Hubspot Stripe Integration: Connect Stripe Account with Hubspot

One of the most popular platforms for processing payments is called Stripe, and it is especially popular with companies that deal in subscription-based commerce or have a lot of sales. The good news is that Stripe and HubSpot integrate, which is great if you use both services or are thinking about switching to HubSpot.

Although this integration has many uses, it also has some restrictions. Here is an explanation of how these two systems interact and what you can do to close any gaps.

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Following receipt of payment, HubSpot will immediately build a customer record and add subscriptions to the customer in Stripe. With the help of Stripe, businesses can now accept debit and credit card payments online. You can coordinate your sales and marketing teams while managing customer contacts to provide outstanding customer service when connected to HubSpot.

Through the use of a credit or debit card transaction, you can transfer money from a customer’s bank account into your company’s account using the payment processing platform Stripe. When you’ve connected Stripe to your HubSpot account, you may bill clients directly from the quote and have payments sent to the connected Stripe account.

Short Overview About Hubspot

HubSpot is a well-known customer relationship management (CRM) and inbound marketing software platform made to assist companies in luring in, keeping, and delighting consumers. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah created it in 2006. The integrated tools and services provided by HubSpot help organizations with a variety of marketing, sales, and customer service-related tasks.

Here is a quick rundown of some of HubSpot’s most important features and services:

Inbound Marketing

The idea of inbound marketing was popularized by HubSpot. It offers resources for producing and maintaining content, improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of websites, and automating lead generation initiatives.

Customer Relationship Management

HubSpot provides a free CRM that aids companies in managing client information, keeping track of interactions, and managing sales pipelines. For the benefit of the sales and marketing departments, it offers a consolidated view of client data.

Marketing Hub

Email marketing, social media management, lead creation, analytics, and marketing automation are just a few of the marketing tools available through the marketing hub. Businesses may effectively plan and carry out inbound marketing efforts because of it.

Sales Hub

This module allows sales teams to handle prospects, keep track of customer contacts, automate outreach, and keep tabs on sales results. Faster contract closure and streamlining of the sales process are benefits.

Service Hub

The Service Hub was created to enhance customer service and happiness. It has features for automating ticketing, knowledge base generation, customer feedback, and exceptional customer service.

Short Overview About Stripe

A well-known software platform called Stripe offers resources and services for handling finances and online payments. It was established in 2010 and has since grown to be one of the most well-liked options for businesses, particularly those engaged in internet or e-commerce operations.

Following are some key features of stripes:

Payment Processing

Credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets (like Apple Pay and Google Pay), and bank transfers are just a few of the payment options that Stripe enables companies to take online. Customers may use it to make payments securely and conveniently.

Subscription Billing

With the help of Stripe’s subscription management capabilities, businesses can easily set up and handle recurring invoicing for subscription-based services or goods. This is especially helpful for subscription-based businesses like SaaS providers, video streaming services, and others.

E-Commerce Integration

Stripe may be incorporated into e-commerce platforms and websites, allowing companies to sell goods and services online. It allows multi-currency transactions and provides a variety of customized checkout options.


Stripe is renowned for its user-friendly API (Application Programming Interface), which enables developers to adapt and include payment processing into their programs and websites. For a number of programming languages, it offers comprehensive documentation, SDKs, and libraries.

Fraud Prevention

Stripe provides integrated tools and machine learning algorithms to assist organizations in identifying and stopping fraudulent transactions, lowering the risk of chargebacks.

Requirement of Hubspot Stripe Integration

Businesses that utilize both of these systems might get a number of advantages from integrating HubSpot and Stripe. While Stripe is a well-known payment processing platform, HubSpot is a potent customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tool. Here are some explanations of why connecting it is required to integrate HubSpot with Stripe, which may be advantageous for your business:

Seamless leads to Customer conversation

A direct interface with Stripe makes it possible for leads in your HubSpot CRM to convert seamlessly from leads to customers when they decide to make a purchase. Within HubSpot, you can quickly collect payment information and turn leads into paying clients.

HubSpot and Stripe data sync

By syncing contacts between HubSpot and Stripe, you may eliminate the need for human data entry. Each time a record is generated or updated, the information is automatically shared with the other app.

Specialized field mappings

The Operations Hub Starter or Professional plans offer the option of custom field mappings. Custom mappings provide you more freedom to design your own mappings or edit the ones you already have.

Collective information

Field mappings connect the pertinent data from each app to the appropriate fields in each object. Below is a list of default mappings. Custom field mappings are available with Operations Hub Starter and above if you want to modify these default mappings or make your own.

Automatic processes for Sales and Marketing

By integrating HubSpot with Stripe, you can build automatic processes based on payment events. For instance, you may build up processes to send follow-up emails following a successful purchase, invoice payment reminder emails, or marketing campaign trigger emails for high-value clients.

Real-time Data Synchronization

The integration makes sure that customer and payment data are synced between HubSpot and Stripe in real-time. This indicates that the data on client purchases and payment history is current in your sales and marketing teams.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Gaining deeper insights into consumer behavior and preferences is possible by merging data from HubSpot and Stripe. You may modify your marketing strategies and consumer interactions with the aid of this knowledge to raise client retention and satisfaction levels.

Used by Nonprofit Organizations

It’s easy as butter to use Stripe and HubSpot together for fundraising. Donation forms may be quickly created with HubSpot & Stripe interfaces like FormPay.

You can integrate these contribution forms with HubSpot CRM on your website to easily handle donations and donors.

SaaS Business

One of the use cases for HubSpot & Stripe connection that is most suitable is for SaaS firms.

These companies sell virtual goods or, to put it another way, they sell software. And HubSpot is an effective platform for companies that sell virtual goods.

Collecting, monitoring, and automating payments is simple when HubSpot and Stripe are connected.

As a consequence, you have access to all of your payment-related data in one location, making analysis and evaluation simple. Helping you ultimately reach wise judgments.

Service Businesses

Businesses that provide services such as web development, marketing, or design. It is simple to send quotes, track your payments, and accept payments from clients by integrating Stripe with HubSpot. Stripe is a well-known payment gateway for services.


Another appropriate use case for integrating HubSpot with Stripe is for tiny or micro businesses. A CRM created specifically for small and medium-sized organizations is called HubSpot. Therefore, employing it to track, collect, and handle payments will be a wise decision.

The CRM would be connected with each transaction that occurs on your website. Deals can be made to keep track of revenue. Or, create automatic tasks that you must complete before or after the transaction.

Building long-term connections with consumers is even more crucial for microbusinesses. HubSpot CRM provides you with the whole toolkit, including emails, workflows, SMS, etc., to do this. In the end, you gain more enthusiastic and devoted clients who persist with your brand over time.

Advantages of Hubspot Stripe Integration

Let’s look at some of the benefits of integrating Stripe with HubSpot.

Sales Process Streamlining

Your sales process is streamlined by integrating Stripe with HubSpot.

You can give the CRM all of your payment-related information, including client name, transaction amount, transaction ID, etc. From the HubSpot CRM itself, you can manage and analyze this data to automatically send emails such as payment renewal reminders and thank-you notes.

More Effective Customer Data Management

You may save all of your data in the CRM by combining HubSpot and Stripe. Your data is centralized as a result, and customer data management is enhanced.

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

You get access to in-depth, accurate, and perceptive reporting. To track and examine your payment data, HubSpot offers a range of reports you can generate.

You can see clearly where you need to improve or grow with these HubSpot reports. In the end, this aids in improving the choices you make to advance your development.

Automation and Processes

Using HubSpot workflows, you can automatically send your customers thank-you emails, subscription reminders, event tickets, etc. To ensure that your attendees arrive, you might send an email reminder an hour before the event.

Silky-smooth Customer Management

All of your payment information is synced in HubSpot CRM when you connect the two platforms. Additionally, because your customer data is directly imported into HubSpot CRM, building lists, classifying your contacts, and monitoring their activity becomes a breeze.

Targeting with Pinpoint Accuracy to Enhance UX

Personalization, according to estimates, can boost your company’s income by 93%.

The door to expansion must be opened by considering the user experience. Numerous unique attributes are created in the CRM when HubSpot and Stripe are connected via apps like FormPay. Data like customer name, location, age, etc. is stored in these properties.

With the aid of these characteristics, you may create more unique messages that your clients will understand. Personalizing your communications will enhance user experience eventually.

Payments Made Automatically

It’s not always the best idea to carry out everything manually.

You may lighten your load and relax your shoulders by automating some repetitive operations by integrating HubSpot with Stripe. You might, for instance, send abandoned cart recovery emails, invoices, thank you notes, and renewal reminders automatically.

So that you can prepare for a longer drive, you must set your chores to self-driving mode.

Streamlining Customer Service

You may streamline customer assistance by integrating the two platforms. When you sync all of your Stripe data to HubSpot CRM, you gain access to all the information, including payment history, problems with previous transactions, the payment date, and more.

Customer satisfaction is increased by the ability to respond quickly and accurately thanks to this data.

Customers Were Pleased

You can create a smooth customer experience by combining HubSpot with Stripe.

For instance, without referring them to another portal, you can let them pay for goods or services straight from your website. Your checkout procedure is made easier by this. The lengthy checkout process also causes 17% of shoppers to abandon their shopping carts.

You will, however, be in the lead because you are simplifying things.

Steps for Integration of Stripe with Hubspot

Step 1: Pick An App for Stripe Integration

Choose a HubSpot Stripe connection from the HubSpot marketplace for the simplest way to link HubSpot and Stripe.

You may connect Stripe and HubSpot using a variety of apps that are offered in the marketplace. Following are some best of all and they are the most well-liked ones of all:

I discovered FormPay to be the greatest option out of the apps listed above. It enables you to receive Stripe payments inside HubSpot CRM, simplifying the viewing, processing, and tracking of your payment information.

Step 2: Install and Configure the App

That’s why we went with FormPay. Install it now by visiting the HubSpot marketplace. After installation, open an account on the app and log in. To set up the app, log in and then follow the steps listed below:

  • Select the HubSpot account you wish to link the FormPay app with by clicking Add new Portal and then choosing it.
  • Activate the Stripe gateway after connecting the portal.
  • To do so, select Gateways from the left sidebar and then select Setup against Stripe.
  • To activate Stripe, enter the necessary information.
  • After completing the steps, click Update, and Stripe will be enabled.

Working of Hubspot Stripe Integration

You’ll note that there are a couple of different Stripe connectors when you sign up for HubSpot and visit the HubSpot marketplace. Any of these will take you to the HubSpot app marketplace where you can learn more about what they do by clicking on them. No matter which one you select, you need a Stripe account to proceed.

Online debit and credit card payments are supported by Stripe for businesses. Additionally, by integrating Stripe with HubSpot, you can accurately follow up with clients in the HubSpot CMS and ensure that your sales and marketing teams are working together.

We’ll go over three choices so you don’t waste time selecting the wrong integrations.

  1. The HubSpot Stripe Native Integration: A sales representative may simply build a beautiful, trackable quotation using HubSpot’s native quotes to deliver to their prospects. Sales representatives can avoid the unnecessary back and forth between finance departments and purchase orders by integrating with Stripe so that payments can be made directly from quotes.
  2. Payments Tool from HubSpot: The purchasing process is brought within your CRM platform through payments, which combine your customer and commerce data. Customers and internal employees enjoy the purchasing process thanks to this potent combination.
  3. Cartfuel: For HubSpot users to collect payments from new customers in HubSpot, Cartfuel is the simplest and most reliable method. Customers can pay you for your goods and services by setting up Cartfuel payment forms in just a few clicks. The best thing is that when those payments are successful, Cartfuel updates the contact information in HubSpot.

After setting up a Stripe account, you can choose the one that works best for you and your payment processing.

Working of Hubspot Quotes with Stripe

You might wish to investigate HubSpot’s Stripe payments for quotes if you want to accept quotes or invoices from clients.

This integration makes it simple for your sales team to generate quotes for potential customers. With Stripe, there is no longer any need for sales representatives to repeatedly go through the purchase order and finance departments to get payment.

Customers of HubSpot cannot, however, customize the quote using this interface. Therefore, a HubSpot user would be unable to use their present website to process the payment or match the quote to their brand, for example. When it comes to maintaining your brand, this causes some friction.

Multiple Stripe accounts cannot be linked, and some customers have claimed that their customer contact information is not included in the HubSpot CMS hub.

Which, of course, presents challenges for your sales personnel as they attempt to contact clients.

This interface, in our opinion, works best when you just want to accept money from your consumers and not engage in more sophisticated digital selling or e-commerce.

Installing the app into your account is required before you can begin using the HubSpot quotation integration.

You need to link your Stripe account after installing the app. Always utilize the Stripe account associated with your company when accepting payments because the quote integration cannot be used with additional Stripe accounts.

Your first quote can then be created from your HubSpot account after your Stripe account is connected.


Enhancing customer experience, personalizing your communications, and automating transactional chores are all made possible by integrating HubSpot and Stripe.

Additionally, you will have access to all of your payment information in one location by linking these two systems. Thus, viewing various pieces of data doesn’t require switching between distinct windows. Connect Stripe and HubSpot using FormPay to start thriving sooner if you’re looking for strategies to grow your firm.

In case you face any issues then contact us, our team will help you resolve your issue and make your work easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Stripe integration with HubSpot?

Bill your clients straight from the quote they receive thanks to the HubSpot-Stripe integration, which also sends all payments to your Stripe account.

Can more than one Stripe account be connected to HubSpot?

If you want to link many Stripe accounts to your HubSpot portal, you’ll need to create custom code. You may then charge clients in the currency linked to the website domain they are now browsing.

Can you connect to HubSpot?

The HubSpot App Marketplace allows you to look for and connect the solutions your company needs with your HubSpot account. The developers at HubSpot have examined and approved each app before it is added to the App Marketplace.

Is Stripe compatible with CRMs?

The Stripe CRM connection enables 2-way syncing, Stripe event triggers for campaigns, and tracking of customer payments. On any contact page, click the “+ Manage Widgets” button to add the widget. Alternatively, you may go to Preferences —> Widgets and look for the Stripe widget in the Billing area.

Can I have two Stripe accounts?

Additional Stripe accounts connected to your email address are possible. You may be granted access to additional accounts as a team member or you could create other accounts on your own. Click on the name of your current Stripe account in the top-left corner and choose new account to establish a new account.

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