Error: Point of Sale is Unable to Open or Connect to QuickBooks

The Error: Point of Sale is unable to open or connect to QuickBooks happens when the user tries to run […]

The Error: Point of Sale is unable to open or connect to QuickBooks happens when the user tries to run the financial exchange or end-of-day report and at that time it tries to connect with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, but it won’t open and error happens. In this case, you get an error code with an error message on your screen.

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There are some error messages that can display in this situation. Error messages or code that you get on your screen are as follows:

  • Error Code 140025: Point of Sale was unable to open your QuickBooks Financial Software company file.
  • Point of Sale is not able to open QuickBooks.
  • Error Code 140015: Point of Sale could not establish a connection with QuickBooks.
  • Error Code 140014: QuickBooks Point of Sale cannot access your QuickBooks Financial Software company file.

To fix this problem, you have to identify the reason of cause and then implement the solution to fix it and back to your work.

Why Error: Point of Sale is Unable to open or Connect to QuickBooks happens?

This error happens due to many reasons and that is listed here:

  • In QuickBooks Desktop the window of Preferences is opened up.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop is not open. When QuickBooks has closed the preferences for allowing the exchange of data when it is closed is not set.
  • In the preferences, the file that is specified for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is won’t exist or an incorrect file.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is open but the specific company file is not open.

Ways to Resolve Error: Point of Sale is Unable to Open or Connect to QuickBooks

There are 3 top ways that you can process to fix this error. The solution choice is done according to the reason or error code you get on your screen. You can also implement the entire solutions one by another and after every solution check whether the error is resolved or not.

Ways 1: Verify that the opened File is Correct and the Preferences are also Correct in QuickBooks Desktop

  • First of all, open the QuickBooks Desktop on your system.
  • Then open the company file in the software.
  • Check and verify that the sales tax is enabled.
    • Click on the Edit menu option.
    • Further, select the option Preferences.
    • Go to the left side panel and click on Sales Tax.
    • After that, choose the Company Preferences option.
    • Now, click on the Yes button to switch on the Sales Tax.
  • You have to check that the Inventory is not disabled.
    • In QuickBooks, click on the Edit menu.
    • Choose option Preferences.
    • Go to the left side options and click on the Items and Inventory.
    • Now, select the Company Preferences tab.
    • Tick mark the option Inventory and Purchase orders are active.
    • In the end, click on the OK button.
  • Check QuickBooks Point of Sale is allowed to run in the QuickBooks Desktop.
    • For this, you have to run the program as an administrator.
    • Then log in as an admin.
    • Go to the Edit menu and click on it.
    • From the drop-down menu, choose option Preferences.
    • Click on Integrated Applications from the left side options.
    • After that, select the Company Preferences option.
    • Check that the tick mark is removed from the option Don’t allow any applications to access this company file.
  • Now you have to go to the File menu option in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.
    • Then choose Preferences.
    • Further select Company option.
    • Click on the Financial and further choose Setup QuickBooks Connection Now.
    • Make sure that the file you have selected is correct.
    • Now you are done with it.

Ways 2: Create a New Windows User

  • For new Windows users, click on the Windows Start menu button.
  • In the search bar, type the User Accounts.
  • Then press the Enter button from the keyboard.
  • In the open up window, choose the Manage another account.
  • Further, hit on the Create a new account.
  • Mention the name as Test for the new account.
  • For user type, click on Administrator.
  • After creating the new admin user, log in to the Windows system using this new user and then check for errors.
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Ways 3: Turn the User Account Control Preference off

  • In your Windows system, go to the search field.
  • Type User Accounts and press Enter button to open it.
  • In the User Accounts window, click on the Change User Account Control Settings.
  • Then click on the Use User Account Control Preference.
  • Move slider to Never Notify.
  • Then click on the OK button and restart your system.
  • Now again connect the QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Point of Sale and check for errors.

In conclusion, you have to go through the article to identify the reason or error displayed on your screen. With this, you can identify the solution to be done to fix the Error: Point of Sale is unable to open or connect to QuickBooks. If you have any other queries or issues then connect with the Dancing Numbers helpdesk team via LIVE CHAT who is here to assist you. The team members are professionally trained to provide solutions to all your queries and issues so do connect with them and fix your problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Verify that the Company Files Location and How to Make it Correct if it is Incorrect while Fixing the Error: Point of Sale is unable to open or connect to QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks Desktop opened up Company file Press the F2 button to check the file location. In case the file location is incorrect then do the following steps:

In QuickBooks Desktop, Click on the File menu option.
Then select the option Open Company.
Choose the correct file you want to open.
You can also browse the file to open the correct company file using the Look In field.
Now the file opens up from the correct location so it also displays the correct location.

What if the Update is Required Before Resolving the Error: Point of Sale is unable to open or connect to QuickBooks?

If an update is required then do the update first and then implement the solutions if required. As sometimes the update does fix the issues. The steps for updating QuickBooks are:

Initially, Close everything running on your system like QuickBooks and also close it from the background using task manager.
Run QuickBooks As an Administrator.
Click o Help menu option.
Further, Select the Update QuickBooks option.
Click on the Options tab and then tick mark All option.
Click on the Save button to save all changes.
Select tab Update Now.
In this tab, Click on the Reset Update button to do tick mark.
When done click on Get updates.

Can I Permanently turn off the UAC (User Account Control) Settings so that the Error: Point of Sale is unable to open or connect to QuickBooks won’t happen?

No, You cannot turn UAC off on a permanent basis as it is not recommended. Lowering its toggle or turning it off resolves the integration issues but may cause other issues if turn it off permanently. So it totally depends on the error and what settings of UAC are required.

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