guide easy to follow! We have tried to provide you the maximum information. However, if you still face any challenges you can always reach out to the Dancing Numbers team of experts without any hesitation at our LIVE CHAT Support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is the QuickBooks Desktop Update Error, and How Can I fix it?

QuickBooks update error is the very famous issue which users come across at the time of update of the QuickBooks. Post the downloading the QuickBooks recent update, you cannot open the file because of this error. It occurs because of the space unavailability, cannot meet system requirements, & much more. Get it and resolve it with a suitable solution.

What are the Reasons Behind The QuickBooks Desktop Update Error?

This incurs while the system specifications fail to meet the QuickBooks updated versions need, poor internet connection, and personal firewall. Prior to update the QuickBooks, make unable all antivirus or any third-software if it is the system.

Is any Tool Available to Fix The QuickBooks Desktop Update Error?

Yes, Install the QuickBooks Doctor tool in the QuickBooks Tool hub however please be ensure that you install the updated version of the tool. Put the needed information & run this tool, it will naturally catch and rectify the bug.

How to Get Back to Normal Mode after Fixing QuickBooks Update Errors in Selective Startup Mode?

checked On the keypad, hold Windows+R to go to the Run command.
checked Type MSConfig then selects OK.
checked Choose Normal setup in the General tab.
checked Select OK.
checked Choose reboot in the System Configuration window.

What is the Process of Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Update Errors?

In the QuickBooks Clean Install process, you are required to uninstall the software and then install it again in the computer. This process is required to be done while you are not able to get rid of the QuickBooks Desktop update errors with other possible solutions.

Why Do I Have to do QuickBooks Desktop Update, and Why do These QuickBooks Update Errors Happen If I do it?

In case you are having issues and problems because of using an outdated version then it is the time to switch to the recent update. By processing the QuickBooks Desktop update you get numerous advanced functions and benefits which solve multiple issues. It also assists the user to grow the business rapidly by making things simpler for you. QuickBooks update errors incur while the download is interrupted or the installation file got damaged. There are numerous reasons for QuickBooks update errors. Please be ensure you update it properly.

Are There Different Ways to Download QuickBooks Updates That can Also Cause QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors?

Yes, QuickBooks Desktop Updates can be downloaded in two forms. The initial way is to download the recent version from beginning. The next way is to download QuickBooks Desktop updates from available versions. If you do not do it accurately these ways also cause issue.

Does the QuickBooks Update Error Happen in any Version or Edition of QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes, the issue is not particularly related to any version or edition. So it happens whenever there are any issues whether it is in downloading, installing, or running the QuickBooks Desktop update.

Does QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Update Errors can Happen to Anyone Using QuickBooks Desktop?

No, the QuickBooks Payroll errors will not bother you only if you are using the QuickBooks Desktop. Few users have payroll add-ons or Payroll versions from the beginning. So only that users using payroll can do QuickBooks payroll updates and get rid of the payroll-related errors.

What are the Steps to Get the Dynamic Port Number to Resolve the QuickBooks Update Errors Caused by the Firewall?

checked Click on the Windows Start menu
checked Type QuickBooks Database Server Manager
checked Hit Enter button to turn on the window of QuickBooks Database Server Manager
checked Hit on the tab named Port Monitor
checked Search for the QuickBooks Desktop version
checked Then note down the Port Number
checked The port number can be used for the firewall port exception.

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