Hubspot Xero Integration: Connect your HubSpot to Xero

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If you utilize HubSpot, integrating your financial backend should be obvious. The more your CRM can serve as a central repository for all sales and customer data, the more it will benefit you.

Small businesses and HubSpot companies alike choose the accounting software program Xero. Xero provides excellent automation and capabilities on a user-friendly platform to assist businesses in maintaining control of their finances. It regularly appears in the top 3 accounting software lists, competing with QuickBooks for user choice.

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The HubSpot Xero integration should be a benefit because it connects your finances to everything about customers, sales, and service.

The fundamental integration, however, needs substantial improvement. Fortunately, there is a straightforward approach to make Xero and HubSpot work harder for your small business.

The web reviews for this HubSpot ecosystem connection are not great. To put it mildly, that. The lack of functionality is criticized by reviewers, which is one of the reasons we decided to write this essay. The integration between HubSpot and Xero hasn’t really added much value, according to the general consensus of what people have been saying. To put it another way, nobody believes it actually accomplishes anything worth celebrating.

And surprisingly, a lot of reviewers are dissatisfied because HubSpot invoicing is a feature that is lacking but that they really desired. In order to cut costs and maintain proper cash flow, small business owners and managers place effective invoice handling at the top of their priority list.

Theoretically, integrating your accounting software with HubSpot offers measurable advantages that will make you wish you’d done it sooner, such as:

  • Minimizing the time spent on administration
  • Removing crucial mistakes
  • Facilitation of revenue tracking
  • Spending less

Linking your project management to both is the backdoor method to get the HubSpot Xero integration to provide you with automated loveliness for managing invoices and other things. You can acquire that automation and maintain everything in one safe digital environment if your project management system is an all-in-one package integrated with Xero and HubSpot.

Short Overview about Hubspot

Small startups and large corporations of various kinds utilize HubSpot extensively to organize their marketing, sales, and customer support initiatives. It is renowned for its user-friendly interface and dedication to assisting companies in using inbound marketing methods. It’s a good idea to visit HubSpot’s official website or get in touch with their sales team for the most recent information, as the precise features and pricing may alter over time. HubSpot is a well-known inbound marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) software platform that assists organizations in attracting, retaining, and delighting consumers. It provides some tools and functions that are intended to help organizations with many facets of their marketing, sales, and customer support initiatives.

Key Features of Hubspot

  • HubSpot Academy: HubSpot offers a multitude of free courses and certifications on subjects relating to inbound marketing, sales, and HubSpot’s technologies through its HubSpot Academy.
  • HubSpot App Marketplace: To enhance the functionality of HubSpot CRM and other HubSpot products, customers may search and integrate a wide range of third-party applications and services on HubSpot’s comprehensive marketplace.
  • HubSpot for Startups: To assist startups in expanding their businesses, HubSpot provides them with special programs and pricing.
  • Hubspot for Non-Profit: Similarly, HubSpot offers incentives and discounts to charitable organizations to help with their service, sales, and marketing initiatives.
  • Operation Hub: Business organizations may automate and simplify their internal operations with the aid of the Operations Hub solution. Workflow automation, data synchronization, and customized reporting are some of its features.
  • Marketing Hub: This website section has tools for inbound marketing, content development, email marketing, social media management, SEO optimization, and analytics. It aids in luring in, engaging, and nurturing leads for businesses.

Short Overview about Xero

This sleek and straightforward Cloud-based Accounting Software Platform was the product of work being done by Rod Drury, the developer of Xero.

Although Xero markets its software to small businesses, it is also a great solution for medium- to large-sized firms. Businesses can manage their invoices, payroll, bank reconciliation, purchases, spending, bookkeeping, and more with Xero using a single application. Customers’ contact information and accounts are also accessible to users at any time from any device, including a computer or a mobile device. The performance of businesses is greatly enhanced by Xero’s adaptable financial reporting and user-friendly dashboards with automated bank feed and account reconciliation.

Additionally, Xero operates in real-time, ensuring that your data is always current. With Xero, working together with your financial advisors is feasible without having to exchange countless emails back and forth. Xero is a preferred option for over 2 million users due to its support for over 800 add-on apps and sophisticated accounting features like expense monitoring, fixed asset management, depreciation schedules, charts of accounts, accounts payable, journal entries, and unrestricted user access.

Key Features of Xero

  • Usefulness: Connecting your company bank account, enrolling a client, or creating your first invoice is easy and quick. Additionally, Xero offers a time-saving customizable dashboard.
  • Impeccable Financial Reports: With the help of Xero’s stunning dashboard, customers can convert their data into insightful, actionable knowledge that can be mapped into 100 various financial reports, including budgets, balance sheets, and income statements. You can add your own algorithms and classifications to reports, and you can arrange them however you choose.
  • Online Invoicing: You can connect from any system and begin creating your cash flow statements using online invoicing. Files like documents or pictures can also be attached to invoices.
  • Unlimited Users: You may add an unlimited number of users to your account at each membership level. The account owner can also give each new user a different set of permissions when adding them.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Collaboration is seamless because of Xero’s collaboration features, which make it simple for advisers and small businesses to connect and work together. You can create a user for your accountant and grant them access.
  • Management & Expense Tracking: Xero keeps track of your inventory, and you can effortlessly create and submit purchase orders if you need to repurchase any items. You can quickly categorize your costs and split transactions by immediately linking your bank and credit card accounts to Xero.
  • Pricing: Xero’s Early Plan, which begins at $11 per month, is beneficial to sole traders, start-up companies, and self-employed people. Their most popular plan, which costs $32 monthly and is suitable for small enterprises, is one that is growing. The established plan, which costs $62 per month, is designed for well-established businesses. More information can be found at Xero Pricing.

Need of Hubspot Xero Integration

  1. Data should be synchronized between Xero and HubSpot
    • HubSpot and Xero contacts can be synced to eliminate the need for manual data entry. Each time a record is generated or updated, the information is automatically shared with the other app.
  2. Only sync the data you want.
    • Data ownership belongs to you. You can configure a one-way sync or a two-way sync, which allows you to sync data from just one app to the other or back and forth between the two. To sync only the data you need — and nothing else — you can add a filter to any Xero field (such as currency or type) or HubSpot list.
  3. Mappings for default fields
    • We’ve already generated field mappings for you that link relevant data in each app. Our default field mappings are included out of the box, which speeds up setup and keeps your data organized and clean. Additionally, nothing is unexpected: In the “Shared data” section below, you can see exactly which fields are pre-mapped.
  4. Maps specific fields
    • Custom field mappings can be obtained with the Operations Hub Starter or Professional plans. The flexibility to design your mappings or modify your default ones is increased with custom mappings.
  5. When a deal stage changes, automatically generate an invoice containing the products.
    • When a deal stage is changed from the basic version to closed win, an invoice will be generated automatically. The products will appear on the invoice as separate line items if you are using HubSpot’s Sales Pro edition and connecting products to the deal.
  6. Choices with complete customization
    • With our completely customizable subscription, you may make regular invoices, invoice revisions to deals and companies, tracking codes, numerous Xero instances, and more. Invoice phases can include deposit and installment payments. For a small fraction of the price, we’ll collaborate with you to build a smooth interface.

Advantages of Hubspot Xero Integration

  • Invoice control: From your dashboard, you can create, send, and track bills. In the contact pages of the CRM, the Hubspot-Xero integration automatically displays a list of invoices with itemized details.
  • Follow payments: Through the Xero widget on the contact pages, you can check the status of payments thanks to the Hubspot-Xero interface. Whoever has not yet paid the invoices should be tracked down and reminded.
  • Send your contacts over to Hubspot from Xero: When creating a new contact or making changes to an existing one in Hubspot, we use the email address from your Xero Contact as an identification.
  • Ensure that your contacts are maintained up to date: Following the conclusion of this initial integration, any modification to your contacts in Xero will be automatically reflected in your Hubspot CRM.
  • View the history of your invoices: View all of your customers’ previous bills, together with itemized details, pinned to your contact pages in your Hubspot CRM with Xero Integration.
  • Get a full billing solution: The Hubspot complete sales and marketing suite includes features including appointment scheduling, marketing automation, web analytics, social media, and more. From within Hubspot CRM, Xero Integration enables you to manage your invoices, track payments, and view billing histories.
  • Sync Data Twice: Bi-directional data synchronization between HubSpot and Xero is simple. It does not load all the data each time it does the periodic synchronization. It keeps track of modifications to the synchronized data sources and only makes essential data updates. You can sync data with various structures because of its robust mapping features.
  • Data Loading in any Direction: There are many advantages to using them to import data from HubSpot to Xero or the other way around. You can conduct data transformations, data filtering, and other operations using its import. These options are offered in both directions. In addition, it offers the UPSERT procedure, which involves updating and inserting new records into the target. This makes it possible to import data without adding duplicate target entries.
  • One-way sync of new and updated data: Only new and changed records can be imported from HubSpot to Xero and vice versa. As a result, one-way sync can be accomplished using import.
  • Large Scale Data Update and Delete: UPDATE and DELETE are two of the DML operations that are supported. This enables using import to carry out bulk updating activities or bulk removing data that matches a condition.

Working of Hubspot Xero Integration

  • The HubSpot invoicing feature is accessible to all HubSpot users signed into your Xero Company.
  • You may make invoices in HubSpot using HubSpot invoicing. These invoices are available for viewing in Xero and are prepared to be authorized and sent to your clients.
  • If your contact from HubSpot isn’t already in Xero, you can add them when you generate an invoice.
  • Additionally, HubSpot will receive products that are accessible for purchase in Xero.
  • When you create an invoice in HubSpot, the payment conditions you’ve established in Xero will be used.

Steps for Hubspot Xero Integration

An easy-to-use straight interface between the HubSpot CRM and Xero is available. All HubSpot plans, including the free one, are compatible with your Xero connection as long as you have a paid Xero plan.

  • A beginner, regular, or premium Xero account should be present, as should a free HubSpot CRM membership.
  • Go to Connect and input your HubSpot login information in the Xero App Marketplace.
hubspot integration
hubspot integration
hubspot integration


Utilizing every one of these functionalities is highly recommended if you want to maximize the benefits of your HubSpot Xero integration. You’ll be able to better manage your clientele, seamlessly transfer data between your two platforms, and ensure that nothing slips through the gaps if you accomplish this.

Once they have been processed and paid, unpaid invoices are updated in HubSpot and Xero. Therefore, a deal’s status regarding payments is being watched by marketing, sales, accounting, and operations. Everyone should be included in the process so that the sales team can easily follow deals through to payment. This will guarantee that the team functions as a whole rather than as a collection of independent departments. A Xero integration might be the ideal approach to launch the process in addition to all the other advantages of combining your CRM and accounting software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Xero and HubSpot be integrated?

UK’s Xero App Store offers HubSpot CRM Integration. Together, Xero and HubSpot provide end-to-end visibility into your customers’ journeys, from initial contact through paid customer invoices, in one location.

How do HubSpot and Xero integrate?

For the contact sync, we use the email address on your Xero Contact as an identifier to establish a new contact (or update an existing one) on HubSpot. After this initial integration is finished, any modification to your contacts in Xero will be automatically mirrored in HubSpot CRM.

Can I integrate with Xero?

Xero’s open API can be used to create a custom app or integration if you have a problem-solving concept that isn’t addressed by any of the pre-existing apps in the Xero App Store. Once it is finished, you may choose to sell your app in the Xero App Store.

Which ERP can I connect to HubSpot?

With the help of ERP Bridge, you can map and sync customer and consumer data between HubSpot CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, Odoo, SAP, LMS Learning Management Systems (like Moodle), Metodo, Teamsystem, Panthera, NetSuite ERP, Pimcore, SYSPRO, and all other on-premises applications.

What is the process for making an invoice in Xero HubSpot?

  • Select Deals from the Sales menu.
  • Decide on a deal record’s name.
  • Click Create Invoice in the right panel’s Invoices section.
  • Make the choice and Create from scratch.
  • The customer from your deal details will be compared by HubSpot to the information in Xero. Click Create a new Xero customer or choose a customer from the dropdown menu if no matching customers can be identified.
  • Select Next.
  • To add already-existing Xero products to your invoice, click Add products from Xero. The product’s unit price, description, and quantity are all editable.
  • Select Next.
  • Choose Payment terms, then provide the creation date and due date for the invoice.
  • Select Next.
  • Before your invoice syncs to Xero, review it and make any necessary adjustments.
  • For your invoice to be submitted and synced with Xero, click Create draught invoice.

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