How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6147, 0 (While Opening Company File)

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QuickBooks accounting software is used by many of the small sized as well as medium size businesses. It is one of the most trusted accounting software worldwide that helps in managing payroll, inventory and much other need of the businesses. There are many great features of the QuickBooks Software, such as marketing Tools, Merchant services, Training, Product and Tools etc. Know troubleshooting method to fix QuickBooks error 6147, 0.

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With the help of Database Server Management, QuickBooks automatically monitors company bills and expenses by connecting them with company bank account and credit cards accounts. QuickBooks helps in downloading and categorizing all the company expenses. If you have to track any of the check or cash transaction then we have to record it directly to the QuickBooks first then you can track check or cash transaction as per requirement.

Like Other software QuickBooks also faces some errors. QuickBooks is not completely free from error. From all errors, one of the error is Error 6147 0. It is one of the common errors from all the errors. It is the file error. This appears when you attempt to open corrupted file, backup file or the file that is missing from it. This error hampers working with QuickBooks. The following error code screen display as warning when Error 6147 0 occurs.

QuickBooks error 6147 0 is belong to the -6000 series of error in QuickBooks. This error occurs when the QuickBooks is not able to perform the function of restoring the backup file from the local system. It also occurs when one tries to open company files/backup files. It can be caused due to various types of factors. Whenever you face this type of error then perform one of the basic step i.e checks is your system is up to date. You can also use QuickBooks file Doctor Tool of QuickBooks company file or network to fix the issue.

Data Information of QuickBooks Error 6147 0

General FAQ’s asked by the clients regarding QuickBooks Error 6147 0. Following are the some general frequent asked questions:

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  • Why I get the error 6147 0 when I am attempting to open my company file?
  • What are the reasons for QuickBooks error 6147 0 in series?
  • What is the troubleshooting of error 6147 0 for QuickBooks?
  • What is the best solution for recover from QuickBooks error 6147 0?
  • Is the QuickBooks file doctor tool is beneficial to fix the error 6147 0?

Now Let’s learn about QuickBooks error 6147 0 with the help of FAQ’s. Let’s try to solve the frequent asked questions of the clients with the help of some simple steps.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6147 0

  • The location of the company file folder is damage. In other words you can say the folder is damaged where company file is located.
  • The name of the company file is too big to complete the space.
  • The Connection in between two computers is blocked by the firewall.
  • The QuickBooks record which we are finding is deleted.
  • QuickBooks software is not downloaded properly.
  • The programs related to QuickBooks are changed like Introduce and uninstall.
  • The structure of the windows is damaged by virus or malware.
  • The QuickBooks is not up to date.
  • The file is damaged or corrupted.
  • Error when you are restoring or downloading QuickBooks backup file from the external drive or network.
  • .QBW File is damaged.
  • Incorrect information or data in QuickBooks Company file.
  • The Company file is opened by mapped drive and it can be deleted by third party or by mistake.

What is the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6147 0?

  • Issue occurs while opening company file.
  • Issue or facing problem in restoring the backup file.
  • The System shutdown automatically after detecting error.
  • The window program which is active, that program stop working or you can say that the program is crashed.
  • The code 6147 0 is flashes on the screen.
  • System shows error 6147 0 again and again.
  • Window of the system runs gradually and slowly.

Method to Fix QuickBooks Error 6147, 0 (While Opening Company File)

Method 1: Running of QuickBooks File Doctor

It is the tool which automatically finds wide range of error and after finding error it also fix it at the same time. You have to install this software in your system in case you want to use it and want to remove the error. Once you install the QuickBooks file Doctor completely then just run it and wait for the time it completes its work. Once QuickBooks File Doctor completes its work then just restart your system. Restart the system in case when QuickBooks File Doctor is unable to solve the issue.

Now Lets learn these steps one by one. Follow the steps in order to restore the error:

  • From the site download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Once you downloaded QuickBooks Tool Hub then run it on your server system.
  • Click on Company files issues.
  • Run QuickBooks File Doctor option from the company files issues.
  • After following the above steps the QuickBooks Files Doctor opens automatically.
  • In order to resolve the company file issues follow the following instructions.

Method 2: Change the location of the QuickBooks File

  • Turn off the hosting of the system.
  • Click on File Menu.
  • From the dropdown of file menu click on Utilities.
  • Stop Multi-User Option and now follow the following steps.
    • Hosting of the multi-user is to be stopped.
    • Click on Yes button and then next window is shown.
    • Then Close the company file by clicking on Yes.
    • Restore the backup file available on the system.

Method 3: Use of the Trend Micro Active Scan of QuickBooks

  • Find the location of the Company file.
  • Press on Ctrl key for some time and at same time double click on QuickBooks icon.
  • Keep in mind do not disturb the company file while doing these steps.
  • The file of the company must be shown on the top.
  • Select the company file from the list.
  • The Company file you open it also shows you the location of the file.
  • In Trend Micro Active Scan, click on Scan setting.
  • Search for the folder of the file.
  • Now allow exception for the file.

Method 4: Rename the QuickBooks File, Name it like .ND and .TLG file

Rename the .ND and .TLG files. These files are configured files. It helps user to run company files without any difficulty in network or in a multiuser mode. Following are the steps of renaming the file name, just follow them.

  • Open the folder where you saved the company file.
  • Now search for the .ND and .TLG files.
    • Company_file.qbw.nd
    • Company_file.qbw.tlg
  • Right click on the file.
  • Click on the rename from the dropdown of the file.
  • At the end of each file add word OLD.

Method 5: Rename .ADR File

ADR stands for the Auto data recovery. You should change its name. For renaming follow the following steps.

  • Open the Folder where company file is located.
  • Find out the .ADR file.
  • Open the folder consisting .ADR file.
  • Search for the recent .ADR file.
  • Right click on .ADR file.
  • Click on rename from the dropdown menu.
  • Rename the file from .QBW to .ADR.

Method 6: Close all the Running Process of QuickBooks

  • On the Server system login as Administrator.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys all together.
  • Select the user tab, it will show the processes of all the users.
  • Highlight all the processes.
  • Following are the QuickBooks Processes which are to be highlighted.
    • QBW32.EXE
    • Qbupdate.exe
    • QBDBMgr.exe
  • Open the company files in multiuser mode.
  • Now end the task.

Method 7: Use of QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  • Shutdown your QuickBooks Desktop Software.
  • Download version version of QuickBooks tool hub on your server system.
  • Save the downloaded file.
  • Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file on your system.
  • Now install QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  • Just agree all the terms and condition for the successful installation.
  • Double click on the QuickBooksToolHub icon in order to open it after the installation is completed.
  • Choose the installation issues from the tool hub.
  • Click on the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
  • Keep patience as diagnostic tool take some time (Approx 20 mins).
  • Once the search is completed by tool then restart your system.

Method 8: Create Backup Files at different Locations

You can create backup file on different location of your system in order to get rid of error 6147 0.The following are the steps to be followed for this process.

  • Disable the hosting of the system if it is enable.
  • Click on utilities from the drop down menu of file.
  • If there is a stop hosting multi user option in the list, then follow the following steps.
    • Disable the hosting of the multiuser.
    • Click on the yes button of the window which is appear on the screen.
    • Click the yes button with the company file closed.
    • Restore the backup files which are present on the system.
    • Now, End the Process.

Method 9: Access the Rebuilt Utility

  • Select File Menu on the home page of QuickBooks System.
  • Click on utilities from the drop down of file menu.
  • Select rebuild of data.
  • Click On OK tab.
  • If the message flash that “QuickBooks is not responding” then click on OK.

The above mentioned steps are given in the sequence, so it will help you in fixing the QuickBooks Error 6147 0. So that’s easy to fix the QuickBooks error 6147 0. It makes your work easier, faster, and correct.

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